After the Snapchat stories: The TikTok videos is going to famous

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Tiktok the Chinese app

After Snapchat also TikTok? This is the most common question after Facebook has released – in beta. A new application called Collab which, at least in part, takes its cue from TikTok. The social network of short videos that triumphs in the rankings of the stores. But the well-informed swear that this platform is destining to lead the way. Then Facebook has no choice but to propose it again. Maybe first in a standalone app, to be integrated later in the queens’ apps (like Facebook and Instagram). After the Snapchat stories, tiktok videos is going to be famous. 


After the Snapchat stories: Why connect with Snapchat? 

After the Snapchat stories

It is a somewhat old story, but not an unimportant one. So let’s take a step back.When Zuckerberg tried to buy Snapchat. It was a morning in November 2013. The phone of Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel starts ringing. On the other side is Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Facebook owner. “Hi Evan, I have a 10 billion check for you in exchange for your platform.” The proposal sounds more or less like this. It is the day that could change the history of Snapchat, and in the end also that of Spiegel. But the young Evan, which the chronicles tell all too savvy, declines and puts down. He has other ideas on his mind.


Snapchat’s services in an almost shameless


 His Snapchat travels fast and decides to run alone. So what happens? It happens that Zuckerberg decides to invest part of those famous 10 billion in research and development. To copy Snapchat’s services in an almost shameless way. To propose them on its platforms, in particular on Instagram where the IG Stories are booming, with rates of enormous growth.

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The history of TikTok


Like Snapchat a few years ago, TikTok is the emerging social today. And for Facebook, which is a little undisputed master of the world of social networks. It can be a competitor to keep an eye on. This time, however. There is a small room for negotiation for Zuckerberg. TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based multinational that said it would not tremble before a billionaire check signed by Mark. The app, according to Sensor Tower, would already be worth over $ 18 billion and has over a billion users worldwide. And since the social model that underlies TikTok (that of the clips to be dubbing) is a real success. 




It said that for now, the project is more or less hidden. But Collab’s characteristics are quite definite. The basic idea is to make musicians collaborate remotely (experiment has seen several times during this lockdown). With Collab, three different audio tracks – remotely recorded – can be mixed to create a music video. The same videos produced by users, however, can subsequently be used by other users in “TikTok mode”. Therefore the tracks are available to be played by anyone, even in the form of dubbing. At the moment, Collab works by invitation only and has been designed exclusively for iOS. I hope you know know who will be famous After the Snapchat stories.