10 tips to enhance your betting experience

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betting experience

Betting is all about Mathematics and the even chances of a game. A player needs to understand the Math behind a game so that this can be used as an advantage. Math can get more complicated during sports betting, and you may consider things like quarterback ratings, underdogs, bye weeks, and injuries.

Here are a few tips to enhance your betting experience:

  • Underdogs or Favorites:

The bookmakers, while releasing a betting line on a game, decide the team which should be everyones favorite and the Underdog team, which everyone would hate. 

The favorite teams are expected to win and get a minus sign next to the odds. Whereas, the underdogs are expected to lose, and they get a plus sign. 

 It is not always favorable to choose the favorite team while betting, because a certain time it is the underdog who wins at the end.

  • Moneyline:

Moneyline technique is based on which team would be winning the game. Favorites are given minus sign, such as if the favorite has a designation -200 with it, you need to risk $200 for winning $100. But in case the favorite loses you lose $200.

Underdogs are given a plus sign, such that if you bet $100 and they win the game, you will be getting $200. However, in case they lose, you only lose the $100. 

Moneylines are majorly available for sports like hockey, soccer, and baseball.

  • Spreads:

An underdog ‘gets’ the points whereas; a favorite ‘gives’ the points. 

If your bet is on a team with a 10-point favorite, they need to score more than 10 points for you to win the bet and you will ‘cover’. If the team wins by exactly 10 points, it will be called a ‘push’ and you get the money originally bet.

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But, if the team wins by less than 10 points, or loses the game altogether, you are going to lose your bet.

However, if your bet is on a team with a 10-point underdog, the team will require to win the game by less than 10 points for ‘covering’ your bet.

Spreads are majorly available for sports like football and basketball.

  • Juice of a bet:

The bookmakers tend to put a tax on every bet known as the ‘Juice’. It is the commission to be paid to the sportsbook to accept the wager. 

The juice can be a positive number, such that if you bet $100 and the underdogs win the game, you will be getting $200. However, in case they lose, you only lose the $100. 

  • Totals:

Bookmakers also set a total number of points to be scored in a game by the teams combined, known as Total or Over/Under.

Bettors are then left to decide whether the game will go Over or Under the total.

If a game has a total of 200, you can bet either Over 200 or Under 200. For Over 200, if the total points at the end of the game are 201 or more, you win your bet. but if the score is 199 or less, you lose your total bet. 

  • Amount to bet:

At the end of the game, you are the one to decide how much to bet on a game, but it is recommended to bet the amount you can afford to lose. Sports betting should be considered as a marathon, and not a sprint, and it will not always be in your favor. 

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It is recommended to bet the same amount on each game, and it would be a good idea to risk only 1% to 5% of the bankroll. 

When the bettors employ a flat-betting approach, they tend to refrain from losing the entire bankroll amount during a bad game. They also assign themselves to a positive return on the investment when they are on a winning streak.

  • The rotating numbers:

Rotating numbers are listed to the left of any team shown on the board. They are known as separate names as well that is: Vegas ID number or NSS Number. They are unique for each team, or sports, leagues, and are universally present in every sportsbook.

If a team has a number 400 listed next to their name, then you go to the casino and wish to bet $100 on the same team, you will be saying $100 on 400, name of the team.

  • Fluidity:

Sports betting market is very fluid, such that throughout a day, bookmakers tend to adjust their odds based upon the action being taken, or other factors including weather, or injuries

  • Don’t stick to a single Bookmaker:

There is a big aspect to brand loyalty and to make their business better, the Bookmakers try to lure you with their bets. 22betUK offers various games online and has a renowned bookmaker. You should check all the options available and decide according to your needs.

  • A good record:

Bettors mostly look up to the good records which are set by previous players. However, a clear observation is very necessary for wise decision making. Look up to every bet on a game and you will learn a much better experience on betting.