Best Traeger Recipes: How to Make Them In The Best Way?

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best traeger recipes

So today, in this blog, we are going to talk about the best Traeger recipes using the world-famous Traeger grill.  And before getting into the recipes, let us know a bit more about the Traeger grill.

So, if you like barbecuing and your backyard smells of barbecue every other day, you must know a bit about the type of grills people use. A wood pellet grill is one of the best, and Traeger is the first in the scene. A Traeger grill uses natural wood to give the grill an edge over other grills. You can never compare natural wood taste over grills that use gas. The flavor of your food would be completely different and better, to say the least.

best traeger recipes

Reasons You Should Buy A Traeger Grill

Well, it is obviously the best in the market, so that should be reason enough.

  1. If you are an enthusiast for grilling your food, then flavor must be on the top of your priority list. A Traeger grill gives you the best flavor when compared to a grill that runs on gas or coal. A Traeger grill uses pure hardwood, and the taste is immensely better than other grills.
  2. Lastly, if you don’t want to turn on your grill to feel like rocket science with all of the complications, a Traeger grill is your best choice as it is super easy to turn on. Throw your food on the grill with your preferred temperature turned on, and you’re good to go. You can even control the taste or smokiness of your food if you control the temperature on your grill correctly.

So, we have talked about Traeger’s grill enough to tempt you to buy one. Now, let us talk about the mouth-watering recipes that you can make on this grill. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

best traeger recipes

Best Traeger Recipes 2021

So, since Traeger recipes are in demand all of the time, we will first look at the top recipes of last year, 2021. We can start with the top recipes of last year and then slowly get into other recipes as well. Time to go through the best Traeger recipes;

1. Grilled Pork Chops

If you are a fan of red meat, then this recipe is for you. If you have some thick juicy pork chops resting in your kitchen, utilize them now by putting them on the grill. Your pork chops will come out looking amazing because of the slow cooking of the grill and will be tender and melty.

To cook the perfect pork chops, you must season them first. Keeping your meat seasoned is the best thing you can do, so season it well with some crushed pepper and flaky salt. You can add some vegetables to the side, like some asparagus, but it is optional. Grill the meat at your preferred temperature. However, be careful not to burn your meat on the outside while it remains uncooked on the inside. Take it slow and steady on both sides of your pork, and you’ll get the perfect pieces of pork chops that you and everyone in your family will love. If you want to serve them with sides, you can go traditional and serve your pork chops with applesauce. Just thinking about this dish can make anyone’s mouth water!

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2. Grilled Shrimp

Sure, shrimp isn’t the first thing that comes to someone’s mind when they think about grilling. But don’t knock it till you try it. This grilled shrimp might just be your new favorite, and we can give many reasons why. It is easy to cook and goes with literally any side. Moreover, if you are a seafood fan, then you must love this already.

Some people say that grilling your shrimp is easier than cooking it in other ways. However, you can put this fact to the test by grilling some shrimps on your Traeger grill. Grill both sides equally, keeping the temperature in mind, and you’ll get the perfect batch of grilled shrimps. Serve them with teriyaki sauce for the kick of spice and smokiness.

best traeger recipes

Healthy Traeger Recipes

Let us be honest. When we look at a Traeger grill, a salad doesn’t immediately pop up in our minds. Instead, our mind is filled with images of porks, steaks, and burgers. It is basically every unhealthy thing you can imagine of. So, healthy Traeger recipes are a bit sparse. However, that does not mean that there are no healthy recipes. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at them.

1. Chicken Breasts

Let’s all agree that everyone loves a good chicken breast. A classic grilled chicken recipe never goes wrong, and it’s a versatile dish. This means you can make anything with your chicken breast after you’ve grilled it. You can shred it up or cut it into pieces to put in a salad of your choice, or you can make a healthy chicken sandwich out of it. Remember that chicken cooks faster, so ease up on that heat. This dish has only 2gm of carbs compared to a whopping 26gms of protein, so it is a great healthy food option.

2. Pork Tenderloin

A pork tenderloin is a great option if you want to substitute chicken with something. I wouldn’t say that it is the healthiest thing, but right after chicken breasts, this is the leanest when it comes to meat. You do not need to do much in order to cook it. Just put in on your Traeger grill, and cook it for equal amounts of time on both sides. You can dress it however you want, but if you want your pork tenderloin to be even a bit healthy, then keep the seasoning limited to salt and pepper mostly.

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3. Pot Roast

A pot roast might seem like a heavy and unhealthy dish. And you are not wrong. Most pot roasts are unhealthy. They are full of fats and carbs. But it is possible to make a pot roast that will not clog your arteries but will be equally tasty. And you can make it on your Traeger grill as well. You just need to substitute your red meat with lean white meat. Add those to your Traeger along with veggies and seasonings, and you’ll have a pot roast that is healthy and tasty.

best traeger recipes

Quick Traeger Recipes

Want some recipes on the Traeger that don’t take a day and a half to make? We got you. Now, we will talk about certain Traeger dinner recipes which are quick and easy to make, and your mouth will start watering before they are even off the grill. Without further ado, let us get into it!

1. Brisket

Let us say it, no one can hate on a good brisket. It does not matter if you’re Jewish or not; a brisket can bring joy to anyone’s face. When I say that you can cook a brisket easily on the Traeger grill for dinner, the joy hopefully increases. Just take your meat and season it well. Put the beef to cool down for half a day or a day. This is the lengthier part of the process, but after it has been left in the fridge for some time, just place it on the grill and cook for some time. Put the fatty side against the grill. Then take it off, wrap the meat in foil, and put it on the grill again. Once it has finished cooking, you will have the most tender brisket ever.

2. Turkey

Okay, we get it; turkey might not sound like a quick dinner recipe to make. But if you want your turkey to be the most tender and delicious thing you’ve ever put in your mouth, then get out of your ovens this Thanksgiving. We’re cooking a turkey on the grill now. You’ll get the smokiness from the grill, while the white meat will be soft but chewy.

But before you grill your turkey, you need to make sure that your turkey is seasoned well. No one likes unseasoned and bland meat at the dinner table. So get your seasonings like garlic, salt, sugar, etc., and rub them well on the turkey. Then place it on the grill. Your family will love this dish, especially on Thanksgiving, as it is a heart winner. And we all know the best way to have roast turkey is with mashed potatoes.

Final Thoughts

So, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope the blog was quite to your taste…and you enjoyed making all the recipes given here. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a Traeger grill, and start cooking in your own backyard! You’ll be the family’s favorite cook in no time at all!