Top 10 Reasons Why Australia is a Great study Abroad Destination

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It can be a really tough decision for a student to make for an abroad study. In case if you want to be close to oceans with an opportunity to enjoy amazing hiking trails and explore top high-tech cities then Australia is a place for you. This country has earned a special place in abroad study destination of the world. The quality of education has helped this island country to climb up and get listed in top universities of the world. Also, some of the Australian cities are listed among the best top cities for students.

If you have never considered Australia as a choice to study abroad then it is the perfect time to think about it. With great landscape, you can get exposure to great companies for work after completion of the program. Some special provisions are made for international students.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons why Australia is a great study abroad Destination

👉🏻Recognized universities

Recognized universities

Many Australian universities rank among the top universities in the world. Due to their reputation and quality of education, these universities are recognized globally. Getting a degree from Australia is considered valuable and prestigious all over the globe. You would need an Australia student visa to enroll in these universities.

👉🏻Many streams and career options available

Many streams and career options available

Australia is an amazing destination for environmental biologists and science students for rich and greater diversity in their research. This country is on the top of study abroad destination as it offers the best faculty for every major and stream. Also one can explore great career opportunities regardless of the area of study.

👉🏻Many job opportunities for international students

Many job opportunities for international students

There are many provisions given to international students. To help them financially, international students have an allowance for part-time work for a maximum period of 40 hours every two weeks while attending the sessions of the course. If the student gets a break from the session due to some holidays then there is no restriction of workings hours, but he needs to check if the visa allows for the same. But it can be a cumbersome task for a student to find a part-time job at an unknown place, therefore some universities and agencies offer the facility of internships so that he student can gain some experience in the area of study and earn an income as well. But remember that you would need to have a valid Australia student visa to be eligible for internships.

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👉🏻Affordable education

Affordable education

The educational programs are planned in such a way that it focuses on giving skills and practical knowledge as compared to the theoretical one. Also, the course duration is shorter than in other counties. This results in cheaper education as compared to other developed countries. Also, the expense of living is much reasonable while comparing it with other countries.

👉🏻Support services for international students

Support services for international students

Almost all universities in Australia have student support units for their international students. The purpose of this support system is to answer the questions of the international students and guide them to the concerned department. Even these students get the chance to participate in the student preparation program. Many universities organize counseling sessions, English workshops to make them more confident. Some sessions are also held for their family members who are accompanying them in Australia. All these provisions are made to make the foreign students feel better and not secluded.

👉🏻Diverse wildlife to explore

Diverse wildlife to explore

The flora and fauna of Australia are diverse. You get to see many species which are only found in Australia. Science students specifically travel to Australia to see and explore various species of the amazing wildlife of the island. Even one can grab an internship at these conversation sites to stay close to nature and wildlife. Even you get to see the famous Kangaroo here.

👉🏻Vibrant culture

Vibrant culture

Living in a foreign land means you will get an opportunity to learn a new culture. This can a little difficult in the initial phase but according to former students, they had a great experience in Australia. One can find diversity in the Australian culture and helps international students to know about many cultures and at the same time step out of their comfort zones. The majority of students enjoy this culture and get the chance to discover unique Australian cuisine too.  And if you are a non-vegetarian then get to eat exotic meats such as kangaroo and emu. Even the sea in Australia is amazing. You get to know the actual difference between shrimp and prawns.

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👉🏻Beautiful landscape

Beautiful landscape

Australia is an amazing country which has a perfect combination of calm beaches, beautiful landmarks, well-known global heritage sites, lush green forest, and deserts. If you are a student in Australia, then your holidays can be planned well by exploring its beautiful landscapes. There many sports where you can try adventurous sports too. Also, the location of this country makes traveling to New Zealand easier. Even it is a little closer to Christmas Island, Tasmania, and South-East Asia

👉🏻English speaking country

English speaking country

Australians speak English so people migrating from English-speaking countries can easily communicate with the residents of Australia. But the Australian slang language is a little different and their words can confuse the people outside this country. But definitely, this is helpful as you don’t have to be lost in translation or use hand gestures to communicate with local people.

👉🏻Easy process of student visa

Easy process of student visa

The best part about studying in Australia is the fact that getting a student visa is comparatively easier than other countries. The application process is simple and quick which helps to get the confirmation much faster.

It should be noted that studying in different countries needs adequate finances to cover tuition fees including grants, scholarships, or pocket money. Even you may need to go for a medical check-up as a part of the application process. For migrating to Australia, you need to be fluent in English.

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