Here Are the Best Things about Living in These Ohio Cities

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Ohio isn’t one of the first states people think about when deciding to move, but it should be.  From booming businesses to affordable living, and great locals, every part of this state can be entertaining and awesome when given a chance.

These are the best things about living in these Ohio cities and what makes them a dream come true.


Although Cleveland is possibly best known for its sports and history, there’s so much more to this great city!  The beautiful architecture and surrounding nature offer a great work-life balance that’s hard to replicate.  Locals love the sense of community you can find here, while visitors adore how easy it is to get here from basically anywhere.  If you’re eager to live somewhere that will let you afford countless vacations, this is where to go. 


One of the smaller cities on this list, Toledo is a lake-side city that offers something different.  If you love art and want to live somewhere that will inspire you, get to know Toledo.  Here you can go to the Toledo Museum of Art, which houses thousands of pieces of art, ranging from glass production to renaissance paintings, and you can even take art classes to hone your own skills.  This is a city for creative and awesome people who want to pave their own path in the world.


If you want to feel like you’re living in a major city while still getting to pay low rates, you’ll want to look at Columbus houses for rent.  As the largest city in the state, Columbus has countless things to do and see and offers everyone the chance to start a new life.

There are countless job opportunities here, meaning you can get a career in any field that interests you, which ensures you’ll get to do something you’re passionate about.  


One of the smaller cities on this list, Dayton is best known for its long history and is home to everything from a Wright Brothers’ plane to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.  Dayton even has massive museums aimed directly at helping kids connect with education and feel inspired about topics like history, science, and animal welfare.  

Although this is a top vacation city for almost everyone in Ohio, you can skip driving in and out of town if you make it your next home! 


This beautiful city is one of the most popular in the state, offering endless views and excitement while still keeping up with affordable living.  Here you have waterside ideas, a botanical garden, multiple parks, zoos, museums, and so much more to keep yourself and your family entertained and inspired.  There’s no mystery why people love Cincinnati.

Ohio Knows How to Make Any Day Incredible

Whether you’re excited about sports or you’re trying to get more activity into your daily life, Ohio has a city that’s perfect for you.  Consider one of these awesome areas, and you’ll fall in love with this state in no time.