Ban TikTok in the US – Trump awaits a security

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ban TikTok in the US

U.S. President Donald Trump will receive “this week,” a recommendation on national security risks from TikTok, a Chinese video social network that Washington suspects are being used for espionage by Beijing, Treasury Secretary say on Wednesday. Steven Mnuchin told reporters that the investment of the USA conducts the U.S. government’s review of TikTok. In this article, I’ll let you know about the reason for ban TikTok in the U.S.! So stay tuned.

Which is the reason behind ban TikTok in the US

TikTok is under review by the CFIUS, and we will make a recommendation to the president this week,” said Mnuchin. “We have many alternatives,” he added. We are looking at TikTok, and we are thinking about making a decision,” said Trump, who has already raised the possibility of banning the social network, whose format for artistic and humorous short videos is mainly celebrated by young audiences. TikTok, which belongs to the Chinese group ByteDance, became very popular during the confinement of the new coronavirus pandemic, and it estimated that it has 1 billion users.

What defamatory attacks?

TikTok responded to what it called “defamatory attacks” by the American social network Facebook. He defended its activities, claiming that they help foster competition in the U.S. market. TikTok Chief Executive Kevin Mayer said in a blog post that the attacks “disguised as patriotism. He also designed to end our presence in the United States.

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What authority says about it and why ban TikTok in the US

We are not politicians, we do not accept political publicity, and we do not have a plan; our sole goal is to remain a vibrant and dynamic platform for everyone to enjoy,” said Mayer.TikTok has become the ultimate target, but we are not the enemy,” he added. Mayer noted that TikTok had set transparency guidelines, adding that it would reveal more than other platforms about its internal algorithms. We believe that all companies should disclose their algorithms, moderation policies, and data flows to regulators,” he said.

TikTok also suggested that its presence helps competition in the United States market.

Several U.S. lawmakers have called for a ban on TikTok. It is a pending bill would make it illegal for federal employees to use the app on government devices. Mayer said TikTok would respect accordingly  U.S. law, noting that the company has come under increased scrutiny due to its Chinese origins. AdditionallyWe accept this, and we accept the challenge of providing peace of mind through greater transparency and responsibility,” he said.

I hope now you know well about why ban TikTok in the U.S. Trump thinks it is a spy against the USA.

TikTok wants to sue against Trump’s decree.

 It is published by NPR (National Public Radio), citing a person who is said to be directly involved in the lawsuit. Therefore, the trial should proceed in the US federal district court for Southern California, where TikTok headquartered in the United States.

No prohibition, but the impossibility

Strictly speaking, this is not a ban. Users could continue to use the app if it already installed. However, it would mean that TikTok could no longer operate in the US. If the courts do not revoke the decree, it will come into force 45 days after the rally. As a result, all people and companies in the USA would have to terminate their contracts with ByteDance or its sub-companies, from landlords to electricity suppliers, on September 15th. The more than 1,000 US employees could no longer get their salaries; even lawyers were no longer allowed to represent the company – according to TikTok, a violation of the right to a fair trial.

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TikTok  already banned in India like ban TikTok in the US

TikTok is the international video platform of the Chinese company ByteDance, which operates the censored version Douyin in China. Because of security concerns – US authorities have expressed fears that the Chinese company’s online network will pass on user data to the government in Beijing – the popular TikTok has been feeling political headwinds in the US. Here TikTok last checked by the Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS). The company has so far rejected all allegations about the disclosure of user data. The USA makes similar claims against the Chinese network equipment supplier Huawei.