Digital Workplace Trend In Pakistan

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Who would have thought there would come a time, where it would be possible to work remotely? I mean ask baby boomers and Generation X, they would probably tell you this is an amazing thing that they never had an option of. This is true. Today, For many mothers, women, men, adults due to different situations or reasons, this digital trend has come as a blessing.

Working remotely has given rise to this concept of Digital workplace. It is proven through various researches that working remotely benefits all employees and employers. Every industry can swear by it, especially in the technology industry and those who are bloggers, writers, etc.

Digital Workplace Trend all over the World

The digital workforce has been booming for a decade ago all over the world. The trend has been successfully adopted by small businesses, corporations and international freelancers. This had created more jobs for everyone while keeping a balance with their personal lives as well.  Freelancing work opportunities were availed by millions who wanted to work from home.

While Pakistan came to adopt this trend of digital workplace a tad bit lat, compared to the rest of the world but yes, today Pakistan has introduced a digital workplace trend. Men, women now have the flexibility of working from coffee shops or any part of the world while on vacation. It wasn’t a widely practiced though or encouraged in Pakistani companies until 2019. A lot of flexibility has come in the year 2020.

Other then what is mentioned above, Pakistan has a population of 49% women, out of which probably only 15% get into the corporate world. But Due to the digital trend, a lot of women can contribute to the economy.

Impact of Corona pandemic on the Digital Workplace Trend

Due to the Corona pandemic today, the digital workplace is how business is conducted. Therefore the economy today is standing because of everyone’s ability to work remotely. The digital workforce is being adopted all over the world now. It does not drag when we say that there is no other option left but to adopt this trend. The lives and economy depend on this trend.

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Below we have mentioned digital workplace trends:

  1. Blending Work-places: Freelancing professional has expanded the digital workforce trend as it offers cost-effective and creative ways to get the job done. Because of them, the trend has increased rapidly. Today, there are a lot of freelancing websites in Pakistan that facilitates a lot of employers and employees. Some of the sites that Pakistanis are using for work are Upwork, Fiverr, ee-stone, Linkedin, etc.

Today, employers use these freelancing sites and are working with contractors, marketers, bloggers and creating the best task force for themselves.

  1. Candidate and employees:

The digital workforce trend has enabled employers to understand the employee’s and candidate’s experience to create jobs and facilitate job seekers.

  1. Recruiting And Training:

The digital work trend has facilitated the recruitment and training procedures of the companies. To facilitate this particular role, Facebook acquired Oculus and a lot of applications are created for this purpose.

  1. More Insights:

The social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn has made it possible for recruiters and employers to see the candidates and employees the way they perceive themselves. Such platforms have therefore helped employers in designing Packages etc to increase their employee’s morale etc.

  1. Freelancing for Millenials and Boomers:

Freelancing is something that is being utilized the most by the millennials and boomers. This has helped many employees to increase their experiences and put different skill sets to the best use. This generation also grew up with the most advanced technology, therefore they know how to make the best of the digital work trends.

The remote workforce is the start of a new digital era. The working force has grown for remote jobs. This trend offers minimum liability to employers and more freedom to the employees. The trend is likely to grow more in the coming years and create more jobs, therefore, making the economy more productive.

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Freelancing websites to Support the Digital Trend:

Pakistan is not any more behind in the trend and in fact, is adopting it more and more. Many companies are now posting jobs or creating jobs to facilitate the purpose and make the best use of it. The following are a few popular sites that have played an important in making this trend normal:

  1. COM: This is the largest freelancing website around the world. Its an Australian based website but it has users from around the world. The company has a lot of professionals creating Job opportunities.
  2. COM: Upwork is another global freelancing website. We can personally say, it is the most used website in Pakistan to facilitate work. A lot of individuals use the site to do content writing, blogging, accounts, etc. The site is used to get any kind of work done.
  3. COM: On Fiverr, freelance workers can showcase all their projects. It saves the hassle of contacting different employers to get work. Your projects make it easy for you to get a job.
  4. COM: The site offers potential for million to get a job in various sectors. Be it writing, accounts or architectural projects, etc.
  5. COM: Olx essential is a buying and selling website that has helped a lot of startups to sell their products etc. The site works well with used products also.


The digital trend as mentioned above thrives on a lot of factors. The site, that creates a platform, the trends that adopt various company functions to create jobs, the employee and their comfort level, etc.

There are a few workplaces that make the digital trend flourish. This includes working from home, coffee shops, different coworking spaces, libraries, friends’ places, etc. Working remotely again can only be successful if you have the gadgets to support your projects. Mainly a good internet speed, computer, a good place to focus, etc.

Therefore while digital trends have proven to increase the efficiency and productivity of an employee, this productivity depends on all of the factors mentioned above.