How Much Money Does Bill Gates Have In This Year

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how much money does bill gates have

Bill Gates, in the now distant 1996, became the richest man in the world, remaining in that position until 2009, and even after that, he always remained in the top posts. Find out how the lord of Microsoft got rich. Bill Gates was born in Seattle, the central city in the state of Washington in the northwest of the United States, very close to Canada. Bill Gates was born in 1955, and the year and place of birth have certainly been instrumental in building his history and his economic and financial fortune. From this content, you will know how much money does bill gates have? Let’s see the secret!! So, keep your eyes on this blog.

Getting know: how much money does bill gates have in 2021

Bill’s family was part of the local upper class: his father, William H. Gates II, was a solicitor, and his mother, Mary Maxell, taught at the University of Washington. This allowed the young Bill to attend the prestigious Lakeside private school in 1968, where he was able to come into contact for the first time with a computer, a Dec Pd-11 that the school had rented, and on which a thirteen-year-old Bill began to ” work, “together with other students, including his partner and co-founder in the great Microsoft adventure: Paul Allen (three years older than him). With him already at the end of that year, he founded his first company: the Lakeside Programmers Group, which the two created mainly to be able to use the computer indefinitely, an object that irresistibly attracted Bill and Paul.



The future path was being outlined, and four years later, in 1972, Bill again with Allen founded Traf-O-Data, with which they designed a computer to measure road traffic, which brought the first profits to the young company.

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A decisive period for future successes

The following year, 1973, saw Bill enroll in Harvard, in law school. It was a decisive period for future successes; Bill realized that the world of personal computers was starting, and the real challenge was to build the software on which the new machines would run.

Everything was in a hurry now. In early 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded the Micro-Soft Company. Later Microsoft Inc and eventually Microsoft Corporation. The two developed the BASIC programming language, which acted as a flywheel for the climb that in a few years will see the company grow in an impressive way. This above all thanks to the far-sighted choices of Gates. Who made no mistake in those years. This is allowing the company to company to grow and turnover to explode in a few years.

how much money does bill gates have – when he has only 3 employees 

Bill Gates led Microsoft, which in 1979 had only 3 employees and a turnover of just over $ 16,000, to have, just five years later. More than 600 employees with revenues that reached nearly $ 100 million. This is the period in which Microsoft opens the first foreign branches in France, Germany, England, and the first production plant outside the American borders, in Ireland, and in which it sells the first version of Windows for 99 dollars.

In 1986 Microsoft went public, and Gates, who holds the majority stake, becomes a millionaire overnight for the first time. With the money generated by the listing. The company can invest in its growth and at the end of 1990. It has more than 4000 employees, with revenues of over 800 million dollars.

Are Microsoft products translated? 

Microsoft products translated into several languages. The version of Windows 3.0 released which a massive success since the first day of sale. Meanwhile, Bill is recognized as a decisive person for the development of the technology sector. In 1992 he was awarded the National Medal of Technology by American President George Bush.

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In 1994 Bill married Melinda French, a sales executive at his company. With whom he will have three children: Jennifer Katharine (1996), Rory John (1999), and Phoebe Adele (2002). At the same time, his company’s rapid growth continued. In 1995 Explorer 2 released for Windows 95. Which the first browser to support 3D graphics capabilities and advanced multimedia functions. Success is disruptive. The following year, in 1996, Bill Gates appears for the first time at the top of the ranking of the richest men in the world. A goal reached just over forty years ago, after having founded a company practically from nothing twenty-one years earlier.

Different awareness of what the world 

But Gates certainly does not stop there. While in the world the sale of personal computers and the internet are exploding. Microsoft launches Windows 98. It is an operating system that runs on almost all existing computers. It is effectively holding a dominant position, which makes the company grow. Redmond company is more and more. At the beginning of the 2000s, Gates’ thirst for wealth subsides. A different awareness of what the world is and of his own life is born in him. Together with the faithful Melinda, he creates the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a humanitarian organization that deals with treating some diseases in the most disadvantaged areas of the planet.

Final word

In the following years, Bill Gates donated billions of dollars to his foundation (to date he is the most generous benefactor of humanity), and in 2008, after 33 years, he resigned as CEO of Microsoft (remaining honorary president and principal shareholder), to dedicate all his energy and skills to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is now an essential part of him as well as Microsoft itself, the company that created and with which he built wealth and a monument to eternity. I hope now you are clear about how much money does bill gates have?  Thanks for your effort!!