TikTok phenomenon – Do you know about it ?

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TikTok phenomenon

TikTok is a short and fun video app that has become a phenomenon among young people. And its relevance in current communication is so high that it already has more than 500 million users worldwide. This is a making it the third most downloaded application of the year, only behind WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Its influence is so significant that it surpassed Facebook and Instagram in downloads. In Brazil, it is still growing, but it is already one of the leading social networks in China, India and the USA. Do you know about TikTok phenomenon now a days! I will be describe about it here. 


Getting know: The first TikTok phenomenon


It Created in 2014, TikTok started with the name Musical.ly. In 2018, the most valuable startup in the world, Bytedance, bought the platform and transformed it into what it is today, in an agreement of about R $ 3.8 billion. But what is the functionality of TikTok? The platform describes itself as “the destination for short mobile videos”, with several editing options, filters and soundtracks. The videos are short and focus on humour, which can last up to 15 seconds, and loop up to one minute. Its most prominent feature is to combine all these functions simply and intuitively, facilitating usability. The network is viral among young people of generation Z, focusing on users between 16 and 24 years old. 

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We are taking advantage of the platform.


 TikTok has several features and tools that can help the daily life of communication companies. Its relaxed profile brings several opportunities and helps the company to start ahead of when it comes to innovation. Brands like Red Bull and teams like Barcelona and Bayern Munich already take advantage of the wave of TikTok, which has few competitors in its category (such as Snapchat and the recent “Stories” feature of Instagram Stories).  In seeking to bring the public closer, the application draws the attention of companies. Still, it is necessary to take into account the issue of niche; that is, it is a predominantly young network. Tik Tok has a well-targeted age range. 


Tiktok contribute to making users feel part of a group

However, age should not be a limiting factor. Challenges launched on the platform are actions that engage the public, such as repeating a dance step or imitating something. They contribute to making users feel part of a group. These methods consolidate the user base and make them loyal.



♬ original sound – jannat_zubair29 – jannat_zubair29

Another critical point is that the use of the network is simple, attracting influencers for longer. In the United States, the average user time on the platform is 46 minutes a day, and the number of active users per month reaches 26 million. But, when we talk about influencers, Youtube stands out, since it is the most used platform among them. 



TikTok in numbers – TikTok phenomenon


– 4th most extensive social network in terms of users.


– 1.5 billion monthly users.


– Five hundred million users in China alone.


– More than 50 million dollars in purchases on the platform.


– Six million dollars spent by users to reward influencers.


– More than 660 million downloads in 2018 – 220 million more than Instagram in the same period.


– 41% of users are between 16 and 24 years old.


– 72% of users follow some influence.


Conclusion on TikTok phenomenon

Today TikTok is a growing giant that can generate many advantages and opportunities for companies and people who believe in it. However, the cost for actions with influencers on the network can be very high and the competition is excellent, making TikTok an alternative with high reach and low cost. Influencers monetise on TikTok through advertisements. The channel’s concern is not to pollute and scare the public with too many ads, especially for the young age group, who does not like this exaggeration very much. Before any decision, it is essential to assess the possibilities, the public and whether the network fits the profile. And a well thought out and studied marketing strategy is the secret to the good results of any marketing action. I hope you know now about TikTok phenomenon.