foods to Avoid with Diverticulitis: An Exhaustive List

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foods to avoid with Diverticulitis

Our intestine is divided into two parts, the large intestine, and the small intestine. The medical condition of diverticulosis occurs when a small, bulging pouch in your lower intestine is formed, especially in the colon. Diverticulitis is a worsening of this particular medical condition in which these pouches in the colon become quite infected or inflamed. If you are suffering from this medical condition, you can have varied symptoms, including constipation, bowel movements, and other problematic issues. To stop the worsening of this medical condition and for the betterment of our health, experts suggest a list of different foods to avoid with Diverticulitis. Let’s understand this list and improve the condition of Diverticulitis.

Here is the list of Foods to Avoid with diverticulitis:

1. Foods that are high in Sugar and Fat:

When suffering from the ailment of Diverticulitis, you must reduce those food items that are high in sugar and fat. By consuming these foods, you can increase your chances of worsening the problems of Diverticulitis. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid the intake of high-processed foods rich in sugar and fat, such as chocolates, cakes, ice cream, butter, etc. Instead, consume foods that can reduce the flareup of Diverticulitis. For instance, you can consume red meat, refined grains, full-fat dairy, etc.

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Foods that are high in Sugar and Fat

2. Avoid Consuming nuts.

Some snacks can increase the longevity of Diverticulitis. These snacks include nuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds. These can easily be trapped in the small intestine, causing issues in your intestine and leading to the medical issue of Diverticulitis


3. Avoid Whole Grains:

In the list of foods to avoid with Diverticulitis, you can assimilate whole grains as well. Whole grains in different forms, like whole grain pasta, whole grain wheat, and whole grain cereals, can be high in fibre. It can cause difficulty if you are suffering from diverticulitis. When you are suffering from this medical disease, you should avoid whole grains, as they are high-fibre foods. If you study the medical reports of people who are suffering from Diverticulitis, you will find that doctors recommend foods low in fibre. Examples of low-fibre foods include white rice, cooked vegetables, oranges, watermelon, eggs, and poultry.


Avoid Whole Grains


4. Avoid Hard Food:

If you are planning to consume any food items during Diverticulitis, you must avoid hard-to-chew food with Diverticulitis. Because hard-to-chew food easily gets trapped in the colon and flares up Diverticulitis. Doing so will prevent the worsening of your medical condition, diverticulitis.


5. Alcohol and Coffee:

If you are consuming alcohol and coffee, it can elevate the problems of Diverticulitis. Hence, medical experts often suggest limiting the consumption of alcohol and coffee as it is a bowel stimulant that can cause problems when you are experiencing an attack of Diverticulitis. Research has suggested that Alcohol increases the trigger of diverticulitis almost 3 times.


6. Avoid Corn on the Cob:

You must avoid eating corn on the cob when you fear flaring up of diverticulitis. Corn causes a feeling of discomfort in your stomach, hence flaring up the risk of Diverticulitis. It will also instigate inflammation in your digestive system.

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7. Stay Away from Certain Fruit:

If we want to alleviate the symptoms of diverticulitis, we should stay away from the consumption of certain fruit that can further trigger the risk of causing diverticulitis. For instance, you must not consume strawberries, berries, and grapes as they can be trapped in your intestine.

Stay Away from Certain Fruit


8. Spicy foods:

If you want to avoid further flaring up the risk of diverticulitis, you must avoid the intake of spicy foods. Because spicy foods can cause inflammation issues in your guts, resulting in problems related to Vomiting and Diarrhoea issues. This condition can even worsen the issues of Diverticulitis. You must know that when you are preparing a list of food items to avoid with Diverticulitis, spicy foods are a big no for you.


9. Avoid High-Fibre Vegetables:

If you want to alleviate the symptoms of diverticulitis, you must avoid consuming high-fibre foods as they can reduce the risk of these medical issues. In high-fiber vegetables, you can include Broccoli, Cabbage, artichokes, etc. as these are extremely high in fiber contents that can further boost the risk of high-fibre vegetables.


10. Avoid Lactose Products:

Milk and other lactose products can help trap in your intestine and can increase the chances of this medical issue. So, the best way is to avoid lactose products that can increase your chances of diverticulitis.


The Nutshell:

These are the list of some foods to avoid with Diverticulitis. If taken care of properly and avoiding these food items will lower your risk of causing Diverticulitis. You must ensure to include those food items in your list that can help you to reduce the risk of Diverticulitis. For example, you can increase the consumption of lean protein, and healthy fats can improve your digestion by reducing the flare-ups of Diverticulitis.