Dahi Bhalla Recipe: Everything You Need to Know!

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dahi bhalla recipe

South Asian countries have played a significant role in the innovation of unique dishes over the centuries. Such dishes became popular over time from the origin throughout the subcontinents. This has influenced many dishes to have a cultural and traditional essence added to them according to the country. India has taken up dishes from the other subcontinents of South Asia and made it into a traditional cuisine as per the city’s culture. Pakistan has added its own scrumptious tradition to dishes originating from a different country. A notable mention would be that Dahi Bhalla recipe is a convenient appetite charmer for street food lovers around the countries.

One such beautiful and piquant dish that has evolved over centuries is Dahi Bhalla or Dahi Vada. The names are an interesting point to be noted as the different names for the dish are completely related to the country in which it resides, in their own traditional way.

Now, we come to that point where you need to know more about this recipe and how it has evolved over time, different methods used in different South Asian subcontinents to make it.

Read this article to have a clear understanding of Dahi Bhalla and learn how to make the most flavorsome Dahi Bhalla recipe for your family, friends, guests. Here we go!

Introducing Dahi Bhalla

Dahi Bhalla or Dahi Vada is an attractive and popular kind of chaat or snack. The discussion of the origination of the dish has been a debatable topic for food lovers. There is no certain proof about the rightful place of its descent. However, different cultures and traditions gathered in a variety of ways in South Asian countries have given rise to different stories about it along with its origin and recipe. It is generally prepared by soaking fried flour donut-shaped balls or vadas, covered by juicy chutney, and, most importantly, thick yogurt or dahi.

Before you go into the detailed insight about the dahi Bhalla recipe, the most common question that arises is, where did it originate from? What are the benefits? It is natural to find out more about the dish, and this article has got you covered seemingly.

So, without any further adieu, scroll down to know more!

Origination of Dahi Bhalla

Dahi Bhalla is a healthy and delicious snack that has survived through different ages, become more innovated over a certain time period. It is a popular belief that the main source of its foundation came mostly from any old town in South Asia. The highest probability goes to India (before partitions), as per food enthusiasts.

Although there is no actual proof of a particular place it had taken birth, it can be connected to the variety of dishes in the Mughal cuisine in the 18th century. Chaats and particularly dahi were go-to food items for the Mughal dynasty, which has left an impactful stature in our food eating habits and cuisines.  As per studies, Mughal Khansamas prepared this unique digestive dish using herbs, spices, curd to help their cause in the 18th century. According to the experts, the water flowing through the Yamuna canals was not capable enough to prepare food, so the Mughals used curd as a substitute for preparing food.

This added an extra flavor and thickness to the gravies as well. The making of dahi Bhalla was purely an intention to create a digestive improvement product for their after main course cravings. The addition of spices to this dish made a positive impact in improving metabolism. Thus, it can be said that chaats were simply created to keep harmful diseases away from their shelter and, Dahi Bhalla belongs to the chaat category.

However, the important point to note here is that this is still not a proven theory, but certain artifacts have made certain historians come to this conclusion. Still, many other historians have denied this, and the whole idea has been an important fact of debate for historians and food enthusiasts over time.

dahi bhalla recipe
dahi bhalla recipe

Health Benefits of Dahi Bhalla

As you know by now that Dahi Bhalla is a dish widely used for its beneficial purposes; here is a deeper insight into how it actually helps the body and the digestive system.

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The benefits of dahi Bhalla are as follows :

Reduction of overeating

Dahi Bhalla is a craving dish. The more you go eat, the more irresistible you get. However, it is a filling dish, and it helps to stop you from eating more than you should. The reason is simple, and it is an accountable source of low-fat curd. It helps to keep your appetite happy as well as provide you with energy till your next meal. It is a form of snack or chaat, so eating it between two meals assists in proper metabolism and reduces the craving to eat more.

Improvement of bone health

Yoghurt is rich in calcium. This makes dahi Bhalla one of the exceptional dishes to have for the betterment of bones and teeth. Bones are an integral part of our body, and we require rich sources that include calcium. Dahi Bhalla is a delightful delicacy for this job. It helps to decrease knee and joint pains, increase unrestricted movement of the bones, and keep you healthy and flexible. Commonly, drinking milk directly does not give you immense pleasure, so dahi Bhalla is the perfect replacement for it. It is tasty, and of course, it helps your cause massively.

A component for weight loss

The regular diet includes salads, herbal teas, and juices which often get monotonous. Dahi Bhalla brings that much-needed change to your diet and shakes things a bit. Adding a little bit of tasty dahi Bhalla to your diet will help you to lose weight. The reason? Calcium triggers less secretion of cortisol, assisting in weight loss. Adding this delicacy to your workout diet has its perks as well. Faster response to the workout due to the effect of calcium in dahi Bhalla.

Rich source of energy

The fast pacing life often leaves everyone dry down by the end of the day. Dahi Bhalla helps the cause to keep you up. It is a rich energy source and a natural booster, which keeps the body cool and normal. Dahi Bhalla is filled with vitamins and minerals that increase the body’s metabolism and keep you energetic throughout the day. Having it as a snack during work break assures a healthy and delicious delicacy to have that will provide you with energy and keep the stomach clean. It is a rich source of antioxidants as well.

Improving immunity system

Covid-19 is a frightening disease. The pandemic has changed the lifestyle of everyone recently. It is important to keep your immunity system as healthy as possible during such a tough period. Besides wearing masks and proper sanitization, you should look to improve your immunity system as well. Dahi Bhalla is one of the best probiotic dishes. It helps to fight viruses, infections and protects blood cells from any irregularity. This delighting chaat certainly helps you to fight covid-19.

Now that we have covered some important information about the delicacy, it is time to know the different manners to make this delicious piquant for you and your family!

dahi bhalla recipe

Dahi bhalla recipes of South Asian Countries

As said in the article before, dahi Bhalla has evolved into different variants over time due to the traditional methods used in other countries. Here you can look at the most famous dahi Bhalla recipes used in India and Pakistan.

  • India

Dahi Bhalla is most commonly known as Dahi Vada in India. The most commonly used method used in the chaat is pouring thick yogurt chutney over the soaked donut-shaped flour balls. The yogurt is the kryptonite of the dish. The added spices and other additional flavors make the yogurt burst with sweet, sour, and hot sensations to the tongue. The Indian spices make it a unique dish of its own and exactly how it differs from other South Asian dahi Bhalla recipes. The most famous recipes of independent spicy textures are the Delhi style dahi Bhalla recipe, dahi Bhalla recipe in Punjab, and south Indian dahi Bhalla recipes. These are most commonly used widely throughout the country in households and street food stalls.

  • Pakistan

Dahi Bhalla is a popular snack in Pakistan. Most commonly used for its healthy purposes, the traditional dahi Bhalla recipe Pakistani spices and flavor have made it a rich and delicious energy source. It is mostly made by using soaked lentil dumplings, which are poured over by thick low-fat yogurt or curd, tamarind or chilly chutney, and garam masala.

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Now, the question arises from you, how to make it? Well, scroll down to know the best-styled dahi Bhalla recipes for you!

Dahi Bhalla recipe made just for you

Here are the best recipes that will make your appetite sleep well peacefully –


  • Dahi Bhalla recipe hebbars kitchen


  • For the bhallas – 400 mg moong dal, 1 cup urad dal, 2 TSP jeera, Oil (for deep frying).
  • Khatti chutney – 1 cup coriander leaves, ¼ cup pudina leaves, 1 green chilli, 20 gm ginger, ½ TSP black rock salt, Salt, Lemon juice of 1 lemon.
  • For meethi chutney – 200 gm tamarind pulp soaked in 1 ½ cup water, 800 gm sugar, 3 tao kachri powder, ½ TSP sauf powder, Salt, ½ TSP black rock salt.
  • For Dahi – 3 cups of yogurt and 2 Tbsp powdered sugar.
  • Chaat masala


  • Soak the dal for 2 hours. Grind them into powder and whisk them properly till it becomes fluffy. Add zeera ahd chironji. Now fry the batter in hot oil. Deep fry the bhallas till golden brown.
  • Mix the ingredients of khatti chutney. When it is whisked properly, add lemon juice to it. The khatti chutney is ready.
  • For meethi chutney, soak the tamarind pulp in water for 30 minutes. Extract the pulp by squeezing it. Add the tamarind pulp to a saucepan and add sugar. Coin it on low heat till the sugar dissolves. Let it cool. Once it is cool, add the other ingredients mentioned before in the meethi chutney section on the tamarind liquid and mix it. The meethi chutney is ready.
  • Whisk the thick yogurt with powdered sugar.
  • Put the bhallas on a plate.
  • Add the dahi over it and cover the bhallas properly with it.
  • Add the meethi and khatti chutney over it.
  • Put a little chaat masala as an additional flavor over the dahi and chutney.

Different alternative ingredients 

  • North Indian Dahi Bhalla recipes like Delhi styled dahi Bhalla recipe, dahi Bhalla recipe in Punjab often whisk the Dahi with sugar and sugar to create a unique flavor.
  • South Indian Dahi Bhalla recipes do not add sugar to the yogurt often. They add more spices instead of it.
  • The cream Dahi Bhalla recipe includes the same process, and the difference lies in the thickness of the yogurt. The yogurt is whisked well with sugar only, and the water added to the yogurt must be less so that it does not ruin the thick nature of the yogurt. This helps the dahi to give a more creamy outcome over the bhallas.
  • Dahi Bhalla Recipe Pakistani


  • Bhallas – 1 cup dal mash( Urad dal lentils), ½ cup dal moong, 1-inch ginger, 1 tsp chopped green chili, 1 tsp salt, 1 ½ tsp crushed red chili, ½ tsp white cumin, ½ tsp baking soda, 1-2 tsp water
  • Yogurt – 1 cup yogurt, 1 tsp red chili powder, 1 tsp salt, ½ tsp cumin, ½ cup milk, 2 tbsp castor sugar.
  • Sweet Tamarind Chutney ( same as the previous recipe, just add garam masala to it)
  • Mint Coriander Chutney ( same as before in the previous recipe)
  • Potatoes
  • Fresh Salad
  • Chaat masala
  • Papdi


  • The process to make Pakistan-styled dahi Bhalla is just like the previous recipe mentioned before. Follow the same steps till pouring the yogurt over the bhallas.
  • Put the chutneys separately in two small bowls. Do not put it over the dahi Bhalla.
  • Add the salad to the dahi, including cucumber, onion, coriander leaves, potatoes to the dahi Bhalla. Whisk the Bhalla and the salad together in the rich flavored dahi.
  • Your Pakistan-styled dahi Bhalla is ready to serve.

Tips on how to eat it?

Do not put the chutney over the Dahi. Take a spoon, take a little bit of chutney, and use it as a sensational burst to the taste buds while eating the rich dahi Bhalla.

Bottom Line

Dahi Bhalla recipes are one of the most customization dishes in South Asia. The yogurt chutneys can be modified according to your needs and availability, yet it still produces that pleasure and stir our taste buds. As you have read in this article, Dahi Bhallas is a great snack that helps you maintain your shape and find threatening diseases from affecting you. The innovation that can be introduced to this particular dish has no boundaries, which can be proved by seeing its overall progression from the 18th century.

A wonderful and exciting dish that is particularly delicious as well as good for your health. ” Healthy food is never delicious, “this particular phrase that had crept the minds of food lovers. Are you sure now? Dahi Bhalla is here to prove this statement wrong.

Tell us about your own innovative ideas that you have used to make Dahi Bhallas. What customization did make your guests and family awe in surprise? Tell us about your experiences with the snack of Mughal cuisine at your place in the comment section below!