How to Do a Top Knot Bun Quickly & Easily!

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How to Do a Top Knot Bun

Buns are the most versatile hairstyle. It is efficient, takes only a minute to create, and looks good on everyone. However, there are different types of buns that look good on everyone. Most people rock a low bun, while for others, a top knot bun looks the best. Your face shape determines which hairstyle will look good on you. However, everyone wears a top knot bun as it keeps their hair up and away from their face. Plus, it gives you relief during the summer heat. While you work, it also keeps your hair away from your eyes. Moreover, it is also a very stylish and trendy look. Now, we’ll take a look at how to do a top knot bun. It sounds fairly easy but there are different types of top-knot that you can do. So, without further ado, let’s get into about how to do a top knot bun!

How to Do a Top Knot Bun

8 ways on how to do a top knot bun

With our varied options below let’s check out quickly ways on how to do a top knot bun:

1. A clean top knot

A clean top knot bun is the most timeless and easiest way to do a top knot bun. It’s perfect for any occasion, whether it is formal or informal. And it looks good with any outfit. A clean top knot brings out your features more and makes them look sharper. To do a clean top knot, you will need some bobby pins, an elastic hair tie, a comb, and hairspray.

First, you need to comb your hair thoroughly. Make sure there are no knots. Next, put your hair up in a high ponytail and slick it back with the hairspray. Once your ponytail has settled, start wrapping it around the root of the rubber band, soon you’ll notice the entire hair hold up and finally you are set to go. Secure the bun with bobby pins and some more hairspray. And, there you go! Your clean top knot is done. And we guarantee you that it’s going to stay in place all day.

2. A clean top knot with volume

If you have thin hair, and it looks thinner in a bun, then this top knot style is just for you. This hairstyle is the best if you have a wider or fuller face. For this, you need a comb, hairspray, bobby pins, and a hair tie. Start by repeating the process of the previous hairstyle. Put it in a high ponytail. And try to make sure that it is even and not loose anywhere. Use the hairspray thoroughly. Now, take the ponytail and start combing it backward to create some volume. Once you like the volume, start wrapping it around and secure it with bobby pins. Add hairspray for extra support. And you’re done with your clean top knot with volume!

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3. A top knot with a bigger hair tie

If you want more volume on your hair, try a top knot with a bigger hair tie. If you go to any drugstore, you’ll find a certain kind of hair tie which looks like a donut. It’s a very effective hair tool to make your bun look bigger. Moreover, it stays on for longer. For this hairstyle, you’ll need a donut hair tie, a comb, hairspray, and bobby pins. Start by brushing your hair thoroughly.

Then tie it using the donut hair tie. Once it is in a ponytail, start wrapping the hair on the outside of the donut hair tie. It’s bigger than regular hair ties and will hold the hair properly. Once it’s wrapped, it will look like a beautiful bun. Secure it with some bobby pins and hairspray. This look is very chic and formal and will look nice with any outfit. It will also make you look more mature and give your face structure.

4. A messy top knot

A messy top knot is a perfect hairstyle to put your hair out of the way. This works especially if you’re in a hurry. Moreover, it looks good with every outfit. This is the perfect casual yet effortless look that one can pull off. For this, all you need is a hair tie, hairspray, and your natural bedhead! First, gather all your hair on the top of your head. It might be messy, but that doesn’t matter, because that is the look we’re going for! After that, take your hairstyle and secure the bun in place. If you don’t want to use a hair tie, you can use a claw clip too. Now, after securing it in place, spray some hairspray if you want it to last all day. Don’t worry if the knot is not perfect, because we’re going for the messy look here.

5. Slicked back top knot bun

A slicked-back top knot bun is perfect for formal events, and for women in business. If you have long hair, and you want it to stay in place throughout the day while you deal with important things, this is just the hairstyle for you. For this , you need hair gel, comb, hair tie, and bobby pins. First, you need to follow the usual process. Put your hair up in a ponytail. Make sure there are no bumps or holes. After that, you need to slick back the hair with some hair gel. Focus more on the edges and the baby hairs on the crown of your head. Then wrap the ponytail around and secure it with bobby pins. This hairstyle is the most secure out of all. It’s going to bring out your facial features more.

How to Do a Top Knot Bun

6. Half-up top knot

The half-up top knot is the trendiest hairstyle right now. Everyone is doing the half-up knot. If you want to do a top knot while still showing off your beautiful hair, then this is it for you. For this, you need a comb, hairspray, and some bobby pins. Start by sectioning your hair into two halves. focus more on the crown area, as that will consist for most of your bun. After you part your hair, comb it thoroughly. Then twist the upper half of your sectioned hair into a bun. However, since this bun is a small bun, you only need bobby pins to secure it. Spray it with some hairspray to keep it in place. And you’re done with this hairstyle!

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7. Bubble knot

A bubble knot is the chicest and cutest out of all the top knots. It’s also the easiest to do out of all the hairstyles. For this, you only need a comb and a hair tie. Start by putting your hair up. Then wrap your hair around your hand to create some volume. Then tie the hair while not disturbing the volume that you have created. Once you’ve tied your hair, make sure it’s tight and secure because we are not going to use any hairspray. The strength of the hair tie will keep your top knot intact.

8. 90s top knot

The 90s top knot dominated an entire decade. It became so popular that’s it coming back into a trend after so many years. For this, you need hair gel, colorful bobby pins, and a comb. To start, you need to part your hair into two sections. You can also do the famous 90s zigzag hair part. After you’ve parted your hair, slick it back with some gel. Then put it into two high ponytails. Do two small buns with those ponytails. After you’ve secured the buns, start pulling small tendrils of hair out of the buns. It will give it a put-together and chic, retro look!

9. Top knot bun with flowers

If you’re looking to spice up your top knot for a special event, then this hairstyle is just for you! This hairstyle is perfect if you’re attending a wedding, or even if you’re a bridesmaid. All you need for this hairstyle is a comb, bobby pins, hairspray, and flowers of your choice. Start doing your top knot the way you would usually do. Make sure it’s secure and will last through the entire wedding. After that, start pinning the flowers in your hair individually in the place that you want.

10. Top knot bun for wedding

A wedding is no casual feat. But if you want to spice up your regular top knot to be wedding worthy, then you’ve come to the right place! All you need to do is follow all of the steps above. By now, you have learned how to perfect the art of the top knot. So, trust the process and it’s going to come out the way you want to. After that, add some head jewelry to your bun. You can buy them from any jewelry shop. Wrap the jewelry around the bun and secure it with bobby pins. And your effortless wedding look is ready!

How to Do a Top Knot Bun

Conclusive Insights

So, we have come to the end of this blog about how to do a top knot bun. I hope that you liked all the hairstyles that we have mentioned here. These hairstyles are really easy to do. And they do not take up a lot of time. Moreover, they look good with every outfit!