Free Things to Do in Nashville & Make Memories For A Lifetime!

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Free Things to Do in Nashville

Planning to get out of your house? You have come just to the right place to find out something new. Nashville is such an amazing city to visit in Tennessee. Unless you live there and you know about the wonders of your city. Far away from all the hustles, you do need to know more about your place. Nashville is very popular and given a particular name by many others. You probably know but is also referred to as “Music City”. You cannot miss this part. So, we have brought to you much more information. Keep up with the blog if you don’t want to miss out on the free things to do in Nashville.

About Nashville

How did the city get its other name? Well, you probably need to go back and forth through a major part of the history of Nashville. If in Nashville, never miss the concerts. The liveliness of the place is a blessing. The running music will keep you up. The mix-up of different genres is also the best mingle around the city.

Such a place in Tennessee, has the crowd coming all the way around. Nashville has a lot to offer to its crowd. Be it engaging in the cultures to doing exciting things out of nowhere. You will feel like visiting the city again and re-live your moments.

Free Things to Do in Nashville

Things to do in Nashville

It is not like that for having fun in Nashville, you need to have the bucks ready. The city has for you lot of places and activities. But there are even fun things to do for free. So, get yourself buckled up to learn more about the free things to do in Nashville.

 Music Concerts

With the introduction to the city of Nashville, we have already told you that this city is referred as “Music City”. Now, you cannot even imagine the craze for music that goes by here. Nashville will offer you a lot of music concerts throughout the year. You will find amazing artists visiting and also, you will be able to discover new artists too.

There are many music venues and also live music venues in the city. For free live music, you can visit places like Hard Rock Café, Nashville Underground, Tequila Cowboy, and many more. And for, just music venues, you should try out places such as Bowie’s, Tennessee Brew Works, and others too.

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Galleries and Museums

As mentioned earlier that there is a lot of history involved in the walls of Nashville. But what better way to find out more about such a culturally rich place? You need to visit the amazing art galleries and museums. There are many of them which are open to all and do not charge any price for visiting.

To name some of them, Hatch Show Print, WeHo Art Crawl, 21c Museum Hotel Nashville, Zeitgeist Gallery, and other places too. Each place has its own beauty and history to remark on. You will end up cherishing the place forever.

The Flea Market

A customary event going on for a long time in Nashville. If you are planning on visiting Nashville and getting souvenirs for your family and friends, visit the famous Nashville Flea Market. It takes place every month. Specifically on the last weekend of each month. Many states, approximately, 30 states have their own people who come and join the market. They sell their items which are of different varieties. The host of this big event is the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Here are some items that you can avail yourself of in the flea market, such as jewelry, art & craft, homemade items, clothing, antiquities, and many more such items.

Free Things to Do in Nashville

Nashville Public Library

If you are someone who’s a lover of books, this place is for you. Open to all the people of the city or outside. Take a stroll and see yourself the beauty which lies within the walls of this library. It is not just a place where you can read and find amazing books but has much more to offer. The Nashville Public Library arranges for people all around free events, classes, and, shows. You cannot miss them and if possible, do try to attend them. You can also bring your kids around this place and take them to the very popular Story Time which occurs every week.

Arrington Vineyards

Taste the free wine and enjoy your evening or lunch with your partner in this amazingly beautiful Arrington Vineyard. Every weekend from the month of April to October, you will be able to experience live music concerts. All of this is free to everyone. You can enjoy the evening music shows while having a sip of fine wine. You can have your own little wine-tasting sessions along with your friends or partner.

Downtown Presbyterian Church

The beauty of this church is marked by European Interior and has its heart out for every viewer. Such a captivating place to visit in Nashville. It is known for being the National Landmark of Nashville, Tennessee. It is open to visit but reservations are required beforehand. You get to have a tour of this place only Tuesdays and Thursdays. Timings for the tour are known to be 2 pm onwards.


Tennessee State Museum

A very beautiful and awestruck place for people to visit any time of the week. It is said that place exists from when the city started living. It has all the stories of Nashville’s history that one would like to know. Once visited, you will understand why this place is really called “Music City”. For visiting the place without giving any fee, you could take the tour any day which takes place at 2 pm.

Free Things to Do in Nashville for Children

Nashville is a place offering a lot of free things to do even for children. Let’s take a glimpse at what children could do in this place and learn more about such places. So, do keep track if you have a child at home. You get to enjoy more with them and relive your life a little more.

Nashville Zoo

Even when you were a child, you used to love the zoo, didn’t you? So, why miss it out for your child? Take your kid to the zoo and show around the unique animals who have taken the shed here. The Nashville Zoo ranks among the best top 10 zoos and aquariums. You will find animals such as Masai Giraffe, Clouded Leopards, White Rhinoceros, and spider monkeys along with other animal species.

Story Tellers Hideaway Farm & Museum

Nashville has a history of Cowboys and this museum tries to keep the history of those days. You can see what the history keeps and tells the story behind the property. The place is known to be owned by the very famous Johnny Cash. You can also get to see the Little Stage. Saturday Night with Hickman County was hosted on this very stage. You and your kid also get to learn about the houses which were built just before the Civil War. Such a rich history is explained in the best manner for your child to understand.

Adventure Science Centre

It is time for you and your kid to enjoy and have a fun day in the Adventure Science Centre. Your kid gets to learn the most amazing part of science. Get to learn more about celestial bodies to very small and acute molecules. Innovation around the world can be seen and learned while enjoying. You can see the experiments which help you have a better understanding of the growing technology.

Free Things to Do in Nashville

Conclusive Insights

With this, we have come to the end of our blog. If you are planning to visit Nashville, do not think anymore. You get to save and enjoy the city around you. This city has a lot more to offer you along with free things to do in Nashville. So, plan out your trip already, and do not miss the places that have been mentioned above in this blog. Let us know if the blog was helpful to you or not!