A doggo’s life: 7 things your furry friend loves mores than anything

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Have you ever sat there and thought, ‘gee my dog has a pretty cruisy life?’ Free from the stresses and strains of our human existence, a dog spends most of their time eating, playing, sleeping and getting plenty of attention from their parents.

If you’ve been looking to compare dog insurance online and stumbled across this little number, why not remind yourself of a dog’s favourite things, just as a reminder of the wonderful home you’ve given your little doggo!

1.Playing with socks, sticks, balls etc.

A dog will pretty much play with whatever it can get its paws on. Whether they stumble upon one of your socks that got dropped on the way to the machine, or they find a favourite new stick in the backyard, a doggo loves nothing more than chewing, fight over, gnawing on and safeguarding a possession that us humans might otherwise find superfluous.

2. Brawling

Okay, maybe the term “brawling” is a bit much for play fighting, but a doggo loves a good wrestle! Whether they are with their siblings, their mates or just random dogs in the park, play fighting is good for dogs and especially good for young puppies! It builds their strength and confidence, although you should always intervene if it seems like things are going too far – doggos themselves don’t understand their own limits sometimes!

3. Saying hi to other dogs

There is nothing cuter than when you’re on a walk with your furry friend and they come across another pup. It doesn’t matter if it’s a jack russell and a greyhound, a whippet and a border collie or two old golden retrievers that seem like they’ve been mates for years, but dogs love saying hi to each other! It also gives the two owners an opportunity to meet and chat about their doggo’s, a bit of random sociability for both dog and owner that is more important than ever these days.

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4. Walks, of course!

Whether your dog is one to jump up and down in excitement at the sight of their lead, or only gets pumped once they’re at the dog park, doggies love to go for walks with their owners. It gives them a chance to burn off some built up energy, meet other dogs and basically just have an awesome time playing with friends.

5.  Attention

Dogs, being a human’s best friend, are real suckers for attention. It seems as if they have evolved to be able to easily win our attention regardless of whether they are chilling, looking for said attention or being a bit of a menace. It would be interesting to see a chart of how much dogs impede on efficiency during the working from home era, as we personally know our dogs win our attention over those boring Excel Spreadsheets every time!

6. Trying human food

Sure, a dog loves their sachet, and they probably love those dry biscuits, too. But their culinary patience often only goes so far before they require a taste of human food. They love getting the opportunity to try something from their parent’s bowl, just be sure not to feed them directly from it – that’s how they become very impatient about your food and this leads to trouble!

7. Cuddles

At the end of the day, a good bond between a dog and their owner is a simply beautiful thing, and nothing sums it up better than some good cuddles with doggo on a cold winter’s day!