How to Find Duplicates in Excel?

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How to find duplicates in excel

Currently, we calculate online records in nearly all fields of work. Excel and sheets are generally used for these purposes. But while working on Excel you may come across a lot of duplicates, and you might not understand how to sort them, so here’s an easy tutorial for you to get in-depth knowledge about that.

So if you want to know everything regarding this, in that case, keep on reading the composition till the end to find out how to find duplicates in Excel!.
How to find duplicates in excel

 How to Find and Remove Duplicate Rows in Excel

First, we’ll spot the duplicate rows in an excel row. For an easier process, we can use COUNTIF as it eases out the whole process. When you’re using COUNTIF, it shows true for duplicate and false rows and false for unique rows.

  • Click the home button and also look for the ‘conditional formatting button’.
  • As soon as you click that, a panel appears.
  • Now click the ‘Highlight Cells Rules’ option.
  • And after that, choose the ‘Duplicate Values’ option.

After you follow this way, a box appears where there’s an option given ‘values with’ and a dash after that. All you have to do is fill in the box with the formatting you want to apply and after you’ve packed everything in, click on the OK button or press ENTER.

The time you use the remove duplicates point, the irrelevant data will be permanently deleted.

  1. Select all the columns or data that has duplicate values and the data you want to cancel or remove.
  2. Coming step, you need to click on DATA and also click on the REMOVE DUPLICATES.
  3. Under this column, check or uncheck the columns where you want to remove the duplicates.
  4. Click OK or ENTER.
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 How to Find Duplicate Values in Excel Using Formulas

There’s this term known as Excel Formula. No don’t get spooked it’s simpler than the maths formula that haunted you times back. The formula to check duplicates is relatively simple. It’s “IF(SUM((EXACT(range,uppermost_cell)))<=1,””,”Duplicate”)” .

Use of COUNTIF formulas to Find Duplicates

The COUNTIF formulas are much easier and you can use them to amend the data on the sheet.

  1. Enter this formula rightly($A$2:$A$ 12, A2), and press enter.
  2. Make sure you stick to the given formula, or it won’t work duly.
  3. It returns the count of duplicates.

 How to Find Duplicates in Excel

Let’s now take a look at how to find duplicates in Excel at first.

  1. elect the columns you want to look for and click home.
  2. Click on the highlight cell rooms button and select Duplicate values from the panel.
  3. Choose a color scheme for pressing for your columns.
  4. After opting ,click OK and all the duplicate rows and columns or options will be highlighted.
  5. Now the last step is to check the data that’s highlighted and remove it if you want or you can change it consequently.

How to find duplicates in excel

How to Remove Duplicate data in Excel

Let’s find out how to remove Duplicate data in Excel. Follow the way one by one

  1. Click the data option and also click on the remove duplicates option.
  2. A panel will appear where you have to choose the columns that include irrelevant data, and you can count the column that doesn’t contain any irrelevant or Duplicate data.
  3. Click ENTER or OK to confirm your decision, and the duplicate data will be removed without any hassle.
  4. Now recheck your sheet and go on with your work.
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 How to Hide Duplicates in Excel

Below there are ways that will help you to hide duplicate data in Excel form.

  1. In the first step, you need to switch to the data tab, and also you need to choose the filter button.


You can click the ‘sort and filter option and also filter on the ‘Home tab’ and edit the group.

  1. For a shortcut, select the whole column and press Ctrl+T.
  2. After that, you’ll notice an arrow in the title of the duplicate column.
  3. Check the ‘duplicate row ’ box to show duplicates. However, hide duplicates, and elect “ unique ”, If you want to filter out.
  4. Now you can sort out duplicates fluently by the order number column.

COUNTIF($A$ 2$ A2,$ A2)

Use this formula to filter duplicate in a single circumstance or any particular circumstance.

 How to Copy and Move Duplicates to Another distance

There’s sharing the process and a quick tip as well. While you want to remove the duplicate lines, as a safe side option you can copy the data so that you don’t cancel any important information while removing the duplicate values or data.

  • to copy duplicates elect the columns and press CTRL+C.
  • Now to paste you need to open another distance and also press CTRL+ V to paste the documents.
  • To move the documents, everything will be the same but then, in this case, you need to paste CTRL+ X and also to copy, press the CTRL+C.

Don’t forget to open another fresh runner to carry on with the pasting process.

How to find duplicates in excel

Conclusive Insights

These are the way you need to follow while sorting out false and duplicate data and information or values from the Excel distance. I tried keeping the information lucid and accessible for everyone out there. Copy- paste the formulas so that you don’t make a mistake while codifying them. Follow the techniques step by step and read the way duly. Hopefully, the composition was instructional, helpful and applicable to your quest. Comment your queries down below and till the next time, take care.