Classic Women’s Styles That Are Red Hot in 2021

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Staying on top of the latest fashion crazes can be an exhausting way to spend your time. It means pouring over fashion magazines, watching what the celebrities wear and doing a lot of shopping. However, one thing that never goes out of style is good taste and this is found with the timeless favorites. To add finesse to your wardrobe, here are several classic women’s styles that are red hot in 2021.

Plaids and Checks

There’s just something about plaid that makes you want to own every color possible. Plaids, otherwise known as tartans, are mostly associated with Scotland where each geographic area once crafted its own design. Eventually, these patterns and colors became associated with different clans. If you’re simply mad about plaid, get ready to see it throughout 2021.

Similar to plaid is checkered pieces that also make a timeless statement. Dressing in a checkered skirt, blouse or jacket will always be trendy.

Diamonds and Pearls

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and while that might not be completely accurate, wearing them certainly can’t hurt. Diamonds are the quintessential fashion piece that never goes out of style and will last forever. Diamonds pair well with anything, from ultra-glam to cozy and casual.

Diamonds aren’t just for engagement rings either, so rock your rock as a pendant, stud earrings or in a classic tennis bracelet. Sparkling diamonds make you feel glamorous no matter what you’re wearing from the most elegant dress to jeans and a sweatshirt.

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Another piece of jewelry that’s earned its place as a forever fashion statement is pearls. Every woman should own at least one strand of pearls as part of her wardrobe. Pearls are classy enough to dress up any outfit without going overboard. Pearls come in many different shades and add instant sophistication to the wearer. Be prepared to see both diamonds and pearls for the remainder of 2021.

Dark Jeans and White Tees

Another item of clothing that will never go out of style is a classic pair of denim jeans. Although waistlines and ankle widths fluctuate with the years, a good-fitting pair of jeans will never be old news. When shopping for jeans, select the cut that flatters your body the best, regardless of the current style. Dark jeans are more elegant than their lighter counterparts and can be either dressed up or down.

Pair your jeans with a crisp, clean white tee and you’ve got a timeless and comfortable outfit that can take you almost anywhere. The most popular tees are made from either 100 percent preshrunk cotton, or a cotton-polyester blend. 

Trench Coats

As popular as ever, another trending staple for 2021 is the trench coat. Trench coats routinely pull double-duty as they protect you from the elements while still looking as elegant as ever. Everyone should have at least a black and taupe trench coat in their closet, but fun colors like purple and pink are a great addition to your outerwear collection.

 The Little Black Dress

Add a little black dress to your wardrobe and you’ll be amazed how many times you reach for it. A little black dress, affectionately known as an LBD, should hold a prominent spot in every woman’s 2021 closet. There’s almost no occasion when an LBD wouldn’t fit in. It’s perfect for evenings out, parties and even work when combined with a blazer.

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A little black dress is also the perfect travel companion. Easy to pack, it goes with sandals, heels or boots. You can also pair it with a scarf or a denim jacket and sneakers. There are infinite combinations you can create with this versatile dress.

If you’re looking for the perfect style for 2021, go with a classic piece that will remain trendy for more than just a few weeks. When you treat yourself to a new trench coat, plaid accessories and a sparkling diamond bracelet, you’ve invested in a reliable style you’ll wear again and again.