Duane Martin Net Worth 2023: Career, Controversies & More!

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Duane Martin Net Worth

If you are a fan of sitcoms then you must have watched “All of Us”. One of the main characters was Robert James who was played by Duane Martin. You must have seen him in other shows or movies as well. He is a well-known American actor. if you are wondering about Duane Martin net worth, then you are in the correct article and it’s estimated to be around $100 to 170 million dollars. This article will provide you with all the details of your favorite star, that you need to know.

Basic Information

Name Duane Martin
Date of Birth 11th August, 1965
Place of Birth New York City, United States
Height 5’10”
Weight 70kgs
Ethnicity African-American
Nationality American
Education New York University
Occupation Actor
Marital Status Divorced (Tisha Campbell)
Children 2
Age 58years


Duane Martin Net Worth

Duane Martin net worth is $500,000 as of 2023. According to numerous other sources it varies from just $100,000 to a huge amount like $170 million.

Disclaimer- The above information is provided by numerous sources which were available on the internet but are not considered as a reliable source.

Early Life & Education

After knowing about Duane Martin net worth here are a few details of his early life. The 11th of August, 1965 was the day Duane Martin was born. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. There he got a chance to play for the NBA after playing NCAA Division III basketball at his university, New York University. But he chose not to play basketball for the NBA and continued with his acting career.

Duane Martin Net Worth


Duane’s career is a big part of his net worth and thus, making him quite rich and famous. Here are a few insights on it. Duane’s early works were appreciable. His career start was with Patti LaBelle, Vivica A. Fox and Morris Chestnut. “Out All Night”, a comedy series aired at NBC was his debut work. Martin tried his luck in music videos as well. He appeared in “I’ll Make Love to You” which was a music video for Boyz II Men. He even did another sitcom for Fox named “Getting Personal”. “All Of Us” was another one of his works where he played the role of Robert James who was a Television reporter. The way he carried out this character really showcased his acting skills. This role was a breakthrough for him.

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Duane was featured in “White Men Can’t Jump” in the year 1992. He worked for Jr. Philips in the year 1994 for the movie “The Inkwell”. In the same year, he appeared in “Above the Rim”. He played the role of a law student who fell in love with a celebrity in the movie “The Seat Filler”. It was released in the year 2004. Duane worked with his ex-wife in the sitcom, “Rita Rocks” in the year 2009, and then in 2011 he featured “The Paul Reiser Show”. “Real Husbands of Hollywood” is also another one of his works. In the year 2017, Martin played a role in “The New Edition Story”, named Louis Silas Jr. He has been featured in many other movies and shows as well like “The Odd Couple”, “Unsung Hollywood”, “L.A.’s Finest”, etc.

Duane Martin Net Worth Over The Years

Duane Martin net worth over the years range from $1 million to $18 million.

In the year 2023 $100,000 – $170 million
In the year 2022 $15 million
In the year 2021 $500,000
In the year 2013 $18 million


Disclaimer- The above information is provided by numerous sources which were available on the internet but are not considered as a reliable source.

Source Of Income

Duane Martin’s source of income is his acting career. He has done a lot of movies and shows. All the shows have earned him a huge amount of money. Recently, he has also been a real estate agent who buys and sells properties. He acts as the middleman earning from the profit he makes from the house or property that he sells.

Real Estate

Duane Martin net worth includes his properties as well. He along with his wife bought a house for $880,000 in the year 2004 which they sold after making a huge profit for $1.5 million, in Lake Arrowhead. That house had facilities like a slip dock that gave access to anyone who had a boat as well and the area covered by that house was more than 3,850 square feet.

In the year 2005, they bought a property in Chatsworth for $900,000. That was their primary residence.

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After the divorce, Martin was allowed to have a leased house.

Car Collection

Duane Martin net worth includes his car collection as well-

  • 1999 Kawasaki Drifter
  • 2014 Range Rover
  • 2016 Range Rover
  • Jeep Wrangler

After his divorce, he has a leased Bently and two motorcycles.

Awards and Nominations

Year Nominations
1993 Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Special (Daytime Emmy Award)
2004 Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Box Office Movie (BET Comedy Awards)
2005 Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (BET Comedy Awards)
2007 Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series (NAACP Image Awards)

Duane Martin Net Worth

Philanthropic Activities

Duane Martin has supported “The Boys & Girls Club Of America” and “Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation” for a major part of his life and is still supporting it. He always supports every youth who is in danger or in need. He supports every family in need.


This American actor is 5’10” in height with dark brown skin. His eyes are dark brown or black with fuller lips and a v-shaped face. His weight is 70kgs with a well-built body. He is 58 years old as of now.

Personal Life

“Martin and My Wife and Kids” star Tisha Campbell was the first wife of Duane Martin. He got married to her on the 17th of August in the year 1996. They led a very happy life and gave life to two sons named Xen and Ezekiel. But in 2018, they decided to split up and thus filed a divorce. The divorce was finalized in 2020.


Duane and his wife filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy where they were in a debt of $15 million. At that time, they had assets worth about $313,000. Their monthly incomes were as low as $7,655 but expenses were $16,953. Tisha claimed that he hid money during their marriage as well and that the maximum expenses were to Duane. She was so frustrated that finally, the couple filed for a divorce case in the year 2018.


This article not only tells you about the net worth of Duane Martin but also about his personal life and the controversies surrounding him. Although he had a great career, his expenses were far more than his earnings and so he drowned in debt.


1. How much is Tisha Campbell ex husband worth?

Tisha Campbell ex husband Duane Martin has a net worth of $500,000 as of 2023.

2. Does Tisha Campbell get royalties?

Tisha paid $115,000 to buy back all her royalties in a bankruptcy case. She made a deal to collect her acting royalties by paying back in her bankruptcy case.

3. Who did Tisha Campbell have a baby with?

Tisha had her babies (two) with her ex-husband Duane Martin.

4. How old is Tisha Campbell?

Tisha is 55 years old as of 2023.

5. How old is Duane Martin?

As of 2023, Duane’s age is 58 years.