How to make money on tiktok in 2020 – Best proven method

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how to make money on tiktok


TikTok is the Social Network of the moment: more and more people and companies decide to create an account on TikTok, formerly, born as a social app for the “Zeta Generation.” TikTok, known as Douyin in China, was born in China in September 2016 with the name and became TikTok (not Tik Tok as some mistakenly write) in 2018. In this post, we are going to discuss about how to make money on tiktok in 2020.


Getting know: how to make money on tiktok fast


Users subscribed to TikTok (a full-fledged social network) can upload 15-second videos and add songs or other sound effects.

The discover function allows you to find the trends of the moment and the challenge: the challenges that made on ballets, songs, jokes, lip-sync (or the dubbing of movie scenes), or other activities that found within the app. TikTok, therefore, works on trends and challenges. Warning: TikTok only allows you to upload videos of 10 seconds or less; on this social network, it is impossible to post photos or insert text.

Having an audience on TikTok


First, it’s essential to establish that you need to have a defined audience on TikTok. Since the number of visits to the application does not give you money, you will have to depend more on your followers and fans.

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Our advice is to find an exciting niche and keep attracting this audience until a good fan base built. Only then can you follow the other tips and earn money with TikTok.


Streaming on TikTok


While regular videos aren’t profitable, live streaming on TikTok can be. We say this because users can purchase “coins,” which given to the content creator as a donation.

These coins delivered to you in cash, so it is already a way to get a refund directly from the application. Of course, you won’t get much initially, and that won’t be steady gain, but it’s worth starting like this.


Sell ​​your products


An overall strategy among the most popular TikTok users is to sell their products and use the application to promote them. It includes clothes, mugs, and other accessories that have to do with you or your brand.

You can sell directly to fans or put the products for sale on an external website. Either way, merchandising is still one of the best ways to make money with TikTok.


Use affiliate links


Since we are talking about selling products, you can take advantage of and use the unique affiliate links. It applies to your products or other people’s products.

It is ubiquitous in stores like Amazon. You can suggest purchasing a product, insert an affiliate link, and earn a percentage of the sale if one of your fans makes the transaction.


It is done in your TikTok profile bio or one of your other social networks. It’s simple and can produce an attractive amount at the end of the month.

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Sponsorship to make money with TikTok

When sponsoring, companies write to TikTok Creator and offer them a partnership. The TikTok creators then post a video of the product or song they want to promote and mark it as paid content. For example, Universal, Sony, or Warner offer influencers a partnership to increase awareness of a piece or make a song popular again. How much money a video makes depends on how many followers, fans, and likes a TikTok creator has. A sponsorship can bring in between 100 and several thousand dollars.

 Earn money with merchandise on TikTok

Merchandise is the TikTok Creator’s products, which they sell via the platform. Users do not need a huge fan base for this and do not necessarily have to be influencers. Some users have their merchandise produced from 10,000 followers. 

Create and use tags – how to make money on tiktok


Some TikTok users have gained more fame because they have created and tagged their videos. If used by your fans, these tags can give you some free publicity in the application.

After all, imagine that 5 of your fans use one of your tags, and many other followers see it and discover your profile. They may like your content, follow you, and even share your title.


It is a very natural and organic way to get more fans, popularity, and money-making opportunities on TikTok.


If you are following my article, then you can know how to make money on tiktok. If you have any asks let me know via messages on our inbox.