How tiktok send, read and the danger in this year?

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How tiktok send

Friends, TikTok, not only allows you to move your lips in sync but also your legs. Oh, nonsense. We say musical.bye! No, under a new name, the app has developed into a social network. There is a lot of exciting content, even if the depth is a word, which doesn’t need a hand here. TikTok is more than a hands-on TV (cough, if you are a hands-on YouTube). And so comments and the possibility of direct messages are part of it, not just among friends. In this article I’ll try to describe about How tiktok send messages and the danger in 2020.    


Getting know: How tiktok send messages and the danger  

How tiktok send

Theme fans, family, and friends. The other day, a buddy wrote to me that there are funny plastic Pokémoms in King Jr. Meal as toys again after I posted this TikTok through Burger King about the Barbie artisans with the impossible hammer posture. Thanks for that. How could he write to me? Sure, by FAX. Or also on TikTok because there are a mailbox and the possibility of writing to others. Write, read, and then there is a danger that we want to deal with in this TikTok help, even if we have already answered how dangerous TikTok is.


What are friends on TikTok?

Does this seem like a strange question? In the past, on Facebook, it was the case that people misused friends, and so on. Just when the pages for companies came up, that was in 2009. Many TikTok users did not even have an iPhone 11 Kch. Or none at all. In any case, there is an explanation worth explaining.


#take the dog to the slide today#lovely #😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

♬ Laxed (Siren Beat) – Jawsh 685


How to secure from the danger 

In the settings, you can configure the receivability under Account -> Privacy and security -> Security. Okay, there is not much to adjust. You can choose between Nobody and just FRIENDS. The explanation of what these are followers that you also follow is strange. Does that immediately make you friends? Well, that’s how it is defined. TikTok could introduce at least an intermediate level here, as is the case with the range/visibility of the videos. How do you send messages to others? Just go to the profile and then on the top right on the three points. Short, and everyone knows.


Dangerous news on TikTok

Strange people can write to you; after all, it is enough to follow them. They follow back, and Schwups asked to show their stamp collection in the inbox. You know. In a nutshell: I think the “Friends” attitude is not sufficiently restrictive. Sure, she hires. But please never give out personal information. Severe and fun and all that. Oh, set “nobody,” because if you have something to say, you can first comment. Oh, and if you get strange news, you should always see it as a warning, namely that it’s content maybe a little too revealing and personal.


Conclusion – How tiktok send

Finally it will be say that TikTok introduced a minimum age of 16 to use direct messaging. The problem here is that the age input is an unchecked setting. Interesting question: can you change your age at TikTok later? Your question How tiktok send messages and the danger solved.    



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