Florida Man March 5 – Know Before Joining The Controversy

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Florida Man March 5

On May 5, George Floyd goes to buy a pack of cigarettes in the usual Minneapolis shop but hands the clerk a fake $ 20 bill. The clerk notices it and calls 911. The police arrive. One of the policemen, Derek Chauvin, stops the man, blocks him, fights for 8 minutes. He pushes his knee against Floyd’s chest, who repeats, “I can’t breathe,.” The policeman doesn’t stop, Floyd dies. Everything is filmed with the mobile phones of the witnesses. The video ends up on the web; the case explodes, then the protest. The streets against the police and Trump are filled. America is in revolt. The cry of recent years returns, “Black lives matter,” black lives matter. From this context, you can know the event of What will happen to Florida man March 5. Let’s start the story in detail.

Who he was and what happened to George Floyd – Florida man March 5

George Floyd was 46 and born in Houston, Texas. He had lived for many years in Minneapolis, where he worked as a bouncer. In recent months, like millions of Americans, he had been unemployed due to the coronavirus. Floyd often went to that shop; he was a familiar face. But that evening at the checkout, there was no owner, Mike Abumayyaleh. But a guy who didn’t know Floyd and who followed the procedure in these cases, call the police. 


He was drunk, the boy later said. Floyd may have been drinking. But it was not dangerous, according to the reconstructions. Thanks to the cell phones of the witnesses. Floyd tries to excuse himself and mildly resists the handcuffs, now handcuffed. He rebels when they try to take him away with the police car. Come, police officers try to convince him. He shouts, “I’m claustrophobic,” please, please, please.”

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What’s happening in America

Since May 5, many America has forgotten lockdowns and anti-pandemic cautions and takes to the streets to demonstrate. “I can’t breathe,” the “I can’t breathe” pronounced by Floyd, becomes the new slogan against the police printed on the anti-coronavirus masks.

In recent years, Ferguson, New York, Baltimore, and Prince dedicated a song citing two other African American police victims, Gray and Brown. He has been the center of cities and symbols of anti-racist protest, violent clashes with the police, and Peaceful marches as Minneapolis is now. Where some violent people burn buildings. The majority demonstrates peacefully, the Boogaloo Boys, right-wing extremists, infiltrate. He has wreak havoc, denounces the governor of Minnesota.

After a weak

A week after Floyd’s murder, the protest has degenerated into violence, and 40 cities have returned from the lockdown. He has now declared a curfew. On her Instagram profile, the young Democratic deputy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez publishes a manual to demonstrate safety. He is mixing the mask to protect herself from the coronavirus and the glasses to protect herself from the agents’ tear gas.

The Floyd case and the Cucchi case

In Italy, the George Floyd case is now compared to Stefano Cucchi, the thirty-year-old Roman subjected to custody beaten to death by the police in the barracks. Google searches combine the two names. In common, the Floyd and Cucchi cases have the abuse of power by the police, culminating in the murder of two unarmed citizens who suffered the system rather than being protected by it.

The times of punishment diverge. 

The real truth for Florida man march 5th

The truth about the Cucchi murder emerged after years of silence, even of the doctors who treated the savage beating, after a long trial and thanks to the Cucchi family’s tenacity, in particular of his sister Ilaria. In the Floyd case, the policeman Chauvin discovered, tried, and sentenced in real-time thanks to smartphones and the web. There have also been other Cucchi cases in Italy, such as Federico Aldrovandi, the student from Ferrara killed by four policemen. Still, it is also true that the Floyd case in America is part of a different story.

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Killed because they are African Americans

George Floyd the latest in a long list of African Americans killed by white cops. Because in the United States, a question of public order often misses the problem of racism that has never been resolve. Indeed made more evident in the years of the first black president, Obama.

The Twitter-Trump war – Florida man march 5th

“George Floyd’s death sad and tragic, justice  done,” tweets President Trump when he first sees the video of the murder. The compassion lasts a little more than a day until the National Guard sends it defines “THUGS,” thugs. Who also peacefully demonstrate against the murder of Floyd. Then revive an old motto of the Miami cops from the sixties, “when he starts to loot, he starts shooting. “

Thus another front opens, Twitter against Trump. For the first time. The social media censors the president, who owes part of his consent to the constant tweets. It has defined more than any other tic and initiative his first term that ends in November. Florida Man March 5

Final Word on Florida man march 5th

Not so once again, Facebook, which refuses to act against Donald Trump’s posts on social tensions censored by Twitter for inciting violence. Once again, Mark Zuckerberg is more attentive to his creation than civil rights and defends Facebook’s position on presidential posts. Because his platform “an institution committed to freedom of expression.” But the employees of the social network disagree with Zuckerberg. “Mark is wrong and I will make every attempt to change his mind,” tweets Ryan Freitas, head of the design theme for Facebook’s News Feed. Now you maybe know about the event of Florida man march 5th. Thanks for reading