Can Dogs Eat Doritos- Facts and Guidelines

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Can Dogs Eat Doritos

You are munching on your favorite nacho chips. Your pet is sitting close to you and barking for some of these Doritos nacho chips. Well, in this case, there can be two possibilities: either you will give your dog some chips to munch on, or you will end up eating these when the gaze of your dog is not around you. Before giving these chips to your dogs, it is worth considering Can Dogs eat Doritos? Let’s explore some of the facts related to it before reaching any premise.

Can Dogs Eat Doritos? Quick Facts and Guidelines

Can Dogs Eat Doritos? Are Doritos Safe for Dogs in 2023


Whenever you eat chips, you can see your dog’s eyes begging for the Doritos. It is quite a tricky situation for all pet owners, as they want to know if consuming these chips can be harmful to their dogs. Otherwise, the little puppies can stay safe after consuming them. Doritos nacho chips contain many flavorful seasonings, from garlic to powdered onions, and these can be very harmful to your furry friends. 

What Ingredients in Doritos are Harmful to Your Dogs?

Can dogs eat doritos

Doritos nacho chips are primarily known for their bold texture and crispy taste. They contain some ingredients that are not favorable to your dogs. Let’s take a look at some key ingredients.

1) High Salt Content

High Salt Content

Doritos have high salt content which is quite unhealthy for furry animals to consume. Excessive salt can lead to harmful sodium poisoning and various other health issues.

2) Artificial Seasonings


Artificial Seasonings

Canines cannot eat Doritos because these bold flavorful chips contain many harmful artificial seasonings for dogs. The mix of several spices, artificial flavors, and other additives can make these snacks very tasty for human beings, but they are unhealthy for dogs.

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3) Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is another key ingredient in Doritos Nacho Chips. This oil comes in different varieties such as corn, or sunflower oil. These oils are used to fry the corn chips. It can be very harmful to our furry friends. Hence, we should keep nacho chips away from our pets.

4) High-Fat Content

High Fat Content

Doritos contain a significant amount of fat. This fat primarily stems from vegetable oil and it can be used in the chips-making process. High-fat snacks are strictly prohibited for dogs as they can cause several health issues in them. It can lead to obesity, and gastrointestinal issues in pets.

Why Should You Not Give Doritos to Your Dogs?


Human beings can feel extremely delighted to consume these Nacho chips, but these can be a sign of danger for your dogs because Nachos can cause several health problems for your dogs. 

1) Salt Poisoning 

Whenever you give Doritos nacho chips to your canine, they can feel uneasy and it can cause salt poisoning to them. As per some key statistics by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, an adult dog can consume 200 mg of salt and 14 grams of fat. These statistics apply when a dog weighs 33 pounds. 

Sodium poisoning can cause several serious health issues among the dogs such as urination problems, abnormal fluid accumulation, several fatal kidney injuries, and even death. In case your pet shows symptoms of diarrhea, or vomiting you should take your furry friend to the doctor immediately.

2) Skin Problems

As Doritos contain artificial colours and flavours, these can be very harmful to dogs and can cause skin problems, and other gastrointestinal issues. If you want to keep your dogs completely safe from such troublesome issues, you should not give them Doritos.

3) Choking Problems

Can Dogs Eat Doritos is a major concern for human beings who want to serve Nacho chips to the dogs. Much scientific research has shown that it is very harmful for dogs to consume these chips as they can sometimes cause choking and even digestive tract problems. 

If you have a small breed of furry friends, you must stay extra careful for your lovely pets as these Doritos have sharp edges that can be harmful to the canines to digest. If a dog takes a large piece of nacho chips in their mouth, it can cause difficulty in chewing it, and hence cause digestive issues.

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When to See a Veterinarian?

If your canine has consumed a lot of Nacho chips accidentally, or you have given them these chips unknowingly, and you see some signs of abnormal issues like vomiting, diarrhea, and other key problems, you should immediately consult a vet to resolve these issues. Otherwise, these problems can be fatal for your dog.

What are the Healthy Alternatives to the Doritos?

We have seen consuming Doritos can be extremely harmful to dogs. So, it is vital to go for some healthy alternatives that can make the health of the dogs stay good.

1) Fruits and Vegetables

Can dogs eat Doritos

Many fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy for the health of dogs. Some of these fruits and vegetables are apples, carrots, and blueberries. These healthy fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and fiber. Moreover, they do not have any harmful additives that can harm these dogs.

2) Rice Cakes

Rice Cakes

Offering rice cakes to the Dogs instead of Doritos is a healthy option for them and they can enjoy the crunchy texture of these cakes. If you are looking forward to having some healthy options, rice cakes will be the best alternative for your puppies.

3) Plain Popcorn

Plain Popcorn

If you are looking for some cool options for your Dogs, offering them plain popcorn is another healthy choice. These plain popcorns can be a perfect alternative for your canine if you don’t add butter and other seasonings to it. Adding them can cause health issues for the dogs.

4) Sweet Potato Chips

Can dogs eat Doritos

As far as sweet potato chips are concerned, they are quite a healthy alternative for your dogs. It would help if you first sliced these ripe bananas into thin rounds. Then toss these sweet potato chips into olive oil. Then bake them in an oven until they get crispy in texture and taste.


Giving Doritos to the dogs is not a healthy option especially if you are giving them these nacho chips in large quantities. As against it, if you give these Doritos to your furry friends in small amounts, they can however digest it. So, it is the best choice to refrain your dogs from these Nacho chips, and contain several healthy alternatives for keeping your dogs healthy. The straightaway answer to the query “Can Dogs eat Doritos” is no and we should avoid giving these chips to our dogs.