How to Cure a Hoarse Voice in an Hour- 7 Strategies

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How to cure a hoarse voice in an hour

A clear voice is a blessing from the almighty. We are so busy with our routine tasks that we forget to express our gratitude towards the best things in our lives. We don’t realize the importance of a clear voice until we develop a hoarse voice. A hoarse voice right before a singing concert or an official presentation can give us jerks. In an emergency, we would love to have immediate relief. You are not alone who feeling perturbed by the hoarse voice issues. To get your voice in order quickly, you should look for ways to cure a hoarse voice in an hour. In this post, we have covered extensive information about how to cure a hoarse voice swiftly. Read on to find out the tips.

How to Cure a Hoarse Voice in an Hour- 7 Powerful Tips

How to cure a hoarse voice in an hour

Hoarseness of voice can be a direct result of voice congestion. The hoarseness in voice stems from diverse sources. A husky or rough voice is a result of multiple factors. The most common among them are cold and sinus, Gastroesophageal reflux, excessive use of your voice, or laryngitis.

Whatever the cause of hoarse voices is, they can occur in any age group. However, this problem is very common in professions in that solely rests on our voice. For example, teachers, call center representatives, telesales representatives, and singers. In case the horseness of voice perturbs us, we can book a session with a professional vocal therapist. But if we want the treatment in a jiffy, we will see for options like how to cure a hoarse voice in an hour. Let’s cover it.

1)  Go for Absolute Voice Rest

Absolute voice rest



When it comes to treating the hoarseness of voice in an hour, one of the simplest, yet overlooked methods is absolute voice rest. This approach signifies that you must give your vocal codes a break from vocal activities like speaking and whispering. Absolute voice rest will help prevent your vocal codes from encountering more complicated conditions.

2) Keep your mucous Membrane Moist


Another important tip that can help in treating hoarseness of voice in an hour is to keep your mucous membranes moist. Apart from taking absolute rest, this strategy is very helpful in dealing with the hoarseness of voice fast. Take a look at the ways to keep your mucous membranes moist.

  • Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is the best option to keep your mucous membranes moist. You should drink plenty of water, a minimum of 8 glasses of water in a day, and consume herbal teas made from marshmallow, fennel, aniseed, and sage will help you. It will make mucous membranes moist giving you a fast relief in hoarseness. Apart from staying hydrated, it is also important to avoid caffeine and alcohol as they can dehydrate your throat thereby aggravating the condition of hoarseness.

  • Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation  is helpful in treating hoarse voice.

Taking steam therapy can certainly help in keeping your throat moist. It will also work effectively in the direction of keeping your hoarse voice in check. Inhaling steam before a crucial presentation, or singing concert will work fast to reduce the hoarseness of your voice. To take steam, boil the water and pour it into a big size bowl. Put the bowl over some stand and then protect or shield your head with a towel and slightly lean over the bowl. Inhale steam for 10 to 15 minutes. This steam therapy will work fast to give instant relief to your vocal codes.

  • Saline Nasal Therapy

Perform nasal therapy as it is helpful in treating hoarse voice

Many research and journals advocate that spraying a nasal spray in your nostrils will help to prevent the dryness in your throat. This will maintain adequate moisture in your mucous membranes treating hoarsness in voice.

  • Use a Humidifier

Use a Humidifier to treat your hoarse voice


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Maintain an optimal humidity in your room using a humidifier. 50 to 60 percent moist air in your room does not dry moist membranes and hence, helps you in treating the hoarseness of voice even if you are in a jiffy.

 3) Mix honey and Lemon

Honey and lemon

Are you looking for classic therapies regarding how to cure a hoarse voice in an hour? Our expert recommendations say that mixing honey and lemon will provide a great help to treat hoarse voices within an hour. This is because honey will soothe your throat and lemon contains vitamin C which will act as an immunity booster for you all. Take a tablespoon of honey squeeze out the juice of half a lemon and mix them in warm water. Now, sip this slowly, you will get fast relief in your voice hoarseness.


4) Oil Wraps will help out

Oil wraps


Many ENT doctors suggest putting oil wraps on their necks for immediate relief from the problems. Use an absorbent paper used for drying and cleaning example kitchen paper. Fold the paper twice and pour some drops of cooking oil on it. Now, keep the oily side on your neck and place a plastic film over it. Now, fasten the whole thing around your neck. You can keep the oil wrap on your neck overnight or for an hour for quick relief.

5) Ginger Tea

The next quick remedy for the voice hoarseness is Ginger tea. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will help you in soothing vocal code infection in your throat. The presence of gingerol helps in treating the hoarness smoothly. Apart from this, ginger tea also contains anti-oxidant properties that protect delicate mucous membranes from oxidative stress. These anti-oxidants will soothe throat tissues and will heal from infection.

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6) Salt Water Gargles

How to cure a hoarse voice in an hour

A tried and tested quick remedy for dealing with hoarseness in voice from ages is salt water gargles. These gargles will help in reducing swelling and irritation in your throat. Dissolve some quantity of salt in warm water and gargle for at least 30 seconds. If you have an urgent singing contest or a presentation, performing these gargles a few times in an hour will certainly help.

7) Go for Vocal Warm-up Exercises


Research studies indicate that some vocal warm-up exercises help in treating hoarseness of voice. Involve yourself in the short warm-up exercises right before speaking. These exercises are humming, lip trills, and gentle scales that will relax and rejuvenate your vocal codes thereby reducing the hoarness issues. Apart from this, an additional tip is to steer clear of sucking spicy soar-throat candies as they can aggravate the problem.


These quick remedies will provide you a swift relief in treating hoarseness of voice. But apart from knowing how to cure a hoarse voice in an hour, your focus should also be on finding a long-term solution. Try to find out the underlying course of the hoarseness. If even after taking all these home remedies, the problem persists for more than a week, you should visit a healthcare professional immediately. Doing so will rule out all the possibilities of a serious medical ailment.


1) Can lemon alone can cure a hoarse voice?

 No, lemon alone cannot do it, instead, if you mix lemon and honey in hot water and sip it slowly, it will work wonders.

2) What medicine works to treat hoarse voice?

You can take antibiotics, corticosteroids, and pain medications as it will help in dealing with hoarseness in your voice.

3) What is hoarseness of voice scientifically termed as?

The medical terminology for the abnormal voice or hoarseness in voice is “Dysphonia.” This condition needs acute medical attention and a mix of home remedies.