Dwayne Haskins Wife Family, Career & Much More!

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Dwayne Haskins Wife

Are you a fan of football? If yes, you would be knowing the famous American footballer, Dwayne Haskin. But do you want to know a few more details about him? This article would throw some light on it and help you learn more about Dwayne Haskins Wife.

Dwayne started playing football for the Ohio State University. He is known to have set the Big Ten Conference records for single-season passing yards and passing touchdowns. Here the article suggests you are going to learn a few things about Kalabrya Haskins. Kalabrya is Dwayne Haskin’s Wife. Kalabrya Gondrezick got married to Dwayne on March 19, 2021. They were happily married for a year till a fatal incident occurred leaving Dwayne Haskins’s wife mourning for him.

Dwayne Haskins Wife

Dwayne Haskin

Before discussing Kalabrya, don’t you think you should know a bit of information about her husband? Well, this article would solve the problem.

Dwayne Haskin’s date of birth is 3rd May 1997. And he took birth in Highland Park in New Jersey, United States. He was 6ft 4 inches tall and weighed 104kg. He studied at Bullis, Maryland during his schooling. Also, he graduated from Ohio State University (2016 – 2018).

He then played for Washington Redskins from the year 2019 to 2020. After that, he shifted to Pittsburgh Steelers in 2021 till his death in Florida. However, do you know what else did he achieve?

He won Sammy Baugh Trophy in the year 2018 due to his amazing performance. His skills lead him to win Kellen Moore Award in the same year. Chicago Tribune Silver Football, Graham-George Offensive Player of the Year, and Griese-Brees Quarterback of the Year were some other awards won by him in the same year

You would be sorry to know that he died on 9th April 2022 in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. His sudden demise occurred due to a car accident that broke Dwayne Haskins wife completely.

Dwayne Haskins Wife

Now coming back to his wife, Kalabrya Gondrezick was born in the year 1995. She celebrates her birthday on the 18th of December. She took birth in Benton Harbor, United States. As for now, she is just 28 years old.

Dwayne Haskins’s wife (now widow) was born to Grant Gondrezick and Lisa Gondrezick. She got married to Dwayne in March 2021.

Let us help you get a little more information in this writing.

Kalabrya’s Family

Dwayne Haskins wife has American citizenship and belonged to a family with a background in the field of basketball. Kalabrya Haskin’s parents used to play basketball. You would be wondering why you didn’t know her from the family background. Well, that’s because she is famous for being Dwayne Haskins wife.


Her father Mr. Grant Gondrezick (who passed away, in 2021) used to play for Pepperdine University. He played with Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA. Whereas, her mother Mrs. Lisa Gondrezick was a college-level basketball player at Louisiana Tech.

Kalabrya Haskins’s sister’s name is Kysre Gondrezick. She plays basketball as well and is an active free agent. She played for WNBA’s Indiana Fever and Chicago Sky earlier in her life. Moreover, she attended school in Michigan Harbour high school. She went to college in Michigan from 2016 to 2017 and then graduated from West Virginia in 2020. She is currently 25 years old, and she also has a brother named Grant Jr. Gondrezick. Nothing much is known about him yet.

Dwayne Haskins Wife’s Education

Kalabrya Haskin only pursued her basic education at Benton Harbour High School. Later on, she opted for a major in Interdisciplinary Studies in Arts & Humanities. She did this course at Michigan State University where she also took Innovative Studies & Entrepreneurship as her minor subject.

Dwayne Haskins Wife also did a certificate course from National Labour Institute. She majored in Cosmetic Laser and Micro-needling. Not only that, but she also took the opportunity to get herself a license for starting her career as a professional Esthetician.

Dwayne Haskins Wife

Kalabrya’s Career

You should know that Dwayne Haskins wife had a successful career just like her man. Let us look into her achievements.

She was known for being a former player of basketball just like her mother. In Michigan, she did play for Lady Spartans. Furthermore, she was a finalist for Miss Blossomtime and Miss Benton Harbour.

Right now, Mrs. Haskins has a license as a medical aesthetician. Sweet Samba Spa is the workplace of Dwayne Haskins wife. She works as a cosmetic laser technician since 2019. This job helps her to earn well and be independent. She is also a very famous social media influencer.

Moreover, her net worth is approximately 1.5 million US Dollars.

Dwayne Haskins Wife’s Social-Media

You can find this lovely lady through these mentioned social media handles-

  • Instagram handle- @kalabryahaskins
  • Ambassador of – @FashionNova
  • Professional account – @yourmediesthibestie
  • Kalabrya Haskins Facebook account – Kalaybra Haskins
  • Kalabrya Haskin’s Twitter account – NA

Dwayne Haskins Wife Facing Domestic Battery Charges

Did you know this lovely couple didn’t exactly have a lovely start on their journey together? Well, here are a few details that you should know about her.

On 3rd July at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Dwayne Haskins wife and he planned on renewing their vows after their marriage. Kalabrya punched her husband in his face which led to the fallout of his tooth. Dwayne along with his friends went partying without waiting for his wife or her friends. The couple got into a fight because of this incident.

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According to the police report, Haskins’s injuries were substantial. He had a split upper lip along with other mouth injuries. And, his tooth was missing and would have required dental work to repair his teeth condition. In searching his room, a tooth, and some blood samples were found by police.

Dwayne Haskins’ wife posted a few hours before the incident went public. Dwayne’s treatment was known to be done at a local hospital. Even after the fight, the couple shared memes and supported each other. They even exaggerated their engagement afterward.

Tying the Knot: Dwayne Haskin and Kalabrya Gondrezick

Finally, your wait is over! They finally got together in the most romantic way possible. Everyone including their friends and families was happy about this.

Kalabrya and Dwayne made their engagement official on a Sunday evening.  The former Washington football player got down on one knee and asked for her hand for marriage in Las Vegas. Though the timeline of this relationship was kept secret, you can find their photos online while they were dating. Those photos date back to the time when Dwayne started playing at Ohio State.

Kalabrya received a beautiful ring with one huge diamond in the center with other small diamonds surrounding it. Darren M. Haynes posted a picture of that ring while congratulating the couple on their engagement.

Finally, the two got hitched together on 19th March 2021 in Las Vegas.

Dwayne Haskins Death

The 24-year-old football player, Dwayne Haskin lost his life in an accident.  The former player was hit by a truck while he was crossing the highway in South Florida. This sudden tragic death took place on 9th April 2022 (Saturday).

This shocking turn of events left Dwayne Haskins wife along with his friends, family, former to current players, fans, and media to grieve this uncertain loss. A memorial service took place at the Allegheny Center Alliance Church on 22nd April.

Statement Shared by Kalabrya Haskins

After days of silence, she finally posted on Twitter speaking about her emptiness and her husband’s qualities. She mentioned how she missed him. As you could feel after seeing her Twitter post she poured her emotions out in this statement as she misses her husband, who was her lover, best friend, and biggest supporter.

She shows her gratitude to everyone who supported their family during these harsh times. Kalabrya mentioned how he played the role of a good husband, son, brother, and friend along with being a great footballer. She couldn’t readily accept her separation from her partner.

Dwayne Haskins Wife

Conclusive Insights

You should know by now that Mrs. Haskins is an American professional cosmetic laser technician and aesthetician who lives in the US. She is quite successful and belonged to a basketball background family.

Kalabrya was more renowned as Haskins’s wife. She has her own identity and is independent, still, she misses her husband Dwayne Haskin very much and feels alone. Though they had a rocky start to their union still they supported and loved each other a lot.