Healthy Indian Chicken Recipes to Stir Your Tastebuds!

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Healthy Indian Chicken Recipes

Are you thinking of including some healthy Indian chicken recipes into your diet? Well, if you are a non vegetarian there is no way that wouldn’t like to avail yourself of the benefits of chicken! But do you think all the recipes out there provide you with the perfect nutrient content! Well, we are afraid not!

All the chicken recipes that contain too much of oil can be bad for you and can leave an affect in the long run! So, if you are also wondering the same and thinking of trying out healthy stuff in the new year, it’s time you read our blog! Here we will typically talk about healthy Indian chicken recipes and it’s nutritional value to keep you healthy!

Importance of Healthy Indian Chicken Recipes

Muscle toning can indeed be conquered satisfactorily only if a nutritionally balanced diet is followed. Though we all know, protein is the most important nutrient for bodybuilders. It is absorbed into the body for weight training. Perhaps not that, but protein is also needed to assist your rest and recovery from the damage of a workout at the gym. As a result, weight lifters must concentrate on incorporating protein-rich supplies into their diet to acquire the majority of their daily requirements from biological compounds.

Chicken is by far the most pleasurable and customizable ingredient accessible on the list. It is commonly accessible, reasonably priced, nutrient-dense, and could be incorporated into just about anything. As a result, chicken is by far the most prevalent form of protein among non-vegetarians. But you can’t just eat simmered chicken, could you? Or how about the flavor? Here, we have created healthy Indian chicken recipes for you.

We do not, however, want you to sacrifice flavor for nourishment. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten healthy chicken recipes for resistance training that will end up making your path to strength a tasty one!

Taste Of Chicken & How it Complements Carbs!

The greatest part about chicken is that it could be eaten in a variety of ways – a nutritious salad with crunchy fresh vegetables, a flavorful porridge with chickpeas and cream, grilled or sautéed pieces with seasoning, delectable tikka masala with slow-cooked basmati rice, and so on. There are no limitations to what you can do with chicken. There are hundreds of recipe ideas in Indian food that really can enable you to achieve a chicken-rich eating plan. But don’t forget about the additional oils, fats, and carbs that arrive with the great chicken meals. Keep in mind how you had to rummage through a half-inch layer of the oily layer to get to the chicken curry beneath?

Without hesitation, Indian cuisines are delightful, although they are not always appropriate for weightlifters and athletic sportspeople who have been on a restricted diet. Nevertheless, we have carefully chosen a few special recipe ideas that pay homage to Indian flavors while remaining low in complex carbs. With less oil and butter, the recipes will also help in weight loss. It’s possible to introduce some great chicken delicacies to your dietary pattern.

healthy Indian chicken recipes
Chicken Tikka Masala

1) Chicken Tikka Masala

The simple mention of the name would be enough to start making you salivate. Every chicken lover will indeed acknowledge that Tikka Masala is among the greatest chicken dishes. It’s tasty and stuffed, and it goes well with bread, chapati, or rice – whatever you prefer.

Talking about chicken recipes, how can we miss healthy chicken tikka masala recipes? The conventional model calls for a lavish content of calories and seasonings, but this list of ingredients can be reduced to one’s personal choice of fat intake to almost nothing, and for that, you have to make a very healthy chicken tikka marinade.

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This dish tends to bring out the flavor of Tikka in a very positive manner, with a winning mix of seasonings that has no use of oil. Relish a glamorous protein-rich meal by cooking it in your own healthy ways. It’s guaranteed to be tasty and makes your diet more tempting. You can also try healthy chicken tikka masala with coconut oil.

2)  Grilled Chicken

This is a fantastic list of ingredients that is acknowledged by the muscle-building society. It is also recommended by nutritional dieticians if cooked in perfect proportions. Don’t worry; you don’t have to eat plain and boring, steamed chicken clumps any longer.

With this dish, you can enjoy some delectable mustard-flavored cooked chicken that really is limited in complex carbs and full of protein. The serving contains Dijon Mustard, which is widely available online and in many grocery stores. You can substitute it with your favorite mustard sauce. So, make this great recipe and treat yourself to some delectable roasted chicken.

healthy Indian chicken recipes
Chicken Biryani

3) Biryani with Chicken

Who doesn’t enjoy Biryani? It is among the most prominent Indian cooking styles, with fans all over the world. However, we understand that you should have to denude yourself of this delectable proposition due to the high-fat content, but that is no longer the case. Your favorite dish has indeed arrived at your aid with various ways of preparing low-fat chicken biryani. You could certainly substitute plain rice with brown rice to make this complete recipe a low-carb, high-protein powerhouse. The dish is easy to comprehend and cook. So just don’t huff and puff any longer; instead, tuck into some delicious and healthy chicken biryani while sticking to your dietary pattern.

4) Butter Chicken on a Low Carb 

Among the most prevalent chicken recipes is butter chicken. This is a Punjabi meal, and it is relished all over the country. Like every Punjabi dish, Butter Chicken is high in fat and carbohydrates. A carb-free edition of this meal, on the other hand, can be prepared and enjoyed. The recipe is straightforward and does not require any particular ingredients, so it is simple to make at home. It is beneficial to be using Olive or Rice Bran oil anywhere it is called for. If desired, you can reduce the amount of butter in this dish to lower its fat. So, no need to be concerned about your tray of butter chicken.

5) Kebabs chicken

Kebabs are a famous way to consume meat. Kebabs provide plenty of leeways to test and reinvent. You can experiment with any raw material and make your own edition of it. You could also try the Punjabi edition of Russian Cutlet, which is intense in nourishment. For shallow frying, use olive oil or rice bran oil. Rice bran oil is less immersed in meals and thus a wise option for sautéing. This way, you get all of the advantages of the additives without any of the calories. You can prepare the cutlets ahead of time and refrigerate them until needed.

healthy Indian chicken recipes

6) Chicken Sukka 

Chicken Sukka is a famous chicken dish in South India. It seamlessly blends the luscious sensuality of meat with the seasonings. Chicken is a really better and healthier preparation because it uses a lot of fine powders and seasonings. The greatest feature is that it is managed with a surprisingly small quantity of oil. It’s delightful, easy enough to make, and nutritious. There are numerous ways to make a very simple version of Chicken Sukka that will gratify your sense of taste and fitness standards sensibly. Serve with paratha or plain basmati rice; it goes well together with both.

7) Salad with chicken

This dish for chicken salad is ideal for a small meal. The salad incorporates the advantages of meat and also a variety of many other leafy greens. Salads are an excellent choice since they do not overburden your body with utterly pointless carbohydrates and fats. You can add so many more fruits and veggies as you want to make this salad more satisfying.

You can make this salad in 100 different ways and devour it. One instance can be when the recipe calls for extra virgin coconut oil, but if you don’t want a solid coconut taste and texture, you can substitute sesame oil. It’s incredibly easy to make and only necessitates raw ingredients found in any kitchen. You can personalize it according to the needs of your taste buds. This is a go-to healthy chicken recipes for weight loss for many people.

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8) Honey-Garlic Chicken Wings

Have all those Fried chicken commercials been bothering you? No matter how much you’d like those mouth-watering luscious chicken nuggets, you have to stay far away from them because chicken wings are a little too oily, but not at all anymore. This novel method of preparing hot wings has totally changed them into a nutritious meal. Such meat wings are bursting with flavor thanks to the seasoning of garlic and honey. This recipe calls for trying to cook the wings in the microwave, and you can also shallow fry them in a sauté pan with just a little oil. You could use olive oil or rice bran oil, both of whom have no cholesterol or carbs.

9) Garlic Chicken

Chicken is high in protein, which aids in the development of lean muscle mass. Garlic has a lot of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and cholesterol-lowering properties. When you find a combination, you have to have an incredibly tasty and nutritious dish. There seem to be innumerable ways of presenting this delectable recipe that is simple to prepare and delectable to consume. You can eat it on its own or combine it with another filler, such as ramen or rice. Although it is high in nourishment, it is made with little to no oil. The better the oil, the further nutrient-dense the meal. This is one of the easy Indian chicken recipes.

10) No Oil Chicken Curry

You read that correctly: no oil chicken curry. This curry contains no oil but tastes just as good as any other curry. With the exception of the oil, this curry contains all you need to make a simple dish. The gravy is heavy and flavorful, with a buttery texture. If you really are curious to know well about the mixture of oil (fat) at the top, then it will be saggy from the chicken and sour cream. There are many types of healthy chicken curry recipes Indian available online.

Indian curry always was pictured as heavily flavored with a mixture of oil on the upper side. Regretfully, most Indian restaurants offer similar dishes. However, when you visit a typical Indian household, the meal has always been easy and well-balanced. There would be little oil and season, but the food would be yummy.



Isn’t it true that healthy Indian chicken recipes are straightforward, nutritionally balanced, and delightful? These are all just ten of the many tasty recipes in your area. Cooking is mostly about creativity. As a result, sometimes, when you finally come across such a cooking method that you would like to attempt, adjust the additives to your liking. Replacing one or two components to match your requirements will not drastically influence the dish. Effectively replacing routine oil with decent quality olive, coconut, or rice bran oil can significantly improve a dish’s wellness proportion. By substituting brown rice or quinoa for white rice, you can dramatically reduce the number of carbohydrates in the food. This way, you can appreciate any dish while adhering to your dietary pattern.

Best wishes!

Meat is a good source of protein, and when thoroughly cooked, it can be especially gratifying. The greatest feature about the chicken would be that it freely absorbs a unique taste, allowing it to be used in various dishes. It would be best if you were not concerned about including chicken in your normal intake. This high protein does not raise your risk of potential cholesterol like beef or pork. You can also skip the whipped cream soups and abundant sauces and healthily prepare food with a combination of seasonings and fenugreek seeds.

If you believe that cooking takes too much time or that you would have run out of fascinating ways to prepare meat, you will enjoy our 10 best recipes. There are multiple choices for you to jazz up your supper dish, ranging from very low-fat butter chicken to freshly made chicken shawarma and teriyaki chicken.