Diamond Cluster Necklace Types To Make The Right Choice For Your Special Day!

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diamond cluster necklace

Who doesn’t like diamonds? Yeah, we all do. No matter how much it costs, it looks subtle yet chic. There are plenty of diamond necklace designs on the market, but today, we’re going to talk about the diamond Cluster Necklace. First, the cluster necklace was discovered in the 1800s when one diamond stud was surrounded by small other colorful gemstones. But slowly, the design changed, and in place of those gemstones, they started using small diamond studs to make it look more aristocratic. You can get it in the design of necklaces and also in designs of small clustered pendants. Looks amazing, and when you wear one, it sparkles.

Today, we will look into different designs and different brands of diamond cluster necklace so that when you decide to buy one for yourself, you don’t have to hunt through different other websites. So, without any further delay, let’s just kick start with our topic.

diamond cluster necklace

Diamond Cluster Necklace – Types & Brands

1. Miscaro

Here you can find dainty diamond pieces along with beautiful dainty diamond cluster necklaces. Looks stunning and chic. The pieces contain a chain of 10-15 diamond studs. You can pair this with formal to party wear, and there are a lot of designs to choose from. Price varies from 1000$, and it varies from different pieces.

Avail to the website to know everything about their latest designs and offers, and get yourself this dainty piece.

2. Tiffany and Co.

Who doesn’t know about Tiffany and Co? It stays at the number 1 position when it comes to jewelry production. Coming to their cluster necklace, you can check out their Tiffany Victoria collection. Every piece is handcrafted and these are set in platinum and 18K white gold and rose gold. You can also go for small cluster designs with a chain if you want something simple yet elegant terms. Don’t forget to check out their website for the latest designs and offers. Price starts from $130,000 onwards.

3. Harry Winston

You can find tons of designs here. From bulky to subtle and simple designs, you got that. From two-tier necklaces to Single-chained necklaces, you can try any style you like. You can even go for their most unique collection, which is a diamond cluster necklace with sapphire, aquamarine, etc. You can check out the ‘Lily Cluster Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace’ as it has these pretty lily petals design designed for the necklace. Our next recommendation is a beautiful marquise diamond necklace of 26.000 carats. Looks aesthetic and divine.

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You can book an appointment from their website and know the other required details.

4. Tacori

Known for its high-quality jewelry and precise cuts, Tacori is a world-famous brand. Though the Tacori website doesn’t show any diamond cluster necklaces, I guess you can check the outlets for more details.

5. David Yurman

The unique concept they have behind their every design. The collection I’m going to talk about is the starlight collection. They were inspired by Paris evening firelights, and they came up with this design which looks like a mini firelight version. Price starts from $1000 onwards. Avail to their website for more details.

6. James Allen

A top brand that offers quality pieces at a great price. Here I have some specific recommendations, and I’m sure you’ll like that. I promise you’ll thank me later. My first recommendation is the white gold clover necklace. This cluster diamond piece comes in a beautiful chain piece and looks pretty, and as the design is simple, you can wear this with formal wear and on an everyday basis as well. These start from $800, and the price varies from time to time. My next recommendation is their 14K white gold Baguette Cluster Diamond Necklace, which homes with studded diamond pieces, and the price starts from around $800 to 900$.

7. Graff

A well-known brand for savage pieces. We only found one result for the cluster necklace, but it is indeed pretty. The design includes three wildflowers studded with diamonds and it’s in a clustered form. Comes with a pretty and sleek chain and comes in a pendant style. The pendant styles are really affordable and great for everyday wear.

8. Van Cleef and Arpels

Here you can get varieties of necklaces, from simple to extravagant designs, and you get a lot of options to choose from. My personal favorite is their snowflake collection on platinum and gold (available in both variants). My next recommendation is from the A Cheval collection. All the pieces are so pretty and stunning. My last recommendation is the Folie Des Prés collection. Check out these collections, and I’m sure you’ll like them. Price varies, and you can inquire about this on the phone as the website doesn’t show any price.

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9. Zales

Zales is particularly known for its diamond jewelry. You can get varieties of diamond jewelry from Zales, and you’ll love their collection honestly. I love their zigzag cluster diamond studded necklace in white gold, which looks luxurious and also great for all seasons. The next one is their Marilyn Monroe collection which is to die for. Price varies from approximately 1000$. Check out their website to know more details.


All the price ranges I mentioned are approximate price ranges that can fluctuate according to the market price. As the prices are not fixed, I didn’t mention the proper website prices. There are also seasonal offers that go on, so you need to check out the websites for further information.

diamond cluster necklace

Tips to Choose The Best Diamond Cluster Necklace

Wearing jewelry is an old tradition, but we wear jewelry due to many reasons. We wear jewelry to enhance our body parts and to enhance our body shapes.

  • Body Type – you should choose jewelry according to your body type and body shape. If you are someone with a large body type, then small and tiny jewelry won’t enhance your figure. In case you wear bigger and more catchy designs, it will suit your body type more, whereas girls with small body types can wear small and simple designs that will enhance their body types.
  • Metal Allergy – a lot of people suffer from metal allergies and if you are one of them, then check the metal before buying any kind of jewelry. Suppose your body can’t tolerate platinum, then you can take gold or silver as the base metal of your jewelry.
  • Customer Testimonials – do not forget to check the customer reviews and what they said on their website. These are super helpful, and you can take your decision based on that.
  • Budget – decide a budget and then choose jewelry accordingly.

diamond cluster necklace

Conclusive Insights

Buying any kind of jewelry is a big investment, and before that, you should look around twice or thrice if you want, and then you can go for buying. I hope this article was informative and it was helpful. Don’t forget to comment down if you have any queries and also subscribe to our newsletter for more such amazing content. Till then, take care and stay happy.