Best Golf Breaks at La Cala Golf

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golf breaks at La Cala golf

However, if you go out on a non-golf course you will find yourself spending some more time finding your ball or avoiding the dangers of the water than you really are playing a good game of golf. Don’t be discouraged, it happens to everyone unless you start your career as a three-year-old phenomenon. One of the most difficult aspects of choosing a game of golf is learning to drive the ball. That should be fairly easy. The idea is to wrap your arms around the club, keep your body straight, pull back and swing. Unfortunately, they do not even begin to cover the basic principles of basic golf swing. So just visit to book a golf break at La Cala golf right here.

Any semi-civilized golf instructor will tell you that the ultimate goal is to keep your head perfectly throughout the swing. If you are trying to hit the ball too hard, your end result will be a long grass and a small white ball that you now want to hit in pieces. Right now you’re asking yourself, “Are golf lessons worth it?”

Trying to swing

Relax your body and your muscles before even trying to swing. Trying to hit the ball harder with tense muscles usually yields good results. Any golf instructor will tell you that concentrated energy will move the ball forward and straight. The focus is on a relaxed body and a head that no one talks about. By being able to keep your head in a stationary position, you can keep a solid focus on the ball and draw your energy directly into the center of the ball through the flat club. Your stationary head will automatically send a signal to your hands to turn correctly and at the right time. This is the time to walk behind you and allow the ball to stay straight. Very important

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Golf instructions 

You also need to keep your balance to make long and straight drives. Golf instructors report a significant percentage of lesson time focusing on keeping the head straight and the body in balance. Balancing the body in golf is more than just falling. It is about distributing body weight evenly in all directions. Most people are able to maintain a good percentage of left and right balance, but often front and back balances need to be taught by a golf instructor.


When playing golf, the head is tilted down to allow the golfer to see the ball and maintain focus. This position encourages poor posture and body weight to go a long way. A good golf instructor can help a golfer find a good and solid position that is more balanced to allow for a better swing. It is often recommended to look in the mirror to help correct unbalanced golf swings. This trick can help create a better swing, but keep in mind that when you look at yourself, you don’t see where the ball should be. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true golf instructor comes in handy. Often in someone else’s eyes we can pick up what we can’t do ourselves.