Green Tea Shot Recipe- Take Your Shot to the Next Level

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Green tea shot recipe

The word green tea shot sounds bizarre to you, right? Most of us who are not aware of these green tea shots will think of shots made up of shots made up of green tea. Not all have the taste for cocktails and other wine shots. For those people who are reluctant to indulge in experiencing these shots, Green tea shots are a perfect way to have a healthy shot most creatively ever. So, before moving further let’s understand the meaning of Green tea shot and then subsequently know the green tea shot recipe. For preserving the best information about green tea shots, read this post and bookmark it.

What are Green tea Shot?

Green tea shot recipe


Before preparing a Green tea shots recipe, we should be aware of what these green tea shots are. It is also a popular cocktail that emulates a creative fusion of different cocktails. Green tea shots are made up of equal parts of Jameson Irish Whiskey and Peach Schnapps. To make green tea shots a little sour, many folks also add lemon-lime soda to it. It is crazy that despite its name “ Green Tea Shots, it does not contain any flavor of green tea. Instead, it looks slightly green. Because of this, this drink is called “ Green tea shots.” If you want to prepare a green tea shots recipe, there are diverse ways to help you with this creative drink.


Green Tea Shot Recipe Ingredients

Green tea shot recipe

Not everyone can have a great taste for liquor shots. For those who still want great shots with a mix of different ingredients, this green tea shots recipe will give you the perfect taste. The ingredients of Peach schnapps and Irish whiskey along with the homemade sour ingredients. Let’s take a look at the varied ingredients of this recipe in detail.

Ingredients of Green Tea Shot Recipe

If you have developed a desire and taste for Green tea shots, the time has come to look at its ingredients.

1)Peach Schnapps 

Peach schnapps are a consummate ingredient for tween girls. This is a perfect ingredient if you are looking forward to preparing green tea shots. 

2) Jameson Whiskey

Preparing a green tea shot and missing whiskey? This is something that you can’t miss at all. Opt for a whiskey of Jameson brand and you will find your green tea shots extra perfect. You will feel delighted to know that it is an Irish brand that will make your green shots classic.

3) Use Sprite

It is important to use a sprite for a perfect mix of lemon and lime juice. It will make your green shots extra delicious.

How to Pick Variations for Green Tea Shot Recipe?

Green tea shot recipe


The green tea shots recipe keeps us going if we feel hectic from a tiresome day. If you want to prepare green tea shots, you must know that taking variations can help you a lot. Let’s see these variations.


There can be diverse variations of Jameson Whiskey. If you don’t want to use this brand, you can pick bourbon or any other whiskey as a substitute.

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2)Pick Sprite Variations

Take sprite variations like 7 UP, Sierra Mist, etc. It will make the taste as refreshing as a lime soda.

3)Lemon or lime soda substitute

As a substitute for lemon or lime soda, you can use any raw sour mixture. It will preserve the taste as it is.

Steps to Make Green Tea Shot Recipe

1)Rim the Shot Glasses

The very first step in the preparation of the green tea shot recipe is to rim the shot glasses effectively. To help out in this, we recommend you use juiced lime rinds. You can also prepare a mix of lime zest and sugar.

2) Prepare a Cocktail Shaker

The next important point in this is to prepare a cocktail shaker. You can mix all the ingredients like Peach schnapps, Jameson Whiskey, Sprite, Lemon, and lime soda and shake it for 20 to 30 seconds. Once you shake it, the material in the cocktail glass will take a combined or thick form.

3) Your Drink is Ready

Now, after the previous step, your drink is ready. You can now pour the drink into the rimmed glasses. If you want this drink cold, you can put some ice cubes in it at the time of preparing cocktail shaker. Your green tea shot recipe is now ready, and you can woo the hearts of your friends by serving it to them. Otherwise, you can enjoy a memorable evening with your family by preparing this wonderful drink.


For those who don’t like to drink and want a soft and slight version of this drink, putting up the sole effort in preparing green tea shots recipe is a welcome choice for them. It would not take much time and effort to prepare this drink. But we bet, that once you prepare the drink you will relish its taste now, and forever. Note down alcoholic drinks are not so healthy, so never drink this thinking you will get every benefit that you fetch by drinking alcohol. Keeping this point in mind will make your experience of making green tea shot recipes awesome.