How to Get Rid of Pre Workout Sickness Using Easy & Simple Steps!

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How to Get Rid of Pre Workout Sickness

You already know that in today’s world, only the fittest survive. The competition you face, the struggle to maintain a schedule and still be flexible enough to fit emergency plans in it is quite tiring. But to maintain such a life you need to be fit. Both mentally and physically. You should have a workout plan in the morning or the evening, whenever you like. Working out not only increases your strength and physical fitness but also allows your brain to release stress and frustration. It leads you to become more determined and focused. Some of you like to do your workouts after having breakfast and some of you like to have pre-workout supplements before your workout session. Both are fine until you face pre-workout sickness. In this article, you would be reading about how to get rid of pre workout sickness.

What is Pre-Workout Sickness?

Before you know how to get rid of pre workout sickness you should know about it first. Pre-workout sickness is referred to the uneasiness caused due to overdose of pre-workout supplements taken by a person. Generally, it happens when they take supplements without being supervised by a physical trainer or doctor. People think that more supplements would give them more energy and would make them more efficient but in reality, it makes things worst. Its side effects include nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach ache, etc. Approximately 25% of the population suffers through it.

Even if you take it on your own you should follow the instructions given on the bottle of the supplements you are taking. Every brand and product has different measures that should not be exceeded. They even mention the method through which you should be taking your supplements. So be a careful consumer so that you can avoid pre-workout sickness.

How to Get Rid of Pre Workout Sickness

Causes of Pre-Workout Sickness

To know how to get rid of pre workout sickness you need to know the causes as well-

  • Reactions to certain products or ingredients like caffeine, creatine, glycerol, milk solids, etc. People should check the ingredients properly before buying any product so that they can be saved from the after-effects of allergenic products.
  • Water is the main source of life but having too much of it can cause an issue. Even if you drink too little of it problems can still occur. That’s the reason why you should always drink a sufficient amount of water throughout the day without overdoing it.
  • Some people think eating less will make them lose weight which is just a myth. Only the right amount of healthy and whole foods can help you with that including workouts. So not maintaining your food intake properly can cause nutrition deficiency and lead to its side effects one of them being pre-workout sickness. Some trainers also suggest you not work out with an empty stomach.
  • Having too many stimulants like caffeine can cause side effects instead of giving you energy so consume wisely. The daily recommended dose for an adult is 400mg per day.
  • Having a high dose of pre-workout supplements can cause nausea, headache, dizziness, etc. One should never exceed the recommended dose.
  • Having too much creatine can cause stomach bloating and discomfort.
  • Having too much glycerol can cause the body to retain its fluids causing hyperhydration and thus leading to pre-workout sickness.

How to Get Rid of Pre Workout Sickness?

Finally, coming to the topic of how to get rid of pre workout sickness you are going to read about really beneficial tips on it-

1. If Your Caffeine Intake Is High

Symptoms – nausea, upset stomach, and headache.

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The daily advisable dose for adults is 400mg/day. It has been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Someone who is not a daily caffeine consumer or those who consume a very little amount of caffeine daily (10-30mg) would find it difficult to adjust to supplements cause they have a very high rate of caffeine in them. The rate can go up to 350-400mg and this sudden increase in caffeine intake might create a problem. On top of that if the person drinks soft drinks or any product that can add up to the caffeine might be dangerous to that person. The supplements also carry other stimulants to increase caffeine’s effect like synephrine, theacrine, theobromine, etc which can cause greater harm than any good.

Fix – If you are not used to having high doses of caffeine then start slow. No need to take full scoops of supplements. You can check the amount of stimulants in the packaging before buying the supplement and proceed accordingly. You should avoid intake of products like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc that might have added caffeine in it. Slowly building up your tolerance towards caffeine is a good strategy. If you can not tolerate caffeine at all then you can take supplements that do not contain caffeine or other stimulants in it.

2. If Creatine Level Is High

Symptoms – nausea and upset stomach.

The maximum number of supplements contain this ingredient. Each serving might contain one to four grams of creatine. Creatine combined with higher sugar levels in the blood might cause nausea. Although it is known to be a strength increaser you should not be taking it separately with workout supplements or in greater amounts. So, ingesting too much creatine is the cause of your sickness.

Fix – You should try to avoid supplements containing creatine in them altogether. However, if you are going to use creatine in your diet then make sure to not exceed your limit of 10gm per day. Stay hydrated by consuming enough water. You should drink thirty to forty milliliters of water per kilogram of your weight. So, on average you should be drinking three to four liters of water daily. The next thing you need to do is to have a high-fiber diet combined with carbohydrates. For example, you can eat whole-grain toast or whole-grain cereals with supplements.

3. If Glycerol Level Is High

Symptoms – gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea.

Approximately 25% of supplements have glycerol in them. The supplements might contain one to three grams of glycerol per serving. You might be consuming it thinking you would gain muscle pumps without getting any excess stimulants but still feel sick right after you start the workout. Well, that’s because you are taking it for the wrong duration of time. It is recommended to take glycerol one to two hours of your workout whereas nowadays people take it right before their workouts or just give half an hour gap. The advisable dose is one gram per kilogram of your body weight.

Fix – Either consume a supplement without glycerol or just make sure to stay hydrated and take your supplements one to two hours before your workouts. Keep the amount of dosage in check.

How to Get Rid of Pre Workout Sickness

4. If Water Content In The Body Is High Or Low

Symptoms- diarrhea, nausea, bloating.

Drinking too much water with the pre-workout supplements can cause excessive water levels in your stomach causing discomfort while exercising and having too little water can cause an upset stomach and bloating.

Fix – Follow the instructions on the label of the product to avoid the incorrect amount of water intake. Usually, it is recommended to take eight to ten ounces of water but it could be increased to eleven to twelve ounces of water to be exact if you want a more diluted version of the drink without consuming too much water.

5. High Sugar Content

Symptoms – bloating, diarrhea, and gas.

Some brands use high sugar content in their supplements to mask the bitter taste of ingredients in their products. For example, Citrulline has a very strong bitter taste so a lot of sugar is used in each serving to hide the taste. Now, companies that won’t use a high content of sugar use artificial sweeteners like sucralose leading to bloating and abdominal discomfort.

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Fix – Always check the nutritional value before buying a supplement and try to avoid brands using high amounts of sugar.

6. Empty Stomach

Symptoms – low blood sugar, nausea.

It is known to you that having anything empty stomach causes your body to absorb the ingredients even faster than usual and give quick results but have you ever thought that it might also increase the negative side effects of the products?

Fix – If you are a morning person and start your day with a workout you might want to add a quick snack before taking your supplements. For healthy options, you can have yogurt with fruits, an apple or a banana, etc. Or you can just split your breakfast into pre and post-workout meals. In this way, you don’t have to add extra calories to your diet. If you do workouts in the afternoon or evening or any other time of the day you can eat a light snack half an hour before your time to take supplements or one hour prior to the workout. If you don’t want to add extra calories then just split your last meal before the workout into two parts and give one-hour gaps between them and the workout as well.

7. Overdose Of Supplements

Symptoms – dizziness, heart palpitations, anxiety, headaches, and nausea.

Overdose of supplements means an overdose of caffeine and other stimulants altogether. This means that you would feel the side effects even more than usual and it won’t be good for your body. It will eventually decrease your ability to perform in the gym or while doing home workouts.

Fix – You do not want to risk your health and go overboard with product consumption. It is advisable to follow the supplement intake as mentioned on the label of the product. Every time you buy a new product check its serving size as each product has a different portion size for each day. One product might have a limitation of half scoop another might have a limitation of two scoops. You can slowly build up your tolerance starting with half scoops, then three fourth scoops, and so on.

How to Get Rid of Pre Workout Sickness

How to Get Rid of Pre Workout Sickness If You Are Already Facing It?

Already having symptoms? Want to get relief? Then you should follow these tips-

  • Eating Something- Having a small snack in hand is always advisable. This would help to settle your stomach. Try having protein or starchy food like crackers, toast, etc. If you don’t have any of these in hand and you are outside try buying protein bars or granola bars. After having food you might feel better and could continue your workouts.
  • Star Slow- As soon as you get fine do not jump in HIIT or Intense Cardio right away. Start slowly and build up your workout’s intensity. Do warmups like walking or cycling. Nausea might go away slowly and then you could carry on with your workouts. But keep in mind to avoid any exercise that might put pressure on your abdomen. This might bring all the sickness back.
  • Take Rest- If the above solutions do not work, you might want to go home and rest for the day. If you do not listen to your body you would end up falling sick and seeking medical assistance. Keep trying different options to stop your pre-workout sickness till you find your ideal one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does pre-workout sickness last?

It can last from half an hour to almost three hours.

2. Why do I feel sick after pre-workout?

You might have taken excessive amounts of supplements or are empty stomach. Insufficient consumption of water could be a cause as well.

3. Why do pre-workouts make me nauseous?

You might be allergic to some ingredients or the supplement might have several nausea-causing ingredients in it.

4. Is pre-workout bad for your liver?

High doses of pre-workout supplements can damage your liver.

5. Pre-workout side effects on the skin?

Supplements can cause acne in people who are prone to breakouts.

6. Pre-workout side effects on the heart?

Supplements increase your heart rate and blood pressure so it’s best to avoid them if you suffer from cardiac issues.

7. Can pre-workout make you sick?

Yes! It can, if the quantity intake is high or the method of intake is wrong,

Conclusive Insights

Although you might think that pre-workout supplements are good for your fitness journey they can lead to a lot of health issues as well if not taken carefully. So you should try to avoid them and concentrate on your nutrition intake which will naturally build your stamina and work performance. You can try meditation to increase your focus instead of supplements. But if you still want to have it then do follow the above-mentioned tips for a safe consumption of the pre-workout supplements. I hope this ends your query of how to get rid of pre workout sickness.