Causes Of Red Spots On Skin For Early Detection & Treatment!

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Causes of Red Spots On Skin

Wondering what those red spots on your skin are? Red spots on skin can occur due to various reasons. Our blog will help you understand what those red spots on your skin and what is the cause of their occurrence are.

Nobody likes scars or spots on their skin. Our skin is the most sensitive part of our body, and it is very important for everyone to take proper care of it. Our skin acts as a barrier between the outer world and the organs in our body, and that makes it one of the reasons for protecting our skin and saving it from any sort of damage. Apart from that, protecting our skin becomes important as well because our appearance also depends on how our skin is. So even if it is a tiny red spot on your skin, it can be a bother, and it is important for you to know the reason behind it, so you are able to stop it from occurring.

Causes of Red Spots On Skin

 12 Causes Of Red Spots On Skin

Here are some of the causes why the red spots are occurring on your skin.

1. Pimples

This is already known by many and is the most common reason for a red spot occurrence on your skin. Pimples start to occur after one hits puberty. It happens when the openings of the hair follicles become blocked because of various dead skin cells. This causes the skin to form red spots on the skin and when they occur, they occur in a lot of numbers. Sometimes pimples occur due to bad food habits as well as due to eating lots of chocolates, sugar, dairy products, and food which are rich in fats. Sometimes pimples also occur when people have too oily skin. This is why it becomes necessary for one to wash their face twice daily with mild cleansers, and it also is important for one to get a lot of sleep.

2. Acne

Acne is the reason why pimples are caused on your skin. Acnes don’t only form on your face, but they also start forming on the rest of your body as well. You may also notice that these red spots occur on your back; they are called back acnes. This acne, if left untreated for too long, also causes blackheads and whiteheads. The acne takes up to 2 weeks to completely go away on its own. You can start using aloe vera wherever you have gotten acne because they are good at reducing acne. And it would be best if you stopped eating greasy and oily food because they are the main culprits of pimple occurrences.

3. Skin lesion

Skin lesions are that part of the skin that starts to look different from the rest of the skin. One may start noticing when some patches or bumps start to occur on the skin. Eczema is one type of skin lesion that occur as red patchy parts on the skin. Skin lesions are generally harmless and don’t need much treatment. Make sure you cleanse and moisturize your face daily to avoid such patches on your skin.

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Causes of Red Spots On Skin

4. Heat rash

If you are having red rashes during the summer, it can be because of the heat. Heat rashes are common and they tend to occur a lot during the summer. It generally occurs because the duct which leads from a sweat gland to the surface gets blocked. This causes the sweat to stay trapped inside the skin and that is the reason for one getting the red spots on the skin. To prevent this from happening, you should start wearing loose cotton clothes during the summer. Make sure you bathe once or twice every day and drink plenty of water.

5. Ringworm

The red rash on your skin can also be ringworm. Ringworms are fungal infections and they can form on any part of one’s body. Ringworms sometimes occur due to skin-to-skin contact. Moreover, ringworms tend to spread easily if left untreated, and it also requires medical diagnosis if not treated immediately. If you are unsure if it’s ringworm or not, the most common symptoms of ringworms are itchiness, patches with more defined edges than random rashes, and they are usually round. To prevent such occurrences, you should bathe every day, and you should also be hygienic.

6. Allergy

If you are getting rashes on your skin too often, it can be because of some allergy. Often, we are allergic to things like foods or plants, and we don’t know that. You can seek medical help as well if you want to. If you have it discovered, you can start treating yourself at home by using allergic ointments, or you can do cold compresses on the place you have got the rash. If all these don’t work, you can take medical help from your doctor and cure the red rash on your skin.

7. Boils

The red rashes or spots on your skin can also be boils forming on your skin. Boils occur due to bacterial infection and are often self-treatable. The boils are generally filled with pus and are red bumps. Make sure you don’t burst them, or it may form a scar on that part of the skin. Boils occur because of low immunity. It is necessary to start filling your body with various nutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. You should also have food that is rich in Zinc.

Causes of Red Spots On Skin

8. Hives

Hives are a kind of allergic rash and are a very common rash. They generally occur when it reacts with certain foods or because of stress sometimes as well. Hives are also caused due to infections, and one must take proper medication during its occurrence. Hives look like red bumps on the skin, and they are easily detectable. Also, hives often clear up on their own but treatment helps one to get rid of the uncomfortable sensations. Start taking medicines that reduce the bumps and the swells on the skin. You can start applying a cold washcloth over the surface to lower the amount of itching.

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9. Chickenpox

If you have too many red blisters on your skin, it can be because of chickenpox. Chickenpox is a contagious disease and if you are not vaccinated it may occur to you. The pox starts to grow generally on the back of your body, the chest, and then slowly on the face and the entire body. Once chickenpox occurs to you, you will have lifetime immunity to it. There are anti-itch creams available that soothe down the itching of chicken pox. If you have chicken pox, you should start maintaining proper hygiene so that it does not spread.

10. Bug Bites

Sometimes, the red rashes on your skin can also be because of bug bites. We generally fail to notice the bites until the skin starts to form red and itchy marks, which start to become a bother in our daily lives. The part where the bug stings or bites becomes swollen and red, and it starts to pain and itch. You can start applying for medicines as suggested by your druggist, and you should prevent yourself from scratching that area where the bug stung or bit. Hydrocortisone cream works well to treat bug bites.

11. Angiomas

Angiomas can be one of the reasons for the red moles on your body. They are small growths and are filled with blood vessels. These growths tend to occur anywhere in the body. These moles are non-cancerous, and this means you have nothing to worry about when they occur. They generally occur in older people. These growths occur in clusters, and they occur in huge numbers when they do. They are also known as cherry angiomas, and they cannot be treated. But if you want to remove them from your body, there are treatments that can be removed by cryotherapy and electrosurgery.

12. Rosacea

Rosacea generally occurs in middle-aged women, and sometimes it can be mistaken for acne. The common symptoms are redness on the cheeks, swelling, and raised solid pink and red spots that will start occurring on the cheeks. Sometimes they also occur in the nose. Rosacea must be treated and if left untreated for long, it can stay on the skin lifelong. Rosacea cannot be fully treated, but with proper medications, you will be able to improve your skin appearance. Make sure you don’t let it go untreated because it will get worse over time.

Swimmer’s itch- If you have been swimming and you suddenly get red blisters, it can be a swimmer’s itch. They occur because of swimming in the infected water. The itching can be soothed using anti-itch creams. The red spots generally go away after a week or so.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like our blog and it is able to provide you with all the necessary information that you need. If you think your red rash is spreading and becoming serious as the day goes by, you must seek medical help for your own safety. So, try detecting early and avail yourself of the treatment fast too!