List of facts and health problems with beagle dogs related to his tail

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dogs related to his tail

Beagle dog breed is one of the most extraordinary dogs someone can have. It has too many characteristics that can make you buy and keep him close to yourself for example smartness, look, and hunting abilities.

Among all these, the most fascinating one is that it was listed on 5th on the list of American’s favorite dogs. Isn’t it incredible? Petting a beagle dog breed is not easy at all. The owner needs to take carry of every little detail and movement of the dog. One of the most significant yet neglected parts of the beagle dog is its tail. It undergoes so many major problems and can only be controlled with proper care. So in this blog, we will discuss all the facts and health-related problems related to the beagle dog tail.

Facts related to beagle dogs tail:

  • According to the standards of The American Kennel Club, a beagle dog tail should look in a certain way, which will make them stand out in the presence of the other dogs. According to the standards, the beagle tail should be of an average length with a brush at the end. It should also be set a little high and slightly curved, but not curved too much that it comes back to the beagle’s body.
  • If you want to determine the mood of your beagle, then you can easily do it by observing his tail. They position their tails in a different manner in different moods. For example, your beagle will lay down his tail close to his body if he is relaxing.
  • Another essential thing that you can know about dogs through their tail is dislocation. For example, your beagle dog is habitual of moving his tail all day long, but if your beagle dog is unable to perform normal movements of the tail without pain, then there are high chances that there is some dislocation.
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Beagle dog breed health problem that can be observed through his tail:

The tail of a beagle dog is almost a way to express his feeling and emotions. One of the most popular tail position that shows that he is hurt or shameful is placing the tail between the legs. Similarly many types of tails position and condition shows that your dog has some health issues. There are some diseases that will take time for you to notice. One of the most common ones is injuries that are related to cord such as disk dislocation, ruptured disk, etc.

Any cord related injury will cause limpness in the tail of your beagle dog. The second most significant thing that causes limpness in the tail of the beagle dog is age. With the growing age of the dog, you can notice this change in the tail of your dog. The reason behind this change is the weakness of muscles, tenders, etc. The following are some signs that you need to keep an eye on as they show health problems in your dog.

Swelling in the tail:

The swelling in the tail underlines some major health problems in beagle dogs. The cause of swelling in the tail is limited blood flow. It can happen because of different reasons that include swimming, imprisonment in small crates, hunting, and especially because of extreme cold weather. So if you feel swelling at the top of the dog’s tails, then look for the cause and go for appropriate treatment.

Fracture in the tail:

Fracture of the tail can happen anytime especially while playing or while the dog tail is stuck between two things. You can figure out if your dog has a fractured tail by touching it. If he responds back in extreme pain, then there are high chances of fracture. Whereas if the dogs start placing its tail at an uncommon way then there are chances that his tail is dislocated. There are different treatments for this situation. Some that do not have severe pain can get normal with medicines, some require surgery, and the severe cases may also require amputation.

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Sign of Allergies:

Beagles easily get allergies and infections. The severity and type of allergies and infections vary according to their environment. The little cuts that the beagle gets while playing can result in extreme trauma when it gets in touch with bacteria.

If there is an allergy or infection in the beagle dog breed tail, the dog will try to relax by licking and chewing that part of the tail. But this will not help, rather it will make it worse. After recognizing the type of infection and allergy your dog has, you can provide him with oral medication or topical medication.


If your dog tail limps after an accident or sudden shock, then there is a chance that it is due to nerve trauma. If your dog positions his tail down or limps his tail, then there are high chances that he is in pain because of nerve trauma or it can also happen in disc damage. In this situation, your dog will not be able to move his tail freely as he does in daily routine.

If you observe any possibility of nerve trauma in your dog, you need to take him to the doctor as soon as possible. You can not treat this situation at home without the presence of an expert. If your beagle dog breed is suffering from nerve trauma he may undergo physiotherapy, surgery, or simple medication.

Final words:

The beagle dogs are known and liked by many because of their looks. In this look, the beagle dog breed tail plays a vital role. Not only just look, but the tail also says much about beagles’ health. The owner can learn about his beagle health by observing the changing in the movement of his dogs tail. It is very essential to ensure that your beagle dog is in good health to provide him with the best life he deserves.