7 key factors to consider while selecting any IVF package

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IVF package

In order to choose the right IVF package in India, you should consider these factors like availability, credentials, the behavior of the doctor, cost of the treatment, success rate, and package inclusions.  

7 key factors to consider while selecting any IVF package

Infertility may make a couple feel incomplete. The desire to have a child of your own and knowing that you are not fit enough for it can be heartbreaking and very stressful. Before considering IVF treatment, you might have tried all the other alternatives in a bid to conceive and give birth to your child. 

selecting any IVF package

This might have shattered your hopes of extending your family but through IVF, there is an increased chance that you will end up getting pregnant and have a baby. The most important part about going through an IVF procedure is to be emotionally and financially prepared for it. IVF treatment can cost a lot and this is why it is crucial to choose the best IVF package Delhi.

In order to choose the right IVF package in India, you should consider the factors mentioned below. 

👉Standard of Care

Standard of Care

You should choose the package in the clinic that is known for taking the best care of the patients. You should aim for personalized care where your doctor remains the same throughout the procedure so that they are well-aware of your medical conditions. Even the nurses should be the same. This eases the entire procedure because you will be provided care and attention by familiar faces who know about your case thoroughly. This will prove to be mentally and emotionally calming for you. 

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👉Package Inclusions 

IVF package

The best IVF package Delhiwould quote the price that includes everything like medicines, tests, other diagnoses, etc. The package should include the cost of any additional treatment you are supposed to receive too. This is important because while receiving the treatment, you do not want to be financially stressed because of unforeseen expensive tests and medications. IVF treatment can be physically and emotionally draining apart from being expensive. Additional costs every time you visit the clinic may stress you out and decrease the chances of a successful pregnancy. 



Before choosing the package, consult several doctors and clinics. This will give you a clear picture of your fertility issues and suitable treatment for those issues. You will also get an idea about how much the total treatment would cost you. Different clinics offer different IVF packages in India but you should select the one that suits your budget and promises to not charge you more than the amount mentioned in the package. 

👉Comfort Level With Doctor 

Comfort Level With Doctor 

IVF treatment is a long and emotional procedure. You would require a doctor who provides you sufficient mental and emotional support, which generally involves you to be personal with your doctor and call them whenever something unusual happens. This makes it important to ensure that you can contact your doctor anytime. 

Many women do not feel comfortable around a male doctor. They may feel uncomfortable having a heart to heart conversation with a male doctor. So, before choosing a package, make sure you are entirely comfortable with the doctor. 

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Another thing to consider while choosing the best IVF package Delhi is the doctor’s availability. You may not want to wait for several months to fix an appointment with your doctor. You may also want to talk to your doctor whenever you feel uncomfortable. Some clinics and hospitals have strong policies where they would not allow you to meet the doctor without an appointment or alter your appointment schedule. Also, apart from the doctor, even the medical team should be available in the clinic all the time. 

👉Success Rate 

Success Rate 

The success rate of IVF treatment is subjective depending on the age, fertility level, overall health of the couple. However, if you visit a credible doctor who works in a clinic with advanced technology, the chances of a successful pregnancy increase a lot. You should also consider the experience of doctors and other staff working in the clinic.

👉Credentials Of The Doctor 

Credentials Of The Doctor 

The doctor you choose should have reputable credentials as well as years of experience. You can read reviews online and in medical journals, ask patients already seeking treatment in that clinic, and ask your friends and family to know more about the doctor. Once you are satisfied, you can go ahead with the package. 


A huge part of choosing the best IVF package Delhi is to make sure you are satisfied with whatever services and treatment your doctor is offering. You can do so by considering the above-mentioned factors.