How to change tiktok username in the simple step

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How to change tiktok user name

If you want to ensure your privacy when using Tik Tok. Then you have to change your Tik Tok username as often as possible. It can also be that you want to change your username to bring a breath of fresh air to your profile. However, many users, especially new ones, don’t know how to do it. We have put together three different methods here for all users who don’t know How to change the TikTok username.


Getting Know: How to change TikTok username in 2020


Here is some method that can help you know about “how can you change the TikTok username before 30 days 2020”. 


#Method 01: How to change tiktok username

There is a method in every app to change your username, and the same thing is there with Tik Tok. The first way to improve your Tik Tok username is with the standard method. If you like to adjust your app’s settings anyway, you probably already know this function. So, if you don’t want your Tik Tok username, follow these steps to change it.


  • Log into your Tik Tok account and navigate to your profile.


  • Tap on the menu option.


  • You can now edit your profile and tik to profile


  • The alternative window will help you to open where you see your current Tik Tok username and then change it.
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  • To save everything, tap open on “Save” on the right.


It will help you to change your username fast. If you are tired of searching,” how can you shift TikTok username before 30 days iPhone and Android ” then apply method two as well. 


#Method 02:

How to change TikTok username without waiting 30 days 2020: To avoid spammers and tyrants, you can only change your Tik Tok username every 30 days when it breaks your user name before these 30 days or to change your profile within these 30 days. Usually, this is not possible, but you can use a little trick to outsmart this policy. Here are some simple steps:


  •  Unlock your phone and open your “Settings.”


  • Then you can access the general settings and then set the time/date.


  • Now the automatic setting of the date must be switched off.


  • Just put the date in either as something in the future, but at least a month in advance.


  • Now you can open Tik Tok, and you will see that you can customize your Tik Tok username.


Note: This method will always depend on your mobile phone, and you have to decide on you and if you want to change your date.

Few essential facts you should know

Once the name written, TikTok will warn us that we will not be able to change the user again in the next 30 days, so while it will not be possible to make any change of this type. It is essential, and TikTok warns us to verify that the username we have entered is the one we want to use for the next few days. Therefore, as you can see, it is quite easy to change the TikTok user, and it is something that we recommend doing because it makes the use of the application easier and when sharing our user.

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We usually receive an alphanumeric name impossible to remember, and in this way, the user updated with our name. This same name change applies to the URL of our profile, which will be the one of that we have chosen from now on. So if you haven’t, don’t waste another second and customize your name on TikTok; otherwise, the next time you decide to do it, that name may no longer be available.


So these are the methods for changing your Tik Tok username. If you want to get many followers, changing your Tik Tok username often is not a good idea, but it can be useful now and then. Now your question is ” how to change TikTok username before 30 days android”—finally solved.