Foods to Avoid While Taking Cymbalta: Must-Know List

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foods to avoid while taking cymbalta

If you have ever suffered from mental disorders like depression, and anxiety, your doctor may have prescribed you Cymbalta. Cymbalta is an anti-depression medicine that will aid you in the speedy recovery of depression and anxiety disorders. This is a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration and contains the active ingredient duloxetine.

Whenever we take any prescribed medicine, we should be aware of the amount of food consumed along with it. Because certain foods can either improve or worsen the effects of drugs. If your doctor has prescribed you the anti-depression medicine, you must be aware of foods to avoid while taking Cymbalta.

List of Foods to Avoid While Taking Cymbalta

When taking the anti-depression drug Cymbalta, your body may react aggressively and inversely to certain foods. Let’s acquaint ourselves with the required list of food items when taking Cymbalta.

1. Caffeine:

When you are consuming Cymbalta, it is in the best interest of your health to avoid caffeine. Caffeine if consumed in large amounts along with Cymbalta, can harm your health. Caffeine will increase the risk of Serotonin syndrome and it can harm your body. If taken an overdose, you can feel problems like anxiety, and restlessness.



You should never pair alcohol while you are taking Cymbalta. If taken together, it can impact your liver and can lead to liver failure as well. If taken in an increased quantity, it can lead to impaired conditions as well as counter the impact of the Cymbalta. So, either never pair this medicine with alcohol, or even if taking alcohol, keep the quantity in moderation.

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3.Grape and Grapefruit Juice:

If your doctor has prescribed you taking Cymbalta, you should avoid taking grapes, or grapefruit juice along with it. Consuming grapefruit juice can result in improper digestion and interference with the metabolism of Cymbalta. Indeed, the best way is to avoid grapes and grapefruit juice.

Grape and Grapefruit Juice


4. Avoid Eating Spicy:

If you are consuming Cymbalta, you must not consume spicy food. We suggest you either consume spicy food in moderation or avoid it completely. Taking Cymbalta with spicy food can disturb your digestive system and can also cause gastronomical issues. Stop the intake of spicy food for the best results when taking it with Cymbalta.

Avoid Eating Spicy

5. Sodium Intake:

An excessive amount of sodium intake is prohibited with Cymbalta. Cymbalta is an anti-depression medicine that can raise your blood pressure. When consumed with excessive sodium, it can increase your blood pressure to a great extent

Sodium Intake

6. Avoid Supplements:

In the list of foods to avoid while taking Cymbalta, you should avoid taking many health supplements. Many of us are not aware that Cymbalta can interact with tryptophan supplements. Therefore, it is in your best interest to avoid pairing these supplements with Cymbalta.

Avoid Supplements

7.Artificial sweeteners:

If you are taking Cymbalta, it is important to avoid artificial sweeteners. It can cause anxiety and depression when you take Cymbalta with artificial sweeteners. Therefore, it is advisable to stop taking Cymbalta with artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners

8.  Soy-Products:

It is important to avoid the consumption of soy products with Cymbalta. Soy products contain isoflavones, which are further accountable for the metabolism of drugs in your body. Therefore, you must avoid taking Cymbalta with soy products.

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9.  Vitamin C:

When you are taking the dose of Cymbalta, it is important to intake vitamin C along with it. Because the intake of vitamin C along with this anti-depression medicine can worsen anxiety or depression to a great extent.

Vitamin C

10.  Avoid taking high-fat meals:

Avoid taking high-fat meals whenever you are planning to take Cymbalta. If you will take high-fat meals, it can interfere with the absorption or effectiveness of the medication. Therefore, always consult your doctor if you are planning to take high-fat meals along with Cymbalta.

Avoid taking high-fat meals

11. Avoid Tyramine-Rich Foods:

When you are taking Cymbalta, it is advisable to avoid tyramine-rich food. It can interact with Cymbalta and can have the worst impact on your body. Key examples of tyramine-rich foods include fermented foods, alcoholic beverages, cured meats, etc.

12. Avoid Undercooked seafood:

It is always advisable to avoid undercooked seafood when taking the anti-depression medicine Cymbalta. It can increase the risk of bacterial contamination. Never give a nod to eating such type of food as it can harm your body. If you want to keep yourself safe from bacterial contamination, it is important to list this food in the category of Foods to avoid when taking Cymbalta.

The Nutshell:

With this list of foods to avoid while taking Cymbalta, you can have a safe dose of this medicine and it will help you to root out depression and other anxiety problems. If you want to take a moderate amount of any of these items, you must consult your doctor beforehand. Otherwise, it can cause a lot of problems and side effects in your body.