How To Add Bots In Discord Without Any Error

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how to add bots in discord

Want to know how to create a Discord server and how to add bots to the Discord server? If so, your search ends here. Here you will discover how to maintain and run a Discord Server efficiently. Since you’re here, let’s assume you probably know Discord, and if you don’t know much about Discord, then – Discord is a top-notch online service that provides voice and text chat for gamers. It’s not limited to just gamers. Millions of players and people use Discord to chat with friends or a group of people about a particular topic. From this section, you will know how to add bots in Discord fast and easily. Let’s get started.

How to add bots in Discord with our computer

However, it is the most popular among gamers, no doubt. It has millions of users who help players communicate with each other in a match. If you play online multiplayer games like PUBG, APEX LEGENDS, etc., then you know the importance of communicating with teammates, then Discord offers high-quality voice chat for gamers all over the world.


No matter the reason you are on Discord, if you plan to run a Discord server, you will need to add Discord bots. Those who use discord robots know how powerful they can be. Adding bots to Discord might seem difficult at first, but trust me, it’s easy enough.

More information:

Discord is easy to manage and use, and server management is even more comfortable. Conflict is a great application, and you can also add more features like robots to make it robust. In this article, I’ll tell you how to create a server and add bots to the server (that’s why you’re here). So, let’s start with creating a Discord server, and then I’ll explain how to add robots to the Discord Server.

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Building a server

If you want to add bots to Discord Server first, you need a Discord Server. Creating Discord Server isn’t that complicated, and best of all, it’s free. Discord is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. If you don’t have a Discord account, you’ll need to sign up for one. It won’t even take 5 minutes. After logging in, you can create a Discord Server with these simple steps: Click “Create a Server.” Enter the server name and region (your region). You can also add a custom icon if you want for your Discord Server. Click Create and create your server. So simple, right?

What is a bot, and why do you need Discord robots

Robots are computer programs that automatically perform specific functions to interact with or help humans. In this age of technology, you interact with a bot once, like when you call to contact “customer service,” you have to talk to a bot in the beginning and give them a command which proceeds further to help you. If you use Reddit, you know that a bot is interacting with you all the time. Depending on their purpose and design, they can be useful. Discord is a powerful application, and when you add robots, it becomes perfect for you.


By adding bots on your Discord server, you get several features like Bot can play, stop, skip, loop music giving few accessible commands. It is automatically sends a notification every time you go live or upload a video to a platform in your Discord server. This can welcome or say goodbye to a member when they join or leave. Bot can also be used for counting members in the discord server. Bot will tell you the number of members and bots registered in the server discord. I hope you understand what robots are, how they work and why you need them.

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Discord Bot added

Now you know all about robots and why you need them. So let’s start with how to add a bot in Discord Serve. The first thing is that you must be the administrator or the owner or have the server’s permissions where you want to add the Bot. Now you need to find the Bot you need or want to add to your Discord server. You can also check out the unofficial Discord Bots website for discord bots. Once you have found the Bot you wish to, you need to follow these simple steps.

You may need robots on how to add bots in Discord

Creating a discord server and adding a bot to your discord server is very simple. But finding good robots is not easy to make your discord server more exciting and fun. You will discover many discord robots. But you need to find out the best and good Bot, which is easy to use without any problem. So here is a list of discord robots that are popular and must-have in your discord server.

how to add bots in Discord Warning:-

The token you receive is your Bot’s password, so you should never share it with someone else because someone can log into your Bot and do evil things. Someone banishes all members within a server or pings them all maliciously or whatever is unsuitable for the server, so don’t share it with anyone. So be careful with your token!

If you have accidentally lost your token, please click the “Regenerate” button as soon as possible. It generates a new token again, and the old permit will expire. Now you need to use the new token to log in.

Other bots that are working

MedalBot: Discord was born for gaming, and Medalbot knows it well.

Medalbot is made for sharing various video contents (or clips) in a fast and straightforward way among the chosen server’s multiple users.

Like Mee6, it encourages users to attend chat with small moral rewards.

It can also play various audio tracks at the request of server users. I hope now you get an idea on how to add bots in Discord.