What will be the Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, as the name suggests, is man-made intelligence that is continuously evolving to be on par with humans. It is an area of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent machines that can work and react like humans. If you think about its future, it is totally dependent on how humans make use of this technology.

Before we dive deep into the world of AI we need to understand some terminologies that you might have heard a lot while reading and researching AI such as big data, machine learning, data science.

What is Big Data?

Big data refers to a humungous amount of data that cannot be processed by humans alone. This data can either be structured or unstructured.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an application of AI where systems collect data and learn based on that data. You don’t need to program them every time. Diagnosis, classification, predictions are all done through machine learning.

What is Data Science?

When computer science combines with math and statistics and business knowledge, it makes data science. It is a study of all kinds of data and then using that data to gain structured and unstructured insights and knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence

In today’s world, AI has already created a huge impact. It has changed the way we interact with our devices. AI and data science go hand in hand; the data collected can then be used to feed AI for better results. Artificial intelligence’s future seems quite bright. It has and will continue to become involved in every aspect of life. Here are a few examples of how AI, data science and machine learning are being used in everyday life:

  • Healthcare
  • E-Commerce Business
  • Retail
  • Shopping
  • Food
  • Traveling
  • Banking/Payments
  • Robot house help
  • Psychological needs

Let’s look in detail how AI can be used in these areas:



Medical advancements along with the use of artificial intelligence have made it possible to diagnose diseases at a much faster rate. For example, for lung cancer diagnosis, radiologists use CT scan image to find cancer cells in a patient’s lungs. For that they need to go through hundreds of reports daily.

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However, now with the help of image recognition and deep learning AI, reports can be generated daily on their own. This phenomenon is known as Infravision. Scientists are working on finding ways to detect COVID-19 through AI as well.

👉E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce Business

AI chatbots are being deployed on different online shopping sites where they assist users and answer their queries. For example, when you go to the Mediacom Internet website you will see there is always a “chat now” option if any live agent is not there then it would let you know that “we are not around.”

Similarly, there are a lot of e-commerce sites that can answer questions according to how much information has been fed in them. When questions get more complicated, they are handed over to a live agent who then takes it from there. However, with the help of data science, soon AI would be able to answer and process difficult questions as well.



Walmart – one of the biggest retailers in the world— is making use of IoT tags and the Scan and Go procedure. The scan and go feature allows customers to skip long lines at checkout, which makes the entire shopping experience way faster.
The IoT tags can help you keep track of storage as well. For example, stores can install IoT tags on refrigerators as well. Every time you put something in, you scan it, and the tag will keep track of it and alert you when the stock is about to end.



Predictive AI can be used to discover products customers would be interested in buying by looking at the trends and past purchasing behavior. This practice can increase sales to a great extent and Amazon along with Etsy has already adopted this practice.



Now AI bots can be used to make food like professional chefs. Chef Watson of IBM can develop some amazing dishes on its own. It can even suggest food combinations that go together. Similarly, Hello egg is your AI kitchen assistant that can advise you on healthy meal plans, organize your pantry and even order groceries for you. It is an adorable guide to smart cooking.

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Hotels and resorts have to deliver the best customer service to their customers and that requires no room for errors. To deliver with utmost efficiency, they use AI. Especially in rush seasons where there is a heavy flow of tourists, AI can be used to fill in so that more customers can be tended to in lesser time.

AI can be used to give suggestions to customers, offer them personalization, and for frequent visitors it can be used to pre-tailor everything for them. AI robot – Connie deployed by Hilton, offers face to face customer service to tourists who interact with it. Each experience expands Connie’s intelligence by recording data.



AI in finance is changing the way people interact with money. The financial industry is taking the help of AI to optimize processes such as risk management, credit decisions, etc. Ai is helping banks make better underwriting decisions by considering various factors at once more accurately.

DataRobot is a good example. With its help, financial institutions can make better decisions regarding fraudulent credit card management, blockchain, digital wealth management, etc. It builds accurate predictive models that improve decision making around these issues.

👉Robot house-help

Robot house-help

AI has also blessed us with domestic robots that are mostly used to help around doing household chores. You can connect them with Wi-Fi and work autonomously. iRobot’s Roomba Or Dyson’s Eye Robot Vacuum are the biggest examples. Robot mops are also making their way into the market.

They will scrap your floors and even clean your pet’s litter box on its own. There are robotic lawn mowers and automatic pool cleaners that can clean and maintain your property for you.

👉Phycological needs

Phycological needs

A lot of work has been done in the area of mental health with the help of AI. There are a lot of apps that are intelligent enough to emotionally connect with a person so that people could talk to the AI and feel better. For example, if someone has trust issues or feels lonely, then they can talk to this bot. An AI companion can be a lifesaver.