Exam Motivational Quotes To Boost Your Morale Before Tests

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Exam Motivational Quotes Dream Big

Exam motivational quotes!! Doesn’t it sound exciting? Don’t you think that this can really boost your morale, resulting in you getting great results? Well, it’s time you start scrolling down!

Being demotivated before exams can be quite a normal thing. Examinations have that aura around them which installs fear, stress, and the feeling of not being good enough into the students. Students’ fear of failing exams leads to overworking themselves, and sometimes students even fall sick. This demotivating nature of exams takes quite a toll on the students, so sometimes, students need all the hope and positive vibes they can get before exam season begins. 

And for that, exam motivational quotes play a big part in boosting the student’s morals. It gives them hope that they’re not the only ones going through the stress of exams, and this too shall pass, and they will emerge victorious, irrespective of how much they scored.

These motivational quotes help students be less scared for their upcoming exams and reduce their stress to normal levels. Funny exam quotes will also get a  good laugh out of them and lighten their mood.

So, let’s not waste any more time. Start scrolling down, and we’re sure you’re going to fetch yourself some piece of advice and some therapeutic effect, which will eventually help you excel in your exams.

2 Exam Quotes for Students

Students facing exams in the coming months will relate very much to these quotes.  These positive quotes will help them do their best in their examination and also teach them a lot about their own strengths and weaknesses. Check out the following:

“You should never dwell on your mistakes, but learn something from it.”

This quote speaks a lot on students’ nature to overthink pointlessly about their exams after they’ve already given them. They overthink where they might have written something wrong or made a clumsy error. Thinking about something that cannot be changed or rectified anymore is futile. Therefore, this quote tells us not to overthink our mistakes but to learn from them so that we don’t make that same mistake again. 

“Don’t give up before you’ve even done it.”

Most students can’t handle the anxiety and stress that comes with exams. They think about not appearing for the exam and giving up studying because they already think they’re not going to do well or fail.

They get crippled with self-doubt because their self-confidence is absolutely low during that time. But this quote gives us a simple but powerful message. Don’t give up unless you’ve even tried!  How can you know you’re going to perform badly or fail if you’ve not even been given the exam, and you’re not even willing to work hard for it?

So, you should give it your all and be courageous to face the things that scare you.

 Quote for Exams

2 Quotes for Exams

Check out the following:

Accept your chance of failing with the same vigor as you accept your chance of  success.”

When you’re sitting for an examination, you don’t know the outcome.  You might perform well, or you might not. Also, keep in mind that you might even fail too. This quote says that you should accept your failure without beating yourself down too much.

It would be best if you learned from it instead of getting demotivated and never trying again.  Accepting your success is an easy task, but our failure is the part of our lives we can’t seem to accept. But only by accepting it and learning our lessons from it can we move forward and strive to do better.

Your marks in the exam do not equate to your intelligence.”

We, being a part of society, always judge children by their marks. Their brightness, creativity, and intelligence are always equated with their marks on their tests. This basis of judgment is absolutely false as every child has their own niche where they excel. And marks in the exam are not a calculator of children’s intelligence.

Children have a lot of potentials, and they show it in different areas. Excelling in exams is surely a commendable feat. But children also show talent and creativity elsewhere, and we need to take that into account too.

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2 Funny Exam Quotes for Students

Check out the following:

“When teachers give you questions you don’t have the answer to.”

Isn’t this absolutely true? No matter how much you study for an exam or memorize the entire book by heart, there will always be a question set by a particular teacher whose answer is not known by anyone.

You might have thought only you couldn’t attempt it, but then after the exam gets over, you find out that no one has attempted it. And that gives you a sense of relief knowing that it wasn’t only you. But then again, you don’t brood yet laugh it out with your friends about it. Of course, it’s one of the best feelings ever!

“When the student behind you starts to copy your answers, but you haven’t studied anything.”

The most hilarious moment in the exam hall is when the nervous and panicked student sitting behind you starts copying your answers. Of course, he/she does it without knowing that you haven’t studied one bit and your answers are totally wrong. At that moment, you can’t even tell him/her that, and you just have to watch silently as he makes a complete fool out of himself as he continues to copy your answers. You know you’re in for an earful when you tell him the truth after the exams are over!

2 Quotations for Motivation for Exam Preparation

Now that you know some funny quotes let’s check some motivational quotes that suit best for your exam prep:

“Keep your mind and your space in order.”

Exam preparation is the most important thing to do for an upcoming examination. To start preparing for an exam, you need first to prepare your mind and your personal space. Also, keep your mind focused on your upcoming exam.

Try to limit your screen time as it can be distracting and take up most of your time away from studies. Start an exam preparation routine and train yourself to follow that routine and be consistent with it. To prep your personal space, remove any distracting thing from your area of study.

It also helps if the area of study is well lit and ventilated.  Surround yourself with books that relate to a single subject for any one of your exams. If you surround yourself with books on all subjects, it can get confusing and only stress you out. Focus on one thing at a time. 

“Healthy body and mind lead to a fruitful result.”

Taking care of yourself is also a  part of exam preparation. As exam season is a time of stress, low self-confidence, and uncertainty, it can affect someone’s health immensely. Eating well, regularly exercising, going out, and getting some fresh air can help you feel good and motivate you to study more.

Your mental health is also equally important as your physical health. Talk to your friends or family if you’re feeling low. Don’t bottle it up. Engaging yourself in activities, you like also helps. Most importantly,  your health is more important than your marks or grades. Your value is not based on the marks you get, so take care of yourself, and everything will fall into line.

2 Quotes on Exam Stress

Check them out:

“ Don’t stress, just do your best.”

Managing stress can be pretty challenging during that exam time. Coping with the syllabus, memorizing important information can be too much for some people.

So trying to minimize stress is a big part of exam preparation. Your main goal should be to focus on giving your best for the exam and not overthink too much. Before an exam, the only thing on your mind should be what you have studied and how to give your absolute best.

So, keep in mind that stressing too much will adversely affect your performance, and your focus should only be on doing your best, giving it your all,  and acing your exams. 

Don’t let what you can’t control impact what you can control.”

You might study really hard for your exam, memorize all the important stuff, make notes, practice writing questions, but after you’ve finished writing off your exam, what happens next is not in your control. You might ace a test, or you might be behind by a few marks. Whatever happens, it’s advisable to not stress about things that you have no control over.

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Suppose you stress about something you can’t control, i.e., what happens after you’ve given the exam. In that case, you’ll negatively impact what you can control, i.e., your exam preparation and all the important facts you have to remember for your exam. 

2 Test Quotes

Here are some test quotes that you must follow:

“I can do this.”

This quote is the most simple and meaningful of all. In a few words, this quote restores your confidence in yourself and makes you more courageous. Moreover, it enables you to take that leap of faith that you’ve been afraid to take all along. Of course, it’s like a mantra you tell yourself whenever you’re feeling low and when you feel your confidence ebbing away. Also, it gives you hope and empowers you to pull through another day and make up your mind to take that exam you’ve been afraid to take. 

“Never underestimate yourself.”

We often end up losing trust in our own strengths when we’re placed in a stressful situation. Moreover, examination stress can lead us to misunderstand ourselves and our abilities. We slowly start to lose confidence in ourselves. Whatever the situation, we should never underestimate ourselves.

Also, we should believe in our hard-earned abilities, and no matter whoever tells otherwise, we should never stop believing in ourselves. Before an important examination, underestimating ourselves will only affect us negatively and our performance in the exam. So keep in mind this among the exam motivational quotes to boost your morale. 

2 Motivational Speech for Students Before Exams

Let’s check these out:

“You should not be afraid of hitting rock bottom.”

Hopelessness is a part of the road to success. You might become hopeless, might not know what to do, or you may want to give up! When you’re at the bottom, everything and everyone seems to be looking down on you, and you feel like you’d be better off staying at rock bottom.

But it’s your responsibility to get back up, to keep fighting against whatever that is putting you down. The scariest thing is not hitting rock bottom; the scariest thing is not having the willpower to pull yourself together and get back up to face the world. So, pulling yourself together and getting back up on your feet is the true test of courage. We hope this among the exam motivational quotes help you!

” Commitment and consistency are incomplete without each other”

Sure, you may want to achieve something. But you will never be able to achieve it if you’re not committed to it. Moreover, working hard is more important than just wanting something really bad. So, you need to work hard for what you want, and you have to be consistent and regular about it, as commitment and consistency go hand in hand.  Your commitment represents how much you want something, and your consistency represents how far you’re willing to go and how hard you’re willing to work to get it.

3 Motivational Quotes for Students Success

Let’s check out some motivational quotes for students success:

“Always strive to be better than you were yesterday.”

Each day should be a day where you learn something new, about yourself or about the world. You should always keep changing yourself and strive to be the best version of yourself every day. Small changes you make in yourself make a lot of difference at the end of the day. 

Always push your limits.”

Don’t constraint yourself to some rigidly set boundaries. Your aim should always be to surpass your limits and to keep getting

better as each day passes. So, to be successful, you need to push yourself, whether it be for an exam or a job. It would be best if you got out of the comfort zone set by your boundaries and limits. Always remember that the road to success is always a little bumpy.

“Sharpen your focus.”

Being focused is the characteristic every student should work on. It’s easy to lose focus and get caught in the trials of daily life, but regaining focus is a hard task, requiring a lot of concentration and patience.  But once you master that skill, your path to success will become considerably less riddled with obstacles.

Final Thoughts

We all know that examinations are stressful and demotivating.  But these superb exam motivational quotes will keep you motivated and give you a push.

So, go through these, and we’re sure you’ll do excellently in your examinations! All the best! Do let me know in the comment section below which of the exam motivational quotes you liked best!