How to Delete Spotify Account?

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How to delete spotify account

Spotify is the leading digital music network in the world, offering hundreds of songs and audiobooks. As per the Statista Research Division, Spotify has 200 million paid users. It is globally as of the second half of 2021. With this music streaming platform, you can create palettes and compilations of audiobooks. You can also get custom playlists depending on your musical tastes. In terms of the range, you have the option of sticking with the application’s free features. However, you can also upgrade to a membership with more benefits.

Among the most widely used streaming music services is Spotify. But you can quickly terminate your Spotify account if you’re fed up with the tool. Several users also do this to switch to the new platform.

We’ll cover the basics of terminating your Spotify Premium membership in this guide. Don’t use Spotify as much any longer? Unsatisfied with some of the profiles and materials on the provider? Here’s how to delete Spotify account.

How to delete spotify account

To Know Before Deleting Your Account

You must terminate any subscription fees you have with the website before you remove your profile. This would seem simple enough. But there is one potential snag: where and how to delete spotify account?

Only if you initially signed up for the service through Spotify, can you immediately withdraw your subscription. Do this by heading to the Spotify webpage. Some customers might use their Google Play membership or another provider to sign up. Several others may be using their iTunes membership. The first step is to find out where you’re being billed for the subscription. After that, you can terminate it correspondingly.

Below are important things to know before how to delete spotify account.


  • If you deactivate your Spotify account, you will no longer be able to browse your tracks and you will permanently lose your followers.


  • Furthermore, you are not permitted to create a new account with the same ID.


  • If you subscribe to Spotify Premium, you should first cancel your membership. Or you can wait until it expires before deactivating the profile. You have seven days to reinstate your subscription if you lose access to Spotify or your tracks.


  • You couldn’t use the student discount you used to register for the service on some other Spotify account over a year ago.


  • You will permanently lose your login if you delete the profile.


Now that you know the final precautions, here’s how to delete spotify account.

How to delete spotify account

Delete my free account


You simply won’t be able to use your present login name for a fresh profile in the future after deleting your registered account. Just like all of the custom playlists in your collection, you will also lose access to your downloaded music tracks.


You’ll need to use a web browser to deactivate your user account. It is not possible to delete profiles using the phone device. Follow these simple steps if you want to know how to delete spotify account.


  • You can only use mixed play with a free Spotify login. This means you have no command over the tracks’ playing sequence. Go to Support > Account Settings > Closing Your Account > Close Your Account on the Spotify webpage to delete a free registered account.


  • If you aren’t currently signed in to Spotify, you will then be urged to do so. Then Spotify will inquire as to your certainty. Select “Close account” from the menu.


  • You will be prompted by Spotify to verify that you are attempting to deactivate the right account. At this point, check your login and email account, then select Continue.


  • When the connected profile is terminated, you are then informed of everything that will be erased from your connected profile. Press the Continue button after selecting the “I Understand” checkbox.


  • After that, you are instructed to confirm your identity to finish the procedure. To formally terminate your profile, click “Close my account” in the Spotify email. If you attempt to reverse your decision, Spotify will provide you with a confirmation email with a link. This link will allow you to restart your profile. You have seven days to use the link before it expires, and after that, you won’t be able to resurrect your profile.


Before canceling your profile, verify that you do not have a Spotify Premium subscription. If you really are, you must first cancel your membership because only “free” Spotify customers are permitted to do so.

Complete Deactivation

To completely deactivate your account after canceling your membership, you must contact Spotify. As was already said, if your profile is deleted, there is no way to get it back. Additionally, Spotify says that if you decide to reactivate your profile, you will need to select another username. No two people may use the same identity.

Now you know how to delete spotify account. Let’s look at how to cancel a subscription.


Cancel Spotify Subscription Via Itunes


Utilizing your Apple ID form of payment, you can subscribe to various services through the iTunes platform. In that case, follow these instructions to terminate your membership:


  • Head to settings on your iPhone and select iTunes & App Store.


  • Now, click on your Apple ID at the upper edge. When a pop-up box displays, press on View Apple ID.


  • From here, click on Subscriptions.


  • Your Spotify membership will be displayed on the page beneath; find it and touch on it.


  • Click “Cancel Membership” after that. You will retain access to the subscription model until the subsequent billing period, as was previously stated.


  • If you registered for the product through a different partner (such as your TV provider, mobile phone supplier, or some other service), you will need to deactivate via that particular platform.


How to deactivate Spotify Premium in a browser?


You must utilize Spotify’s webpage to cancel your account if you subscribed to a paid membership there. The computer or mobile apps cannot be used to terminate a membership. You can read the previous section on how to delete spotify account.


  • On your iPhone, smartphone, or PC, go to your account settings on the Spotify webpage.


  • Open your profile and sign in. Select Log In by tapping the three horizontal stripes icon in the upper corner of a mobile web browser. Tap Log In in the top-right corner of the page using a computer internet browser.


  • Navigate to your account settings after logging in. To choose Account from the drop-down list on a smartphone, click the three horizontal striped icons in the upper right hand corner. On a computer, pick Account from the drop-down menu by clicking Profile in the top right corner.


  • Simply tap Change Plan in the Your Plan section by scrolling down.


  • Scroll to the bottom of the Spotify Free portion on the following page and select or hit Cancel Premium.


  • You may find out what you’ll forfeit if you terminate your paid membership on the following page. To withdraw, click Continue at the bottom. On the following page, click Continue to cancel once more.


  • Then affirm your withdrawal by clicking Yes. After that, your Spotify Free login will be restored.

How to delete spotify account

Final Thoughts


To sum up, provided you have correctly followed the previous instructions, canceling your registered account and your membership are both simple processes. The decision between the two methods basically comes down to how engaged you are in utilizing the tool. It’s best to cancel your subscription first and then think about canceling your profile if you think you could use it again. By doing so, you can browse your preferred audiobooks and songs as well as use many functions for nothing.


You now have access to all the data you need to know on how to delete spotify account and cancel your Spotify Premium membership. Best of luck! We hope you find this information useful.