Best Historical K Dramas: Plot Details, Storyline & More!

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best historical k dramas

K dramas are enjoyed and binged all over the world. You can choose the one you want to watch from different genres and enjoy the essence of each K drama on its own. But if you want to taste the traditional time bomb of South Korea, then you need to start watching Historical K Dramas that either narrate the story of the country’s heritage or show the aperture of war and how it has reigned. Period dramas can give you the idea of ancient South Korea where stories from three kingdoms are often shown. This genre generally deals with the reign of South Korea, politics, love, or ancient stories based on true events.

If you want to spend your weekends to taste something different than those regular movies or series then you can definitely try watching these K dramas. Well, in today’s article, we’ll take a look at some of the most viewed, famous, or worthy K dramas that you need to watch. Not only these dramas are interesting and climactic, but also you get to take a peek at their customs and culture which makes them more interesting. So, without blabbering further, let’s take a look at the suggestions.

Best Historical K Dramas

best historical k dramas

1. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

This is a quite well-known and popular K Drama that you should add to your watch list. The story is taken from a very famous Chinese show. This was released in the year 2016 and since then this has been a hit. This K Drama deals with supernatural storylines which is quite interesting to watch. Here a 25-year-old woman of the 21st century gets transported via a time machine and swaps her body with a 16-year-old girl where she meets the love of her life.

The story set is shown in the year 941 where you get a traditional backdrop. There the girl falls in love with a prince of the Wang Family. The show makes the plot more engaging and also incorporates suspense in it where a love triangle is shown. The story is drawn with palace conspiracies and politics which makes it more interesting. The show has won around eleven awards in total and seven SBS drama awards.

best historical k dramas

2. The Tale of Nokdu

This story is a very different story which will surely make you addicted to this series. The story is set in the Joseon period where a guy named Jeon disguises himself as a woman to solve a certain mystery and to keep his identity hidden. Here he meets a girl named Dong Dong Ju and apparently falls in love with her. She is skilled in her own ways but she is clumsy as well. The tale of Nokdu is a different story with a traditional touch to it. You get to experiment with war and beautiful lovey-dovey scenes that will melt your heart.

The story is based on a webtoon by Hye Jin Yang. It received appreciation widely as it was aired in the year 2019. According to the reports it was also among the top 10 most discussed K Drama when it was aired. The drama revolves around suspense and also the plot is quite unpredictable which makes it worthwhile.

best historical k dramas

3. Hwarang the Poet Warrior Youth

For all the BTS armies out there, this drama is a must-watch for you all. This drama debuts Kim Tae Hyung (V) in a supporting role which will surely blow your mind. He played the youngest Hwarang and portrayed a nice character here. He was warm, courteous, and respectful as well. Well, not only his acting but the whole series will keep you hooked to it. The series revolves around the rivalry between kingdoms and revolt as well. The story shows the value of relationships, friendships and how they overcame every obstacle. This story is not something that is made up but is based on true events in Korea. The story begins with the kingdom of Silla being the foremost part. It is known that this Kingdom united the three kingdoms in Korea.

4. Jumong

The series is also known as The Book of Three Han: The Chapter of Jumong. This series is exceptionally well-made and well-constructed. If you are starting to watch historical K dramas then you should start with this. This is based on an epic about the founder of an ancient Korean Kingdom Goguryeo which lasted for decades. The series is filled with lots of historical events and pieces of information that are relevant. If you want an authentic series that is related to history, then you should try watching this.

5. Empress Ki

This K drama will certainly impress you. This K drama was loved by everyone worldwide due to its impressive storyline and that is kind of different from other K dramas. The storyline portrays a woman being a Powerful empress of china being born in Korea. The time wasn’t smooth and women were not considered equal back then.

The journey of Gi Seungnyang is bound to make you fall in love with the series. This is mostly a woman-led series which is another reason for you to give this a try. To get power in hand, she comes to marry the Emperor of Mongolia, but she hid a deep seed of love for her first love. The perfect dose of love and plot twist will leave you astonished. Empress ki received lots of recognition and appreciation across the globe.

6. Moon Embracing the Sun

Another series covered the Joseon Dynasty. In Korea, this was the longest ruling dynasty. The story revolves around three people and their destiny of love. A prince, a son of a concubine (prince’s half-brother), and a female shaman. If you are someone who is more leaned towards the romance genre, then you would love this anime.

It does serve some relevance with the history though, but mostly it’s a romance historical drama. Compared to the other K dramas, this one is more pleasant and the storyline is easy to understand as well. There is a spot that is worth praising for in this K drama. That is a beautiful representation of the historical events, the costumes, and the direction as well. You need to add this K Drama to your watch list right now!

7. The Red Sleeve

If you want to encounter a touching K Drama that will make your heart flutter and make you cry at the same time, you need to watch The Red Sleeve. This is a court romance between a court lady and a king. Well, before you start watching this, you need to know one thing this K Drama is a sad one. Well, the love story and the chemistry are what you need to watch for. King Jeong Jo falls in love with Sung Deok Im, his concubine. Deok Im is hesitant to accept her role as a concubine which makes the story quite interesting. If you want to watch a historical k drama but a bit different than the usual ones, then you can give this a try.

8. The Crowded Clown

This K drama is quite popular due to its unique story which is sure to make you re-watch this k drama again and again. A clown who resembles the king of the area, King Lee Heon. Ha Sun, the clown is often seen playing the role of the king but he can’t act like one. In a moment of crisis, he is bound to take the place of the original king. Ha Sun falls in love with the queen who is already married to the king. The drama is wrapped with politics, forbidden love, and strong characters. The characters are not imaginary but rather based on real-life historical figures. This K drama is indeed an underrated one if you compare it with other K Dramas.

9. Queen For Seven Days

The stories remain untold of the bygone eras, but through this drama, you’ll get to see a glimpse of a true event that took place years back. Queen Dan Kyeyong was forced to step down from the throne right after seven days due to conflicts and internal politics. The two other characters in this drama are Lee Yoong and Lee Yeok based on King Yeonsan and Prince Jinseong respectively. These are the three historical figures that are represented here with different names. The drama is not absolutely accurate but there is a link to the past. The story is again about a love triangle between these two brothers and the queen. Definitely, you must watch this drama.

10. Arang and the Magistrate

This is a thriller historical K drama that is thrilling as it is and a must-watch. The story introduces ghosts and an official named Kim Eun Oh who can communicate with ghosts. So, the story continues with a lot of plot twists and peek climaxes. The story is connected with the legends of Arang. The daughter of the magistrate, Arang was murdered by an admirer. All new magistrates of Miryang encounter death on the first night until one survives and helps Arang to identify her murderer. You should definitely watch this one if you love thriller shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Some of the best K Dramas of all time.

Well, there are lots of K dramas but here are some of them that are not in the suggestions but you should not miss out on these.

  • Kingmaker : the change of Destiny
  • Jewel in the palace
  • Cruel palace
  • Sunshine
  • Queen
  • The Great Queen Seondeok

2. What are the historical K dramas called?

The historical K dramas are Known as Sageuk which means historical dramas or traditional plays.

3. What is the biggest K drama award?

The biggest K drama award is known as the grand prize.

4. The longest K drama series?

The longest K drama series that lasted 200 episodes is Taejo Wang Geon.

Conclusive Insights

K dramas are a splash of refreshment from the regular tv shows or movies that are generally watched or binged. You can try watching these k dramas as these are all quite a beginner friendly and you won’t get bored as well. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you choose the one that interests you. And finally, let us know if the article – best historical K dramas were relevant and informative. Leave your comments down below if you have any queries or further suggestions.