Day Trip to Oxford to Remember for a Lifetime!

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A Day Trip To Oxford

Sunny and pleasant weather in England is difficult to see anyways. So, when you miraculously get wonderful weather and a jolly temperament, it is only natural that you are a bit lost on what to be done on such a fine and beautiful day. So, fear not, because we help you to lay down a plan to visit the pleasing city of Oxford, with a well-planned tour and a list of things you can do after you visit Oxford. And well, if you are a traveler, then what are you waiting for? Pack your bags with the essentials and get out of the house for a memorable trip!

Some facts about Oxford

So, you might know Oxford better because of their prestigious Oxford University. Oxford mostly revolves around this University, inaugurated back in the 12th century. Nonetheless, the city of Oxford is located in Southern England. It is mainly a county settlement and the only city in Oxfordshire. What makes Oxford unique and a great place for a day trip is its universities, especially Oxford University. It is the oldest university present. The architecture gives us an insight into the architectural styles of the anglo Saxons and Old English architecture.

There are reasons that are important when we think about why Oxford is a tourist attraction spot. One of them is the culture of education. Oxford is home to many universities, amongst which the most important is the University of Oxford, the oldest University among the English-speaking people. There is evidence that teaching has been prevalent in Oxford even back in 1096. The Oxford University started growing and developing more when Henry II, king, banned students from going to Paris University. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The motto of Oxford is Dominus illuminatio mea. There are several colleges affiliated with the company of Oxford, and it has produced people who have definitely marked the world with their achievements.

Another reason why Oxford is a major tourist attraction spot is because of its cultural significance and art. It has lots of galleries, museums and artistic places, where anyone can enter free of charge. The Ashmolean museum is a big tourist spot, housing works of DaVinci, Picasso, and Michaelangelo. So, all of this makes Oxford a place that one should definitely visit in their lifetimes.

Day trip to Oxford from London

So, you are thinking of planning a day trip to Oxford from London? You must be a bit confused about how to proceed with your plan if you are visiting for the first time. Well, fear not, because we will guide you through the entire process, and you’ll reach Oxford from London easily.

So, the first step in the process will be reaching London. The first step depends on whether or not you are a local or a tourist. If you are a tourist, the best thing for you to do is to hire a tour guide who will take you from London to your final destination, that is, Oxford, without any hassles or problems. Everything will be planned for you by the tour guide company, and you will be safe along with other tourists just like you. Tour guide prices range differently depending upon the places they take you to visit and how much time it is taking. If a tourist, the best thing according to us is to hire a tour guide. This way, you can face no stressful situations while enjoying your day trip to Oxford.

However, if you are from London itself, then few of the select ways can let you reach Oxford. The first being by train. So, the train takes an hour to reach Oxford. It departs from Paddington Station in London, and the train fare is pretty reasonable, only if you’re traveling off-season. Another viable way is if you want to save some money is the bus. The time taken by bus is longer to reach Oxford, like around 2 hours or more. However, if you are bent on saving money, you can totally opt for this. But hey! Whether you go by train or bus, a day trip to Oxford is all that matters!

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day trip to oxford

Things To Do in Oxford

So, you have reached your destination safely. Your tour guide has bought you there on time, or your bus/train has been successful in bringing you on time. So what now? How are you going to spend the day at Oxford now that you are here? Don’t worry about that at all, because we got you. Soon, you will get a list of all the things you can do in Oxford to make your trip fun and worthwhile. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Oxford University tour with a twist

Why take the boring University of Oxford trip that everyone takes? It doesn’t show you the true life at Oxford. So, ask some teenagers or students who study at Oxford to show you around! You will get to know what exactly goes on in Oxford from the people who experience it first hand. Also, if you are one of those students who wanted to go to Oxford and dreamed about it but didn’t make the cut, this tour is for you. You can walk the halls of the University and get in the feels!

Pitt Rivers Museum

If you are planning a day trip to Oxford, you absolutely cannot miss a visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum. It is a renowned archaeological museum which is a sight to behold because of its rich cultural significance and diversity, as most of the things are from around the world.

Ashmolean Museum

It is Britain’s first-ever public museum and holds an important place amongst all the museums in the world. This museum is culturally diverse in nature and houses art ranging from Picasso, Michaelangelo, DaVinci to Japanese samurai attire and everything in between. As you can understand, it’s a must-visit for every art lover.

Port Meadow

A day trip to Oxford does not count until you have your lunch at Port Meadow. It is a monument that edges the river, Thames. It is a beautiful country spot that is grazed by ponies and loved by nature lovers, photographers, and walkers. Directly under the clear blue sky, this place makes you relax and let loose for a moment.

Blenheim Palace

It’s a Unesco world heritage site and a sight to behold. It is a ginormous house with a spectacular lawn. It was Winston Churchill’s birthplace as well. If you are a fan of architecture, then you can’t miss out on this place. The baroque architecture of this palace-like house is definitely something worth visiting.

Harry Potter tour

Get lost in the Wizarding world with the Harry Potter tour! This tour takes you to all the places the Harry Potter movies were shot, and if you’re a Potterhead like us, then this tour will complete your childhood wish to live in Harry’s world, even for one day! Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Get sorted by the sorting hat, get to platform nine and three quarters from Kings Cross Station and live Harry’s life for one day!

day trip to oxford

Oxford tourist information

So, for tourists, it is understandable that Oxford might be a bit confusing to tour, with its extensive tourist spots and beautiful scenic locations. But fear not, because we are going to give you a tourists special guide and inform you how to survive in Oxford, especially as a tourist.

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So, if you are that type of person who is enthralled by museums, and love visiting museums wherever life takes you, then Oxford might be a good place to visit. The museums you can visit are Modern Art Oxford on Pembroke street. For modern art, this is the perfect place to visit. Oxford University Press Museum: it is a historical museum, with historical documents and books available to read. Another one is Christ Church Picture Gallery, which is the home of an impressive collection of drawings and paintings.

For different shops to visit, you can start with the Ballroom Emporium. From the name, you can guess what the shop is about. The Ballroom Emporium specializes in making ball gowns formal and vintage wear. You can also visit Alice’s Shop, which is an Alice in Wonderland-themed shop. Cardew and Co. Tea and Coffee Specialists is another place to visit for coffee lovers.

For lovers of the bars and the pubs, you know you can’t miss out on a pub crawl. When in Oxford, visit the best bars and pubs and get a day drunk! It’s more fun than it sounds, trust me. To start the pub crawl, start from The Gardeners Arms, then hop on to King’s Arms and The Eagle and Child. From there, go to The Bear Inn and The Rose and Crown. Then go to The Hartcourt Arms and The Red Lion.

day trip to oxford

Best day to visit Oxford

So, you might ask, what is the best day to visit Oxford? This question might have different answers based on your lifestyle and your routine. A day trip to Oxford might just be enough to visit all the best places in Oxford, but it might just leave you wanting a bit more from this city than you’ll get from only spending a day here. However, some of us can only spare a single day to watch the beauties of Oxford. So, choosing a single day might just be very important.

So, what day to choose? Before asking this question, you need to think about your routine and your schedule. People who have visited Oxford say that on the weekends it is extremely crowded and not the best time to visit, as people might think otherwise. Peak weekdays are the best time to visit than the weekends. You should avoid Mondays as some tourist places are closed on Mondays. However, if you do not mind the weekends, you can absolutely plan a weekend day trip to Oxford.

Travel blog Oxford

If you love traveling, then I’m sure that travel blogs and travel bloggers have been a big part of your life. Travel bloggers are a big help to other fellow travelers, especially if you want to travel to a place that those bloggers have been to. They give you tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when you travel, carry a basic guide on planning a trip, and make the overall experience easier for you. Next, we’ll talk about the best blogs by travel bloggers that will immensely help you out.

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Final Thoughts

So, we are here at the end of the blog. I hope that you take up the day trip to Oxford and get to have a blast there. Follow our plans and list you have made to do when you are in Oxford, and we can assure you that you will definitely not be bored and run out of plans to do. Time will pass you very quickly and make you have the urge to stay a bit more! So, pack up the bags and make sure the car is ready, and set out for a fun trip! Remember to enjoy.