Hibernate Meaning in Urdu With Full Sentences in English

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Hibernate Meaning in Urdu

Urdu belongs to the Indo-European family like all other Indo-Aryan languages used as the first language in Pakistan and sometimes as a second language in some states of India. It is the mother tongue of 70million people globally, and 100 million people use Urdu as their second language. Hibernate Meaning in Urdu here we will discuss.

The word Hibernate denotes ‘Susan para rehna’ in Urdu, which is written in سست پڑا رہنا. . the literal meaning of Hibernation is to pass out the idle time of winter in a dormant condition. In the winter season, mammals, reptiles, and insects go to a lethargic resting state. But it has an inner meaning that refers to keep something inactive for a certain period; for instance, you can let your computer hibernate for a while.

Hibernate is used in English, described in detail, such as meaning, synonyms, and some usage in this document. There are many types of the meaning of hibernating, and the usage of this word can vary from different perspectives. You can use its purpose in a different way in different kinds of situations. This article will learn about Hibernate Meaning in Urdu that will make you know the ins and out of the word Hibernate. 

Different Meanings of Hibernate

To know the proper meaning of the word Hibernate in Urdu, at first, you should know its meaning in English, its origin, and the different usage of this word in English, which will eventually help to get a clear understanding of this word in Urdu. 

The spelling of the word Hibernate is [hi-ber-neyt]. This word is originated from the Latin word Hibernate, which used to mean “pass the winter in close quarters.” At around mid 17th century, the word adds to the English language as a form of Hibernation.

Here hibernate is a form of Verb. Some forms of different tenses are ‘Hibernating,’ ‘hibernated.’ There are some other synonyms of Hibernate in English. Such as: hide, sleep, inactive, torpid, vegetate, etc.

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Like those synonyms, the Urdu Language also has its own synonym of hibernating. Though most of the time it is pronounced in Roman Urdu, The word is most often delivered with a unique approach in Urdu. The synonym ard is described below. 

  1. The most common similar word of hibernating in English is Lie down; in Urdu, you can say it ‘Susan Para Rehna’ which will be ‘سست پڑا رہنا’ in Urdu latter.
  2. Slept is the direct synonym of hibernate that can say ‘Soya Howa’ in Urdu. If you want to write it in Urdu letter, you can write ‘سویا ہوا.’
  3.  The other nearly-meaning word of hibernate is Numbness. Though it does not define the functionalities of hibernating directly, you can consider it close to the definition of hibernating. In Urdu, Numbness means Ba Hiss O Harkat and in writing, it will بے حس و حرکت .

 Definition of hibernating Meaning in Urdu

Hibernate is a form of Verb which originated from the word Hibernation. Hibernation is a state of inactivity or as low activity as possible. Hibernation is a seasonal behavior that defines the low temperature of the body, less or slow breathing, and low heartbeat. Living animals hibernate to reserve energy during winter as at that time, and food is not available. So they hibernate to save energy, which means an animal reduces its metabolism rate and body temperature. Some species hibernate when they become pregnant and give birth to a young one while the mother is in Hibernation or shortly afterwards. But different species have different types of hibernation process.

 Some species hibernate periodically and annually regardless of season or availability of food. They are obligate hibernators.

The Functionality of Hibernate:

If you want to trace out the biological domain of hibernating, it gives you a simple elaboration. It refers to reducing all sorts of metabolic activities significantly so that the body prepare to adopt natural temperature. There are some definite functionalities of Hibernation. these are :

  1.  For certain mammals, winter creates a very adverse circumstance for them to live in. That’s why they stop their regular activities and go for a long sleep for the whole winter.
  2.  During Hibernation body pass through heterothermy however, which lessen body temperature and heart bit with breathing
  3.  As the energy consumption occurs very drastically and dramatically, the animals’ body becomes weak and can’t move during winter.
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Usage of Hibernate

From a different perspective, there can be various usage of the word ‘hibernate’. Let’s have some examples below:

  1. During winter, I went to ‘hibernation’ for feeling quite out of touch with most of my friends. Here hibernate is used as being detached or separated.
  2. The winter season seems like a perfect time to have some sound sleep under a blanket and ‘hibernate’. The purpose of the usage of the word hibernate means being kind of inactive during the winter season.
  3. In most cases, snakes go for ‘hibernation’ during winter. Here Hibernation is pointing toward going undercover or being dormant.
  4. Madagascar is a huge tropical island on the coast of Africa, which isn’t the kind of place you can expect to find a mammal that ‘hibernates’. So, Here it is used to provide a view of the happening life in Madagascar.
  5. From September to October, lizards tend to be “hibernated”. The usage of this word is pointing towards the vegetated situation of lizards.


 Conclusion on Hibernate Meaning in Urdu

Language is the way of delivering thoughts that differ from country to country and person to person. But the concept and feeling towards a particular object never change with the variations of country languages. The concept of the term Hibernate in Urdu does not also differ from other languages.

The ideas of Hibernationin Urdu is somehow the same as the definition of English and other Indo-Aryan languages. The functionalities of Hibernation is not appropriate for human beings though they do similar things while treacherous weather goes outside. The tiny mammals go through Hibernation to lengthen their lifespan and slow down cellular ageing by conserving energies.