Last Moment Gift Ideas for Friends to Strengthen Your Bond

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Last Moment Gift Ideas for Friends to Strengthen Your Bond

Sometimes we don’t have time to spend on a gift. For example, a birthday party is about to start within 20 minutes and sometimes, any special date comes without any warning. Amazon is well known for its last-moment gifts. What if you have only a few minutes instead of days? Even Amazon Prime can’t help you in this way. So, we have come up with some of the best last moment gifts to send directly to the inboxes of your loved ones from any parts of the world.

👉For a Crazy Shopper

Crazy Shopper


If your friend shops a lot, there is no better gift than a shopping voucher. It can help them to shop whatever they like and save more. You can give them a voucher to Big Bazaar or other supermarkets where they can redeem the given amount and save more while shopping.

👉For a Movie Lover

Movie Lover

There is no better gift for a movie lover in life than a subscription to his or her favorite OTT platform where they can stream lots of well-known titles and classics from different parts of the world. If your friend loves to watch on a big screen, you can offer them a BookMyShow gift card which can be used at theaters nearby.

👉For a Bookworm


Your reader will definitely love the amazing gift card to their favorite book store or a voucher to buy their favorite eBook on Amazon. If they prefer articles over books, you can buy them a subscription to Readly to access all the recent articles from thousands of publications. If they prefer some sensible reading and refined collections, you can easily go for a New York Times subscription. They can get all the latest news that is available on their paper or tablet.

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👉For an Active Friend

Active Friend

If you have a fitness freak friend, you can get them something wearable that can fit your bill. You can send them a gift card to Reebok so they can easily choose their favorite sneakers. They will be excited to get a subscription to Classpass if they already have apparel. They can join studio classes from boxing to Bootcamp. You can buy him or her subscription to Glo if they love to enjoy a home workout. They can have plenty of yoga classes to stream in their living room.

👉For a frequent traveler


A piece of good luggage is a very important buddy for your globetrotter friend who travels often. You can buy him a gift card to Cuyana or Tortuga to buy some of the best weekender bags and carry-on backpacks for travel.  It will keep your hippie friend loaded for his or her journey. There are many hotels offering gift cards to keep them in comfort. Airbnb offers a lot of great deals and stays in and around the tourist places.

👉For a Foodie


You may not want to take your foodie friend out for having some delicious dinner that they may or may not like but eat anyway. It’s better to give them the right tool for their cooking inspiration. There are certain tools to experiment with fruits and vegetables. You can help your home cook to buy all the ingredients with a gift card to Whole Foods.

👉For your busy buddy

busy buddy

If your friend often remains busy all the time, why not give them free Postmates delivery which can go a long way to keep them fed when they don’t have time to grab takeout or cook. You can also give them a Lyft gift card to help them to move around in the back seat if they cannot schlep around town on a bus or subway. There are also gift cards to the company where they can hire anyone to do all the tasks they cannot do, such as mounting the TV to weeding the lawn. After all, they can have time to say thanks to you.

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👉For a Stylish Friend

Stylish Friend

Getting the clothing gift you don’t like is the last thing you would want. You may don’t want to get apparel in the wrong size either. There are different companies offering gift cards and allowing customers to customize the clothes they can get along with style, cut and color to choose from. They can even return without any questions asked. You can even offer Etsy gift cards for them if they prefer to wear anything that no one else has ever worn. They can choose from millions of vintage and handcrafted collections of clothes. They can even rent a designer outfit if big-name labels are their fantasy to have a special night out.