How does allergy affect asthma triggers?

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Asthma is a disease that can be caused due to various factors. The most common reasons are a person being allergic to certain types of substances. It is the reason for more than 90% of cases of asthma in children. However, a person suffering from asthma use Asthalin Inhaler 100 mcg to ease of the asthma attack.  But a person who is prone to having an asthma attack has certain allergens that he is allergic to. When the person breathes, these allergens go inside the airways of the person and this starts off the attack.

We need to know about allergic asthma first and an exact idea about the same is going to give the positive feed in the same regards. Along with it, what could be the possible allergens that can cause an asthma attack is also needed to be noted.

Defining allergy

We all know that the immune system is present in our bodies and its main function is to protect us from the various disease-causing bacteria and viruses. When a person is prone to allergies then the immune system works on the allergen too harshly and this creates the various symptoms like coughing, sneezing, redness of the face, watery eyes, etc.

When the allergen enters our respiratory system, our immune system makes certain antibodies that are called IgE antibodies. The antibodies help in the secretion of chemicals like histamine which can cause inflammation and swelling of the airways and the lungs. Our respiratory system tries to breathe out the allergy by all possible means such as sneezing, coughing, etc. An asthma attack that is caused due to allergies is called allergic asthma.

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How allergies can trigger an asthma attack

A person who has allergic asthma, his respiratory system is highly sensitive to particular allergens. When these allergens enter the body the immune system tries to fight and creates antibodies. Due to the secretion of histamine, the swelling of the airways occurs.

The tissues of the airway become tight to prevent the allergen from entering further into the respiratory system. The airway is filled with mucus which prevents the flow of air. Within minutes the person can experience acute tightness of the chest and difficulty in breathing and thus an asthma attack starts.  It is a fact that you can prevent the asthma attack using Aerocort Asthma Inhaler, however, still that is not the solution to everything.

Common allergens responsible for allergic asthma

A person can be allergic to various types of allergens. These include-

  • Pollens
  • Molds
  • Animal hair, skin or feathers
  • Feces of the mites and the cockroaches

Sometimes the term allergen is commonly mixed with the term irritants. These irritants are also like allergens and cause irritation instead of an allergic reaction and may start an asthma attack. Various types of irritants are present in the air-

  • Smoke created from cigarettes, candles, and fireworks
  • Cold air
  • Fumes and odors of certain substances
  • Perfumes and air fresheners

Tips to prevent yourself from allergic asthma

Here the tips revolve around you to avoid those allergens that can cause an asthma attack. Some of the precautions that you can follow are-

  • Staying indoors when the pollens are in high number in the air
  • Avoid mites and try to keep your house as much clean as possible
  • Sometimes humid air can also cause asthma attacks as the molds are created in a humid atmosphere. You can use a dehumidifier in your room.
  • Use air purifiers and dust filters to cover the windows.
  • If you have to go outside make sure you wear face masks or use a clean cotton cloth to cover up the nostrils and mouth.
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Persons who might be prone to having allergic asthma

Scientists have discovered that allergies can be hereditary and passed on the children from their parents. So if you suffer from allergies and show asthma symptoms then visiting the doctor is highly recommended. The doctor might discuss with you about your family history and allergies.

It is also important to note that sometimes not all persons who suffer from allergies have an asthma attack. Neither allergy is the only cause of asthma.

Some treatments for allergic asthma

Leukotriene modifier

This is a pill that contains montelukast. It helps to prevent asthma attacks by reducing the secretion of histamine by the IgE antibodies. This can help to contain the allergic reaction.


The use of inhalers can be used by persons suffering from all types of asthma attacks. Inhalers also have a chemical that when taken in causes the relaxation of the muscles and tissues of the airways and this increases the airflow. A common example of inhaler is Seroflo Asthma Inhaler and Ketosteril Tablets.


It is a treatment whereby the action of the immune system is brought under control by regularly injecting small amounts of the allergen into the blood. The immune system gradually recovers and stops the overreaction and the release of histamine in high quantities.