Hackers says to Deletes the Chinese spyware TikTok.

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Deletes the Chinese spyware TikTok

Is the fun app TikTok, in which children and teenagers, in particular, spend hours watching short videos, a Chinese spy tool? An anomaly in the iPhone version of the app recently fueled the debate again – and also brought up the hacker collective Anonymous, which advises Internet users: “Delete this Chinese spyware!” In this article, I’ll try to describe the recent news on TikTok. What is the reason for the hackers to create pressure for Deletes the Chinese spyware TikTok


Do you know delates the Chinese spyware TikTok?

Deletes the Chinese spyware TikTok

The business magazine “Forbes” reports concerning a Twitter account, which attributed to the hacker collective. On Twitter, the loosely organized hackers without a leader emphasize that the Chinese fun app TikTok is exceptionally questionable in terms of privacy and that the service itself would never be used. Allegations of propaganda and influence are also raised.


Anonymous recommends: “Delete TikTok now!”

The notorious hackers recommend their Twitter followers: “Delete TikTok now! If you know someone who uses it, explain to them that it is mostly Chinese government-run malicious code that does an essential spying operation. Anonymous relies on an IT security expert who presented program code in the online forum Reddit, which he says comes from the TikTok app. And that contains an abundance of privacy problems and security gaps.

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iOS version of TikTok tapped the clipboard of

Therefore excitement recently because the iPhone version of the TikTok app caught experimenting with the pre-release version of the next iPhone operating system iOS 14. Therefore  how it accessed the clipboard without being asked, and potentially sensitive conversation content other personal data. The legal ban on 58 Chinese smartphone apps followed shortly afterward in India. Therefore one of which was also TikTok. Considered by many observers as a return carriage for the escalation of a border conflict in the Himalayas, the general distrust and the unusual behavior of the app under iOS could also have been included in this decision.



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TikTok operators reject allegations

Therefore In the pas. The TikTok operator Bytedance from Beijing has repeatedly emphasized that it adheres to local laws and respects data protection in all countries. Different versions developed for the Chinese and international markets. Therefore The data stored in the countries in which the service provided. Allegations of censorship rejected. Therefore The moderation is based on “local laws and our community guidelines as clear reference values”.


Conclusion – Deletes the Chinese spyware TikTok


TikTok has been under fire for months in the United States. Which is not exactly blameless in terms of online espionage. Because of the suspicion of surveillance. Therefore But also because of propaganda allegations. The “Washington Post” learned from employees of the TikTok branch in the USA, who moderated content there, that their Chinese colleagues dictated which content they had to delete. For example, videos of people kissing intensely, clips with stimulating dance steps, or political opinions mentioned. Unwanted in China, actually no problem in the West. Therefore I hope you will know now the reason behind Deletes the Chinese spyware TikTok.