How Long Does Menopause Last In This Year?

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how long does menopause last

According to a large American study, hot flashes and irritability could last up to 14 years. Women in whom symptoms appear early are more exposed. Hot flashes, night sweats, irritability are some of the most common side effects of menopause. Which could last much longer than you think. Even up to 14 years after the end of the last menstrual cycle. A study by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina, USA, published in the journal Jama Internal Medicine attestsTwo factors seem to contribute above all to the phenomenon’s duration: belonging to specific groups of populations and the onset of unwanted illnesses. From this article, you will able to know about how long does menopause last? Let’s growing knowledge.

Getting know: how long does menopause last in this year?

It involved nearly 1,500 women of different geographical origins and ethnicities – Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Japanese, and Chinese. All with a minimum common denominator: hot flashes or night sweats that arose for at least six days. The observation period is quite long: from 1996 to 2013. Numbers and enough time for researchers to draw some significant conclusions: namely that the duration of the ‘side effects’ of menopause is not the same for all women.



The Problem of Menopause Symptoms: How Long Do They Last?

Some of us are less affected by the effects of menopause. In the most cases this is due to a healthy lifestyle and the attention and care for ourselves present since before the transition into this phase of life. Others, on the other hand, most of them are faced with hot flashes, the classic mood swings in menopause, and an unexpected weight gain to which there seems to be no solution. Of course, there is no standard length of menopause because each of us is different from the other, and in some cases, this period may be much shorter or longer, even lasting 17 years.

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But don’t worry! 

how long does menopause last update

The remedies for the various symptoms are many and useful. We can find valid food supplements recommended for menopause on the market, allowing us to live the latter much more peacefully.

Besides, we must not forget that often, much of the physical and psychological discomfort we experience in this delicate period of our life depends on the mental approach we adopt.

Only by facing our insecurities and fears towards menopause head on can we reach the right solutions. They can return to the serenity of the past, both in ourselves and in the relationship with our partner.

Look in the mirror and feel beautiful in menopause in 5 steps.

The fear of not recognizing ourselves in the mirror anymore, of not seeing ourselves more beautiful and energetic at times scares us so much that we abandon ourselves to nostalgia and sadness, making the situation worse. This is how we no longer take care of ourselves, stop paying attention to what we eat, no longer practicing any physical activity that can keep us fit and healthy, closing in on ourselves, and stopping to cultivate hobbies and passions.

We organize our days in the best possible way.

I create a real “work plan” for ourselves: we fix what we would like to do and what we should pursue, in terms of attention to what we go to eat, the number of meals we go to have, the physical activity we go to carry out.

They write down the goals we want to achieve both at the end of the day (e.g., 30 minutes of walking or two fruit snacks) and at the end of the month (e.g., lost kilos). If we’re good enough, let’s treat ourselves to a treat like a weekend treat or a full day of shopping at the end of the month.

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In carrying out this program, it is essential to seek help from your gynecologist or your trusted doctor.

#1 Let’s give ourselves moments of relaxation: And let’s share them with our partner or friends. Sometimes, a romantic dinner or with friends. A weekend in a wellness center,. A short trip to some suggestive location is enough.

#2 Let’s engage in different hobbies and passions: Having a few distractions in the day can help us feel satisfied. We are proud of ourselves, not to mention that it allows us to occupy time and make us put aside fears and bad thoughts.

Some facts that you should know 

  • temporal (because physiological menopause usually affects women who fall within a more or less predetermined age range. Between 45 and 50 years. Before 45 we can speak of early menopause, over 50 of late menopause.
  • clinical (since some symptoms are characteristic of this condition and therefore often the woman should not be frightened. But rather calm down knowing that over time they will tend to regress or in any case to settle down.

The final word on how long does menopause last

This is certainly the decisive aspect. Since the symptoms correlated to the normal axis’s alteration or even better of the average hormonal “balance”. The woman attends throughout the fertile period of her life). Therefore, the diagnosis of menopause must be considered from different points of view. Even if the most commonly accepted definition is associated with the absence of menstrual flow. It is for more than 12 consecutive months. Now you may be clear on how long does menopause last. If you have any ques let me know by leaving a comment below the post. Thanks for your attention.