EGA Master Productions Safety Tools and Equipment.

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EGA Master has confidence in that even the smallest element is essential which has motivated them to excellence. EGA Master offers an enormous variety of safety tools to the industry. EGA Master authorized distributor UAE for all his tools and equipment.

Non-spark tools and equipment are very important when working in zones or places where there is a risk of a blast. EGA Master presents a huge variety of non-spark tools and equipment in Al-Bron and Cu-Be blends. The company additionally provides tools and equipment’s made of Acetilex®, a blend that permits work to be approved in environments with acetylene gas.

For conditions with high voltage EGA Master gives 1,000V equipment to make sure the job is complete while maintaining employees protected and efficient. EGA Master protected tools and equipment fulfill with IEC 60900 international standard, which needs each piece to be tested at 10,000V. EGA Master 1,000V tools and equipment are also tested strictly rendering consistent with the four tests the rule needs: adherence test, impact test, flame propagation test, and dielectric penetration test.

EGA Master’s titanium tools and equipment, on the other side, permit employees to perform protection activities in environments with a magnetic field, except for negotiating their safety.

To support extended safety awareness and knowledge, EGA Master presents a safety tool and equipment training lessons for management and clients.

EGA Master Productions Safety Tools and Equipment.

Insulated 1000V tools and ESD tools for the facility industry.

All items in EGA Master’s variety of 1,000V insulated and Verband and Elektrotechnik (VDE) equipment’s and tools are separately tested at 10,000V to guarantee complete safety. They are additionally tested in accordance with 1,000V IEC 60900 norm for heat, have an impact on and penetration resistance.


Anti-drop tools and equipment are for protection in power plants.

To decrease the number of accidents when working at heights EGA Master has intended anti-drop tools and equipment. Prepared with a warmness reduce system, anti-drop tools and equipment assist to decrease workplace accidents and are more secure than knot and ring systems.

EGA Master anti-drop tools and equipment fulfill with all references by the Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS), world-wide creativity for the anticipation of object dropping.

Non-magnetic titanium tools, ATEX-IECEX licensed equipment and non-sparking tools.

For applications that need non-magnetic elements EGA Master provides tools and equipment made from titanium alloy. These tools and equipment are also rustproof and hypoallergenic.

EGA Master likewise provides a huge variety of blast-proof instruments for communication, detection, measuring or lighting. They are basically for high-risk places recognized as zone 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22 by ATEX directive (Directive 99/92/EC and Directive 94/9/EC).

Tool and equipment control systems, normal tools and equipment for mechanics and industrial managed tightening.

EGA Master provides a wide selection of tools and equipment for mechanics and managed tightening, all enclosed through a lifetime warranty.

The company’s wide-ranging catalog of mechanic gadgets features pneumatic tools, guide, and hydraulic torque wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers pliers and more.

When tools or equipment are lost charges are frequently suffered, to take care of this issue EGA Master has created different tool control systems, which decrease the likelihood of tools and equipment being left in the back of in unsafe areas.

AQUA MASTER pneumatic and hydraulic tools and equipment are for hydro-plants.

For underwater power applications, EGA Master can give you a collection of pneumatic and hydraulic tools and equipment to be utilized when diving. These tools and equipment have been designed with hydro-electric energy stations in mind.

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Tool Control Products.

Planned or accidental loss of tools and equipment might be costly present financial and dangers. To minimize these losses EGA Master can make available tool control solutions.

EGA Master’s EGA ware is a special stock control system that tracks which tool or equipment is taken from and returned to the stock, and by whom. EGA ware additionally approves companies to avoid major accidents in environments the place where tools or equipment are left back might pose a risk to the safe operation of an asset.

Working in heights additionally has genuine protection implications. EGA Master is important in the development of ANTI-DROP tool and equipment resolutions that permit the protected utilization of hand tools, and equipment when working in heights. EGA Master’s ANTI-DROP results have been developed under the following necessities outlined through DROPS.

EGA Master produces and supplies a large variety of excellent hand-tools, which are available for fast delivery over 98% accessibility rate.

EGA Master is additionally capable to supply a custom-made explanation to each project with the aid of personalizing foam trays in trolleys to make sure that those tools and equipment the buyer requires (no more, no less) are perfectly stored. This level of customization is accessible without any lowest order amounts and with a near-fast delivery.

Moreover, the company provides the opportunity to laser mark every tool and equipment to personalize it with the name or logo of a company or a division, decreasing frequent mix-ups, also because of the intentional or accidental loss of tools or equipment.