How can you get free tiktok fans and likes in 2020

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free tiktok fans and likes


TikTok, in its first year of life, had a growth rate of 700%, much more than Instagram. It is growing at an impressive rate. Just like many tiktokers are already doing. Many of them are increasing at an impressive speed. As I mentioned earlier, this post will discover the 9 techniques I used to increase followers on TikTok and how you can get free tiktok fans and likes.


COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE INFO – how can you get free tiktok fans and likes


As you did with your Instagram profile on TikTok, the first thing to do is to have a complete profile. Fill in all the fields required by TikTok when registering. So, in addition to your name and profile photo, enter a bio about yourself. Describe your passions, what you do, what you would like to do in life etc. An account with a profile complete with all the necessary information is more likely to gain followers than a profile without knowledge. 


I’ll explain this concept better with an example: when a follower (or a potential follower) looks at your profile and sees many videos with cats, what they expect from you will be cat videos. If you have a profile with lots of cat videos, but at the same time post-make-up and make-up videos, you will most likely lose credibility and followers.

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Start following your Facebook friends on Tiktok, they will surely reciprocate, and in this way, you can start from a small follower base! Doing it is very simple, go to ” Find Friends “> ” Search Facebook Friends “> Start following them! Do the same thing on Instagram. Unlike Facebook, there is no way to invite your Instagram followers directly from the app. Still, I’ve come up with a little trick: post a story with your QR code photo that you find inside your TikTok profile and invite your followers to follow you.


If you have a fairly popular YouTube channel, invite your audience to follow you on TikTok. Insert a slide with your TikTok social profile references on each video you post on YouTube.




If you don’t know what a niche is, don’t worry, I’ll explain it very briefly. By place, we mean a group of people all interested in a single topic. Going back to the stupid example above, all cat-loving people are part of the cat’s niche and want cats’ content. Find a place you like and focus your videos on that particular industry. The goal is to become influential in that niche, a point of reference.




When posting a video, remember to use hashtags related to the video content. I’ll give you an example: if you post a video featuring a cat, make sure you use appropriate hashtags like #cat or #cat.

If you use hashtags correctly, your video should appear in the search results of people searching for “#cats.”

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Take part in challenges and use hashtags.

Tiktok itself sets up challenges that users can participate in. Thousands of fans take part every day. If you join in too, you will know what the trends are, what your audience likes, and how to react to them to reach a wider audience. Above all, use relevant hashtags when posting your videos.

Share your videos on other social networks.

You can share your videos not only on TikTok but also on Instagram, Facebook, and other popular apps. Your audience can then follow you on these networks and quickly recognize your TikTik profile if you use the same username everywhere. So you can get followers for free through other systems.

Leave comments – free tiktok fans and likes

You can always find outstanding TikTok accounts with millions of followers. If you are super knowledgeable about a particular topic and want to share it with your followers, you can leave relevant comments. If many users like your comment, they will surely like it and share it, so you might become the most shared user. Other users will notice you when they browse the profiles of others.

Conclusion on free tiktok fans and likes


Everyone wants to increase followers, but they don’t know how to boost their followers. So, in this post, we’ll try to describe how you can improve your followers and get free tiktok fans and likes fast.