How to add audio on TikTok without the “My Sound” function

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How to add audio on TikTok

TikTok is more than just a means of sharing your fantastic lip sync videos, also called lip-sync. It previously called Musical .ly, but with the latest updates, it has gone to the definitive TikTok. This social media platform allows you to experience a variety of things: crazy challenges, jokes, and witty dialogue to show off your skills in dance, singing, or acting. If you are finding the option that How to add audio on TikTok, then you are in the right place. In this article, I’ll describe it.



How to add audio on TikTok fast and easily

How to add audio on TikTok

In addition to TikTok’s arsenal of songs and music, previously, it was also possible to upload your music, audio, or sounds from your mobile phone. All you had to do was create a new video go to ” Sounds,” and select the ” My Sound ” item and select a song or audio on your mobile phone. All this was very simple, and we do not know why TikTok decided to eliminate the My Sound function, but thanks to this guide, I will explain how to upload your audio on the social network and maybe create excellent voiceovers in the lip sync.


The trick on how to add personal audio to Tik Tok videos with My Sound function:

  1. Import a video with the chosen sound (music, voiceover, etc.) on the phone. A video of a music track, a piece of film, or a clipping of a TV program downloaded from YouTube
  2. Go to publish a TikTokvideo post regularly, but instead of recording, tap the Upload button and add your newly created video, perhaps in the private form to use it secretly only to have the new audio to be used.
  3. Watch the video you just uploaded and tap the music button on the bottom right.
  4. Now tap the Add to Favoritesbutton for this sound.
  5. Now, every time you create a new video, you can touch the sound menu as in the previous example and select your favorite sounds
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Borrow music from someone else

Tik Tok makes it possible to add music to your videos by taking audio from videos uploaded by other people with a few taps. You can add any sound to your new video by tapping on the title of the song or audio in the lower right corner of the videos recorded by other users. Once you click on the sound, you can record the video you want. Save it and add special effects using video editing apps, to make it stand out.


Conclusion on How to add audio on TikTok

TikTok is popular apps all over the world. Sometimes we are facing. Problems because of the audio system. That’s why we are making a blog to help you. In this article, I’ll try to give information on How to add audio on TikTok very fast and smoothlySo guys, if you have any ques. Don’t forget to know us and comment us on the blog.