DJ Bravo Net Worth – Early Life, Cricket & Music Career

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DJ Bravo

Are you thinking we’re talking about some renowned DJ? Why does everyone want to know DJ Bravo Net Worth? Is he the hot wanted disco jockey in town?

Well, not only music and party lovers, even people keen on cricket wish to know about DJ Bravo. Are you confused? Well, if you are, let the suspense remain here for a while then!

Why Are Cricket Fans Eager to Know about DJ Bravo?

Cricket is a pretty famous game, and there is hardly anyone who has not heard of this sport. Children who play cricket, irrespective of gender, wish to pursue cricket as their career.

And that comes, with admiration! Yes, admiration of renowned cricket players worldwide! What are the top names that come to your mind? Is it Virat Kohli, or AB De Villiers, Steve Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Faf du Plessis, Chris Gayle, or  Dwayne John Bravo? Well, we’re sure among so many great players, there is one of them you admire!

But are you still thinking about how DJ is linked with Bravo? Are you slowly getting there? Well, if you haven’t yet, let’s tell you our very own West Indies all-rounder Dwayne John Bravo is called DJ Bravo!

Now you get it, right? But why DJ Bravo? Well, for that, all you have to do is hold onto your patience and scroll down to know about DJ Bravo net worth and much more! And of course, we’re here to answer your questions!

A Picture of DJ Bravo
Dwayne John Bravo 

Who is DJ Bravo?

DJ bravo is an all-rounder cricketer. He is loved by fans all around the world. He’s a 38-year-old cricketer who was born in Santa Cruz, Trinidad, and Tobago. Alongside cricket, he also has an interest in music and has had a music career. His debut song is called “Go  Gyal Go.”

He’s an all-rounder, with plenty of skill in both batting and balling. Bravo is a key player of the West Indies, but he has not played in many tests matches due to differences with the board. Also, we would want to say that he has also prioritized IPL over international matches, which furthered his problems with the board.

His role in Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians has also been a crucial part of his career. Moreover, he has loved playing cricket and football since childhood, and Brian Lara inspired him to take a step forward with his cricket. 

DJ Bravo Career

Bravo’s versatile and all-rounder nature led to him being sought out for the T20s. Also, he was most celebrated for his bowling skills, but his batting skills were underrated. And he got offers from T20 leagues because of his multi-faceted skills, and he began to choose those over international matches.

IPL career

The IPL established Bravo’s career as a cricketer after many ups and downs with the West Indies board. And he began his IPL journey in the Mumbai team but shifted to Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Moreover, the shift to CSK led to him being the team’s face with legends like MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina. He was one of the main reasons for the Chennai Super Kings success. 

His success in IPL and T20s led to him being widely recognized and sought-after cricketers. Nowadays, Bravo is a freewheeling T20 cricketer. He has suffered a few injuries in his career, but he has continued to shine in his matches. He performed great in the 2013 IPL, took 32 wickets at an average of 9.15, and won the purple cap. Of course, he overthrew Albie Morkel to become Chennai Super Kings leading wicket-taker. 

Domestic Career of Bravo

Domestically, he played for the Trinidad and Tobago team in the Caribbean Premier Leagues. At age 10, Queens Park cricket club selected him, and he started bowling at age 17. In his debut, he scored 31 runs in 2 innings in his match against Barbados. 


In his ODI debut against England in 2004 April, he picked two wickets. In May 2006, Bravo led his team West indies to a certain victory against team India and had to courage to go against stalwart Yuvraj Singh. His last ODI was in October 2014, after which he pulled out of the India tour because of a payment controversy. 

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Bravo made his T20I debut in 2006. He used his all-rounder skills to score 19 runs off 16 balls. In 2009 T20, he scored 154 runs at 38.50, taking 10 wickets at 18.40. The West Indies winning the T20 of 2016 is mainly because of his death bowling. He also became the first bowler to take 400 wickets in T20.

Early Career

He made his debut in 2002 for Trinidad against Barbados. A month later, he was included in the West Indies A squad in 2002 for scoring his first maiden class century. His bowling skills brought his reputation as an all-rounder against Winwards Island. 

Facts or Stats

Test debut- 22nd July 2004/ v England 

T20I debut- 16th February 2006/ v New Zealand 

ODI debut- 18th April 2004/ v England 

Last ODI- 17th October 2014/ v India

Bowling style- right arm fast medium

He has announced his retirement from international cricket in 2018 October. But he returned from retirement in 2019 December. 

DJ Bravo Family and Personal Life

DJ bravo’s parents are John bravo and Jocelyn bravo. He has four sisters, and a brother called Darren Bravo, who is his half-brother and also a cricketer. Also, he is not married but is in a relationship with a successful model called Regina Ramjit. He also has a daughter named Dwanice and a son named Dwayne, Bravo/DJ junior. 

His half-brother Darren Bravo plays for the domestic team of Trinidad and Tobago and internationally plays for West Indies. He is a left-handed batsman. His style has been compared to Brian Lara, who is considered one of the greatest batsmen of all time. 

DJ Bravo Net Worth

His net worth standing at 2021 is 28 million dollars or 205 crore INR. His monthly income is 50 lakhs or above. The primary source of his earnings is cricket. Other than that, his brand value adds a respectable amount of money to his net worth. He earns from international and national matches and also IPL. His IPL fees are: He also takes part in endorsements. He makes 1.2 million dollars from endorsements alone. 

DJ Bravo IPL Salary

DJ bravo plays for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. His IPL salary is estimated to be around 6.4 crores which are $897,000 and that indeed adds to DJ Bravo Net Worth. He is one of the highest-paid players in Chennai Super Kings. 

DJ Bravo House

DJ bravo reached his peak success after playing for Chennai Super Kings. His net worth is a staggering amount, and his house proves that. He lives in a well-adorned pad that is decorated with memorabilia of his cricket achievements. The space is home for his parents and his kids, a daughter and a son. 

He also has a Mustang, which is an accessory to his already beautiful house. And based on his social media posts, we see that the Bravos have a spacious, well-organized marble dining table surrounded by elegant wooden cabinets. We got to see his kitchen from the footage of his father and him cooking together on Father’s Day. 

Bravo makes room for his memorabilia in his beautiful home. Moreover he has a separate space in his house for his jerseys. And his social media posts also tell us that he mingles well with his teammates.

DJ Bravo Dancing on the Field.
DJ Bravo with his Chennai Super Kings Jersey!

DJ Bravo and Music

Alongside his cricket career, he’s also noticed for being a singer and delving into the world of music. Also, he released his first single called Champion in 2016 to celebrate West

Indies winning the T20. This song became a hit in India. His other songs are: “We are the Kings,” “Run in the World,” “Champion,” “Wake up.” 

DJ Bravo Achievements and Accolades

  •       2002- first-class debut
  •       2004- ODI debut against England 
  •       2004- test debut against England 
  •       2006- T20 debut against New Zealand
  •       2006- maiden ODI century 
  •       2008- signed by Mumbai Indians 
  •       2006- Played champions trophy
  •       2011- switched to CSL
  •       2013- won the purple cap in IPL
  •       2016- won the T20 world cup
  •       2020- first bowlers to take 400 T20 wickets


  •       ICC champions trophy won by West Indies
  •       ICC World T20-2014, 2016
  •       Trinidad and Tobago- Stanford 20/20- 2008
  •       Chennai super kings-IPL; 2011, 2018, and 2021 and Champions league twenty20- 2014
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Personal Awards

  •       Champions league twenty20 top wicket-taker 2009
  •       IPL purple cap winner- 2013, 2015
  •       Caribbean premier league- player of the series- 2015
  •       Caribbean premier league top wicket-taker 2015, 2016
  •       Bangladesh premier league top wicket-taker- 2016

These achievements make DJ bravo indispensable to any team he plays for, whether international or domestic. And his all-rounder skills make him a person to reckon with in the field. 

Lessons by DJ Bravo

During his visit to a group of children, he played with them and gave them some important tips to remember. So, he said, ” discipline, determination, and hard work are key to success. Do not fear. Do not lock yourself. Go forward to the pitch of the ball and play”. So, this was his advice to all the aspiring cricketers out there. 

He also gave some bowling tips. ” Line and length are very important. You must bowl in the good length area. Avoid short, pitched balls.” Moreover, he also said that he was determined to play for the west indies since an early age, and he wanted to make his parents proud. Of course, he was an inspiration to the kids he visited and the other people who looked up to him. 

Other lesser-known facts about DJ Bravo

Before we get into any other thing about the famous personality DJ Bravo net worth, early life and so much more, we thought of telling you fans some facts, that many of you might not be aware of. So, check out the following:

  •       DJ bravo had interests in both cricket and football, but it was Brian Lara, who is considered the greatest cricketer of all time, who inspired DJ Bravo to become a cricketer. 
  •       He and cricketer Darren Bravo are stepbrothers.
  •       In Hobart Test held in 2005, he scored a hundred against giants like Shane Warne, Bret Lee, and Stuart McGill. 
  •       He’s the only West Indies player to be a captain in both Test matches and ODI’s
  •       Also, he changed his Jersey number to 3 because his son was born on October 3 and his daughter on August 3. His mom’s birthday also comes on the 3rd.
  •       He is a music lover and had singles Beanie Man and Bravo, with the Titular Beanie Man and dance star Timeka Marshall. 
  •       He made a special appearance in a Tamil film called Ula in 2013. 
  •       Surprisingly, he eats six chocolates before a match and has a habit of taking an iced bath before the match. 
  •       He has his own “helicopter” dance move that he does in the field sometimes. 
  •       He is a recipient of the hummingbird medal, the third-highest award in Trinidad and Tobago. 
  •       In 2016, his song “Champion” got viral and became a massive hit in India. It also topped the charts.

DJ Bravo Career Stats

We have listed the career statistics of the Trinidadian cricketer down below.

Career Batting Statistics

Right-Handed Batsman

Format Matches Runs Average Strike Rate


40 2200 31.4 48.6


164 2968 25.4 82.3


86 1229 23.2 115.6


151 1537 22.9 130.2
List A


227 4046 24.1




507 6601 23.7 127.1

Career Bowling Statistics

Right Arm Medium Bowler

Format Matches Wickets Economy Average


40 86 3.17 39.8


164 199 5.41 29.5


86 76 8.08 25.0


151 167 8.36 24.3
List A


227 271 5.22 27.6


507 551 8.21 24.3

 Career Fielding Statistics

Format Catches Run Outs Stumping


41 1 0


72 21 0


44 9 0


77 15 0
List A


105 22 0


245 48 0

Final Thoughts

We’ve come to the end of our blog today and you’re well aware about DJ Bravo net worth and much more. And we are sure you know that he is an inspiration to the kids of this era and for many more generations to come.

So, do let us know which side of this versatile personality you like the most! But it is needless to say that his person has won the hearts of billions of fans with his songs and excellent batting skills. The dedication he has towards his cricket career and his passion over singing makes him a unique personality of all times. However, at the end we wish this famous personality all the best in his career!