Austin Butler Net Worth, Life, Hobbies & More!

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Austin Butler Net Worth

This blog is about someone whom every other person had a crush on as a teenager. No one can actually deny the fact of having one sided love towards this high school sweetheart. Maybe we can call him in other words, our Chocolate Boy! This blog talks about none other than Austin Butler and will help you dry your curiosity about him. Many readers or fans must have questions about him and this blog will help it cure it all! So, have patience and keep reading till the end of it.

About Austin

Austin Butler whom we all know, started his journey at a very young age of thirteen years old. He was approached by an agency for the entertainment industry called the Orange County Fair. To nourish his skills, Austin also took over an acting class to polish his skills further. He acted in Hannah Montana, side of Miley Cyrus and also came forward in few episodes od Zoey 101. Although, he was a side actor, he did not forget to steal his way through. And now, Austin Butler grabbed to become among the nominee for Golden Globe Awards for Elvis, The Biopic as the main character.

Austin’s Childhood Life

Austin grew up in California along with his mother. His birth place is Anaheim and also had a sibling elder to him known by the name Ashley Butler. Many must have seen her alongside him in the series Ned’s Declassified Survival School Guide. She acted with him as a background actor.

Austin’s mother is n aesthetician and her name is Lori Anne. She alone took after both the kids and raised them in a very simple lifestyle.

Until he was in seventh grade, Austin went to school with other kids. But as he was starting to take a step towards his career, he began to do home schooling. But he only continued it till before he had to officially complete his high school formal education.

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Austin Butler Net Worth

Austin’s Hobbies

Austin always had in his mind to do something extra with his life. Nothing should ever stop him from achieving what he wants. Austin then started learning Guitar when he was only 13 years old. Not only did he ended up learning guitar but also learned piano when he was sixteen. He had said this in an interview that he believes music is his therapy.

But learning guitar definitely became fruitful as Austin got the role of Elvis and was the perfect match for him. Austin also has a hobby towards sports. He was not so much athletic but was keen towards playing badminton. He believed that it kept him in shape and constant exercise.

Austin Age and Whereabouts

Austin by nationality is from United States of America. He has been practically living his whole life there. He was born in Anaheim in the year 1991 but currently, he is residing Los Feliz, California. It is not like he has always kept moving but to step up with his career, he ended up settling in Feliz.

Austin Butler Net Worth

Austin Work Life in the Entertainment Industry

Austin started to work at a very young age. It was when he was just thirteen, he got his back from an entertainment agency. He then took his first step by learning how to act. He made his debut as a side actor along side Miley Cyrus in Disney’s most famous teenage series, Hannah Montana. He appeared in few of the episodes. His first debut movie was Aliens in the Attic. But before he got this movie, he had already worked in quite a number of series and was finally making a place for himself in the industry.

It took him some time but within an year or two he finally set foot as a constant acting job in the series Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. He took him off some years, but in 2011 he landed a lead role as well. He starred in the movie The Bling Ring and was acting as Zack Garvey.

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After all these years of struggles, Austin finally was able to land the role of Elvis. He was suitable for the role in a very perfect way around. Not only did he win the theatres but also became a nominee for the Golden Globe Awards.

Austin Butler Net Worth

Austin Butler, though started at a very young age, as earned quite a lot in his career until now. Austin has not revealed how much did he receive as payment from Elvis the Biopic. But box office has made work $230 million. After all the estimations being made and all the assets and liabilities, there was found the net worth. Approximately, Austin Butler has a net worth of $4 million and maybe more in the future.

Austin Car Collection

Austin has a very amazing fascination with cars. More than anything, he likes the modelled and expensively developed cars. Austin has currently six to seven cars as per known through sources.

The most recent car he has purchased is Volvo XC40. The car was worth $70000. Not only this, Austin has other cars namely, Lincoln Corsair, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Jaguar Lexus GS and some others.

Austin Relationship

There is not much about Austin’s dating life but currently he is taken. He is dating a model called Kaia Garber. They are seen together since the near end of 2021.

This is second girlfriend. Before this, he was in a long-term relationship with Vanessa Hudgens. They have dated from 2011 to 2020 but unfortunately it did not last longer anymore.

Austin Butler Net Worth

Conclusive Insights

Austin Butler is having a very flourishing career and probably we will get to see more of him. We can’t deny the fact that when we saw him in Disney series itself, we had a huge heart crush. He is still among many of our hearts and can be called as our heartthrob. You just cannot deny the fact!

This blog tried to cover all the information about Austin Bustler. Hope you got the information about Austin Butler net worth that you were looking for about him. Share this blog with others who are also Austin Butler’s fans!