Famous Slot Game Cheaters

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Though online slots are notoriously impossible to be able to cheat, slots in traditional casinos have seen their fair share of cheaters over the years, though this has decreased as the decades have moved on. With physical cheats rife from the 30s to 90s, the brick and mortar casinos had the work cut out for them when it came to watching out for the cheats that frequented their establishments, but who were the famous cheaters, what did they do and how did they trick free slots UK machines? 

Cheating Carmichael

Frequenting the Las Vegas casinos for well over 40 years, Tommy Glenn Carmichael was one of the most well-known slots cheaters in the world.  He was renowned for spending large quantities of time cheating slots machines specifically but not losing a great deal of cash to them.  As he had previously been working as a repairman for televisions, it came naturally to Carmichael to rig the slot machines so that they worked in his favour and he successfully did so time and time again. He even collaborated and colluded with other cheats to work out better and more advanced plans for cheating as the years went on and the security measures increased in the casinos. 

He was caught a few times, but released, until 1996 when he was imprisoned.  On this long term jail sentence, he supposedly became a reformed character and even helped the casinos and police together create a device to prevent other people from following in his footsteps and cheating the slot machines as he had. 


Colavecchio Coins

He was known as “The Coin” and for good reason!  He was a con artist to describe him at best and worn his way round many casinos using fake coins to scam slot machines out of money and to make sure that the casinos paid out to him.  Louis Calavecchio was able to continue his scam with fake coins for years in the casinos until he was finally arrested in 1998, but he was only imprisoned until 2006. Unlike Carmichael, he did not consider changing his ways when he was inside, and as soon as he was released from prison, he was straight back to cheating the slots game machines in the casinos once more, but this time it only took a few months until he was caught and returned to the cells. 

Chips for Chips

Dennis Nikrasch is famous for changing the modern-day slots gaming cheats in casinos due to the way in which he replaced the chips in specific machines.  He worked this out by figuring out the ways that slot machines did not work well and then fooled them by re-programming them.  This was all done by replacing the chips in some of the largest paying out machines in the some of the most well-known casinos of the world.  Just by switching a few chips for chips he had altered, he made millions of dollars in a short space of time and even hired a team of experts to help him cheat with re-programmed chips.